29 November, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 16-18, 2019

OSAM from November 16-18, 2019.

I have the story

This is a poem for the blind people. I'm aiming to make a poetry book for the blinds as that is something I can do for the audio book making also and way too specialized genre for the choice. Some perpetrators scare me of taking eyes out threats, so I might get along with the real blind people. At least, they might be really discriminated than me.. So, I might get help. 

I have the story
Do you know how many books around the world?
Yes, so many!
And how many books do you expect me in my hand?
Maybe two or three!
Thus, this book was made: Only for awhile in the world
No wild scenes, please
I hate scary stepping down or falling death at the end!
We are fearing people!

One day, I wanted to read you a story
Out from the book, the good book
I found this scene with hatred from you
The boy grabbed a stone to attack
It was a wonder from my blind friend
She had no choice but just be passive
While others help her as being a blind
Do you see the point grabbing a stick?
I hate to say but once dropped...
It’s just on the floor or rolling back
So, I need someone, to be helped...
What an adventure, I would say!
Do I want such a character as my pal?
You got a heroics story hearing day!
That’s it and I wanna find such a man!

Shall we see the distance of the nice story?
A man drown in the boat and drifted away
He found a seagull on his boat for a short stay
The boat drifted and he had no more energy
It could be a comparison with a fire fighter
Who could be carelessly drifted in the fire
The water leak or the fire hazard sphere
We have vulnerable people here and there

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