30 June, 2013

The damage on my Our Lady of Guadalupe stand

I'm moving to another place tomorrow. So, I spent some time packing this afternoon. I found my Our Lady of Guadalupe stand which I bought at Mission Santa Barbara in 2006. I've been traveling around with this stand and other religious items for such a long time. I wish I can put it on my table if there is no fear of Muslim extremist gang stalkers want to cause damages to my clothes nor religious items. I pack everything in my bags and suitcases so they cannot easily do some damages.

The stand was in my backpack. I put it between some certificates and other paper documents. I don't know how the curved damage was made. It looks very artificial. Check out the bottom right for the crashed area. I don't know how this damage was made while it was always in the backpack for awhile like several weeks.

Oh, by the way, I attended the Latin mass at the Catholic church today. I saw a man came late and sat in front of me but he did not take a communion. What was the reason of visiting late and not taking the communion on Sunday? Here is his picture of the T-shirt. The V2K perps were talking about the racism for the encouragement of the harassment. They also say that the UK perps do more harsh on the religious TIs there as they would rip the TI's bible and other items for taking them out. Well, was that how they created the Puritanism there by started ripping Catholic bibles and such? I'm just guessing the patterns of how the gang stakers / economic hitman think and act for religious conflicts. Well, the stand got damage like this and I hope the God gives the punishment to those who love ripping apart the religious items. If you have a Jesus picture and ripping it off, you know Jesus doen't like to see that. Or if you have a friend who love to denounce Jesus, you know Jesus won't like your relationship with those who are dangerous against him. Well, we might have a society with extremists who do not accept certain people and love to hate them - I've learned enough humiliation from so much damages happened to me. Or the gang stalkers might think damaging the religious items as a ritual. They would think it as hoping to take the unaccptable from their view with sadistic pleasure and getting excitement from damaging important time of the people they hate. It's like the burglars would cut off things or set the excrement in the room as if for masturbation. I've read Robert K. Ressler's book, so I know a bit about Criminology. Some people own the local church and use it as one of the NGO which gives wages and such. It's hard to say that we cannot judge others by how we act in order to look religious nor pretending to look so. And some people are extremists who want to push their views even about the religious matters. The extremists' purpose might be trying to make the one to have no confidence even in religion. In my case, I just have no confidence in the local church.. There are some churches with priests get excommunicate because of having children here and there like the president of Paraguay. Oh, by the way, there was a young woman came and sat to my left but she left before the communion and did not come back.

I went to KFC at night. After I bought my meal, there was a group of men stood behind of me. They asked the female clerk if she speaks English. Just like other American fastfood chains in Sofia, she could. Then they asked her "do you have pork?" She said "no." I don't know if these men are Muslim or Jewish, the man's question seemed very funny. What on earth people don't know KFC serves only chicken meat? It sounded they are from very rural area or somewhere with no KFC around. Was it a form of snitch jacket that the perps asked a question by themselves and pretending to think it was done by a TI? Well, here is the film of that group. Aren't they way too suspicious to show up around in Sofia near the US embassy one stop south from City Center shopping mall?

For the Hindi readers, watch out for McDonalds. They got beef burgers but the French fries got sign "100% beef" also. The reason is that the fries are fried with the beef oil. But why KFC and McDonalds don't have pork option? Are they Jews owned or what? Well, McDonalds and Burger King got bacon option, so they might be what the above group should be careful.

NYPD logo clothes showing up two days in a row

Yesterday, I mentioned about the NYPD logo woman showed up at the two tour meeting point. Here is the FB pic scanned one. The original belongs to the Sofia Green tour. I just wanted to do small cut and paste for the evidence. If you check their website, you will see how I was probably with Swiss and Germans at the tour. Indeed, the last 3 participators speak German well.

Here is today's NYPD T-shirt perp. I saw him near the metro station and later I saw the couple showing up at the same metro platform.

And here is my OSAM video from today. I could share some nice pics from Lira monastery though. It was about 12€ round trip from Sofia. There are a backpacker couple who traveled in the same tram, same bus and minibus to the monastery from the city. When I went back to the city and got Bic Mac Menu at McDonalds, I saw few young teen males waiting my right and kids to my left. The teens needed to wait for the French fries to be done. When the clerk brought it, I saw mine quite less potion than the teen boy next to me who had twice as much potion. You can check my video for the evidence. Does restaurant give some potions to the perps on surveillance in order to make them pleased? I got some hotels in Switzerland charging me more than what I made the reservation - not mentioning about the tourist tax part.

