15 May, 2019

Solders and us

Solders and us

One day, the divider was made
Some solders decided to start a war
The war propaganda spread wide
“We, must carry the guns for the war!”

One day, we started getting hurt
We, officials, live in the office buildings
We never felt the sacrifice of blood
The dying ones away from our beings

One day, we found our books banned
The schools were closed, no more lectures
We worked for the publishing job lost
We had no rations of food nor luxuries

One day, we lost our homes like a movie
Some people are scares, the working solders
We were asked to leave for our opportunities
We speak few languages like good translators

One day, we lost to the concentration camps
We had nothing but barefooted and no food
We only had children’s dresses, working clothes
A bag with only extra clothes for a sleeping ground

One day, we found only the stars watching us
The nightmare was the barred window without glass
We were ignored, kicked, denied... like worms
We as citizens before no longer... eating maggots

One day, we wished this never happen again
We had this sweeping of the ground imagined
The shooting star going and passing in a line
Hallucinated enough and feeling of before killed...

Can you tell me.. feed me.. teach me..
Everything about the war that haunted me...?

This is one of the poetry I wrote for the new poetry book, "Not yet to Auschwitz." Do you think it sounds enough to get attention on the people who like to see things from the peace and sastainability protecting? 

05 May, 2019

A Cloned Girl's Biography - a book on sale!

A new book by me is on sale now!

A Cloned Girl's Biography

The story of the secret agent of the United Nations in the Balkans. She works as a UN ranger and her life screwed with the encounter with the political opponents and the love and romance with a person to be popular in the future UN.