28 June, 2013

UOP graduates and the gang stalker's strategy to claim their diploma down

Recently, I got V2K perps speaking about their plan to claim my BS diploma nullified. It's like the style of how the socialist/communist time state dictatorship or the mob ruled society can nullify the higher education certificates. In Goethe Institut's case, they could bring the students who are the insiders and working in the gang stalking / economic hitman to do some PSYOP in the class to make the TI not willing to study in the inconvenient. Mobbing victims usually have lower motivation and work efficiency. Also, those who has access to the civilian control electronic devices can cause physical effects on the person to make one's score low at the exam. For example, they have V2K to distract the thoughts and other things. For the distance learning, it would be harder to make it happen. The gang stalkers these days or those who are funded and helping the German gang stalkers around me are more harsh to discredit me. I think German intelligence has a tendency to turn down their enemy's opinions by discrediting one's educational level and claim the one as childish or mentally ill. Is this correct how the Germans treat the unwelcome residence in Germany? Sending them to mental hospital and use them to be powerless in the society. I mean, it is not about harmless but powerless against the people who are controlling the society.

Here is the list of what the V2K perps said to nullify my diploma or reduce the accountability of my educational status:
1. The gang stalkers contacted the administration to inform them that someone else did all the work for getting a diploma.
2. The gang stalkers took my copies of my work at classes and claimed someone helped to do that and used the copies stolen from my computer as the proof. They seemed to explain that someone just showed up to the Internet Cafe or at the hotel to help typing things. Actually, there are readings and probrammings to be done and that is very hard for someone to show up and do it in few minutes - the V2K perps were saying how their suggestions turned down like this way. Perhaps, they are talking with the insider there. Also, the university got some CIA people there and they knew about me and had nothing much to claim about my work while I was attending the courses.
3. The gang stalkers brought up someone who claimed to be my friend and did all the home work. That is typical of those insider job by making up someone to be with the victim. If there was one, the one should screw my study if that was a perp helping me. And I never had problem doing assignment while I was an asylum seeker in Switzerland.
4. The gang stalkers wanted to bribe one or some instructors to make the report about me for the investigation.
5. The gang stalkers wanted to make up the story with the investigator that there was a posting very childish and that suppose to be mine. And the rest was done by someone helping me. Sorry, I kept all my school works with me, so I can check everything if they make up.

The V2K perps say that we don't have democracy and they can decide anything they want for making up any false investigation by their own for making fun of someone they don't like. A typical Chinese style social assassination, isn't it? In China, there are plenty of people who ended up nothing from their known high political status. It could be done to anyone these days. Also in Germany by Neo-Nazi group or what?

Oh, by the way, I went to a free bike tour today. There was another tour group waiting at the same spot and it got one woman with NYPD sweatshirt. And for the bike tour, we got 4 people including me and the rest can speak German. What a group..

27 June, 2013

I visited the Boyana church today.

Everything is cheap in Sofia. And that was why I survived past few weeks without wallet and the emergency money in my security belt type porch. Well, the regular menu at McDonalds or 30cm Sub at Subway cost around 3.50€. So, I can upgrade my life from eating fruits costing around .50€ to 1€ per a kilo. Well, now I can use ATM to withdraw money, so I'm thinking to move to another place in next few days. I might write a short book about how to survive in a foreign country after getting the wallet stolen. That is something unique and my biography. It's more like the philosophy of making the situation to be the time of fasting and the stress management from the victimization. And then the resource management for the decision making on food and where to stay.

Well, I visited the Boyana church today. I'm here for the tourist purpose, so I suppose to go somewhere sometimes. The city got free walking tour from 11am everyday which I tried on the second day here. There are free galleries around in the city center open everyday. I do not spend so much for the sight seeing. There are bunch of orthodox churches around to see the old paintings and icons which are very different from what we have in the Catholic churches. That's something I like to learn a bit and how to recognize those in other Orthodox churches such as Russian and Greek Orthodox ones. You know, there are many different icons derived from certain old ones. IMAO, the Bulgarians are quite similar to Greek Orthodox icons or Serbian ones. Some icons are similar to the ones even used by the Catholic churches. So, I just get to know what Orthodox churches using and I wanted to make a mind note about some of the impressive ones.

So, I visited the church. There was a car parked outside and the driver was inside. When I left the church, the car was about to leave the parking lot. So I noticed the suspicious car just leaving when I left the gate and headed toward the street. At the church, I saw a group of 3 people - one white man, one Asian man, and a white woman. They were talking in English. And I was the next guest. There were very few visitors today. By the way, I found the fresco in the chapel got one more layer behind the current one on the surface. A university or an institution can bring some researchers to check out what is hidden on the old layer. It must be a sensational discovery for the archaeological field and good for the UNESCO monument.

Later, I walked to the National Museum of History. When I used the bathroom and left my bag at the reception to keep it, a large group of English speaker came. They looked like a large family but they talked like they would meet at the certain time and some people remained near the bathroom. I locked my bag as I know someone might steal something from my bag just like TSA officers stealing valuable things from the suitcase at the US airports. I saw the no photo signs at the building entrance, but hey, I just needed to make sure those strange English-speaking people's information to be recorded in order to check who would be the suspects if something happened to my bag. They could be on some security job and might want to check my bag with curiosity just as normal wanna-be-terrorist-finder perps. I filmed two of them walking from behind of me near the entrance. On the upstairs, I saw a group of three speaking in Japanese walking around. There were two Asian middle age man and a white woman who was explaining the exhibits in Japanese very fluently. How many Japanese visitors in Sofia these days? I heard about a man from Hiroshima stayed in the place where I am staying now recently. I don't know how many Japanese around. The V2K perps said that there were 15 Soka Gakkai members in the area and they are helping to set up those illegal broadcast station to increase the EH effects.

Later, I took the tram back to the city center. I bought the ticket from the driver inside of the tram. Around the bridge south of the train station, a man rode the tram and he started to check the tickets from the passengers. He stood for awhile near the second exit from the front. He just started checking from near me. I sat just across the second exit. I rolled up the ticket as I thought no one would check it. Somehow, he did not recognize the punch and he demanded me to pay 20lev. Because the driver driving from the beginning changed with another on the way, so I could not ask the driver for the proof. Moreover, he was just asking me to pay while he did not check others and left at the train station stop just like I did. I filmed him as well. If you watch my video, you can see he had no time checking entire tram vehicles as I sat near the middle. You know, the TIs often get traffic violation tickets. Also, there are more frequent ticket checkers riding the train or bus sometimes when a TI is riding it. If you want someone else was caught in the S-Bahn, you can check my video from last year around October or November. I encountered a woman caught for no ticket in the S-Bahn. Well, I thought that was the skit by the gang stalkers. So, I am assuming that this ticket collector on my video might be one of those gang stalkers who are anti-governmental and often a part of local mafia group. There are some people protesting against mafia in Sofia every night around 9pm, I might share the suspicious people's facial lists to help their movement later. No pain, no gain. We don't need gang stalkers nor mafias nor those Frankfurter German gangs (in Macedonia or somewhere else).


Ah, I forgot to put some German cars around me.

And total cost of my trip: Boyana church entry = 10lev, The National Museum of History = 10lev, tram x 2 = 2lev, metro = 1lev, ticket violation = 20lev. I think it was still a bergen, around 21€. It could be around 11€ if the ticket checker did not show up.

25 June, 2013

Germans showing up yesterday

I forgot to share the incidents I encountered yesterday. I was thinking to eat at KFC for so many times since I was eating only veggies, fruits or nothing. I just wanted something with juicy fatty and even spicy flavor. So, I was heading to KFC, I saw a man standing and his T-shirt is from German. So, I thought it might be one of the German perp doing some strange things here. I took his T-shirt pics from the front and the back.

I decided to go to another KFC instead, and I was walking toward it. There were some young men from behind talking in German. This time, I filmed them. I don't like to be boxed from behind by the perps. That seems the ideal situation for pickpocketing my side bag from behind. I think similar thing happened when I was walking down on Sunday about 3 weeks ago. That was the time my wallet was gone.

Here is the OSAM video from June 25th, 2013.


24 June, 2013

When the war between USA and China happens, probably USA will lose - the V2K speakers say

The V2K perps were speaking about how to recruit Japanese to help the SDF. They said that if the war between USA and China happens, the US won't be able to fight against China because of smaller number of the solders. The US probably give no protection to Japan as they need to use the army and marines more efficiently than protecting the country. The V2K perps say that S. Korea won't do anything but let what happens and probably end it without fighting. Just like how they became an ally of Japan during the WWII. This time, the Koreans would do the same again.

The V2K perps said that their text says taking all the personal wealth from Japanese is the first step to make them start joining the army. I think that would happen as it seemed to happen during the WWII. No one could buy food without the food coupon and such. The V2K perps' friend who is practicing naginata suggested to them to give the citizens more chance to do the test enrollment to the SDF. These days, becoming a solder or joining the army is very foreign practice for average Japanese people. Most people hate war, thus it makes hard for the Japanese government to increase manpower in the self defense.

My position? I just let others fight if they want. I got nothing to do with Japan nor war. Well, it could be scary that I might be asked to stay in a concentration camp due to my nationality. For the Japanese citizens and migrants, concentration camps were built around the North to South America. Well, if that really happens, I would just head back to Switzerland and stay somewhere safe.

Does the Japanese emperor got some brain problem due to the radioactive contaminated food intake? That was discussed by the V2K perps also. Someone said to replace the brain and others blamed on her.

23 June, 2013

I just threw up noodle by the EH effect.

It looks like I could get the bank card in next week or so. Hopefully, I have more money to spend from this weekend till the time I receive it. Sofia got some cheap foods and that saved me some money. For example, we can find 1kg cherries for 1lev or .80 lev. 1lev is about .50€ cent. Apples and cucumbers are the same. I became a vegetarian these days but they are quite flesh.

Today, I bought a bag of noodle. I was eating it and suddenly I heard the V2K voice saying "I hate this" and then sudden sickness happened. It was as if there was so much air in my stomach and caused me to vomit what I ate. Just before my cooking the noodle, I had hunger very badly. I thought of keeping the noodle till tomorrow, but I ate it as that make me to concentrate on what I'm writing. If I got too much hunger, I cannot do anything creative. Probably, the gas made the vomiting happen. I threw up almost entire amount of the noodle in one go while the stomach got some more air inside.

The V2K perps said that they wanted to see me throwing away what I cooked. But it ended up like I threw it up and the content was eventually threw away.

Who are on the watch list these days?

The Zeitgeist movement has the principle of the society with no one to be robbed or hated due to the money problem nor the social status for the control. Why people suppose to be controlled? It used to be the way to survive from others. We say we are human being and can be friends without racial or other prejudices. The matter of the state power is to control who are above and who are below to be exploited. I do support Zeitgesit as that is the ideal way to make small villages and religious organizations to survive without the financial burden. There are artists or religious people who wanna have their own community to spend more time on their works rather than other things.

So, here is the classic "friends and enemy" identification of the people which is misused by the current anti-terrorism propaganda. Certain people have tendency to be dangerous. It could be true and they suppose to be committing crimes repeatedly. But how often the innocent people to be sentenced and get a jail time? As far as I know from my ethnic studies in the US, there are more black males of reproductive age kept in prison in order to have less black populations. Chinese, Indians, Latinos got other way around and made a success to keep their population in the world and even in the US. There are Indian and Chinese engineers and doctors out there with normal lives. There are military interested to make war. The military's job is to protect their own country as well as to expand their power. Once the war breaks out, anyone from the certain country would be treated as potential enemies. The only difference is that if the person is a friend of many people in the opposing country, the one could use the diplomacy to make one's way out. That was the strategy how Nazis saved some of the top officials back to their jobs under the new management. France took the same position in order not to fight in the cities, the police officers obeyed the Nazis. Nowadays, we only have friends between the ones working for the security jobs.

Meanwhile, we have the terrorists and dangerous extremists out there. Who are they? They suppose to be the enemy of the society and should be on the watch list. The problem is that the 911 was the insider job - 3 buildings went down in the free fall motion while only 2 strikes by the airplanes to the middle. That only happens when we play a bowling and the ball must hit the certain points of the pins. The possibility is that the extremist would be watched by the government agents or are the friends of them. They might be used as the scapegoat for the setting up of the exercise but turned out to be the real one and they are declared as the terrorists. The NSA has the ability to monitor and access to any American's brainwaves. So, there is only one option to say insider job is not insider job. These ex-friends turned up to be enemies.

There is the infamous "no-fly" list containing infants and kids. I don't know what they did but they supposed to be the potential enemies. I have no idea why Chinese and Arabian millionaires are not listed as potential enemies funding the extremist groups who are working as the hundymen for their needs in the foreign countries. Friends do not mess around against friends. Some kids are already declared as potential enemy by the country. What does this mean? Will they have a normal life or ending up claimed as mentally ill and dangerous as the result of the constant COINTELPRO tactics from their youth? I'm just curious to know the lives of those who are categorized in the "no-fly" list.

And here comes the option for the Targeted Individuals. I have been the gang stalking victim since 2006. I had no problem traveling in airplanes. My last airplane trip was about 2 years ago and I had no problem at the security checks. So, I'm not on the "no-fly" list here in Europe. But I have no idea toward the US. I'll never ever wanna make my way back to the US to meet more DOD people tracking me down there. There would be some US Army people as a part of the gang stalking team. It would be dangerous and I do not want to go through the COINTELPRO there. FBI can kill people. Drones can kill anyone.

However, I'm sure I'm on the certain watch list in order get those small tamperings, thefts, gossip harassments everywhere I go. There are people claiming themselves as mafias. It would work as there are mafias helping the intelligence. USA had some help from the mafias living in northern Italy in order to crash Nazis from that side. But they don't sell drugs or kill people. These gang stalkers may be jobless or working in the repetitive jobs such as clerks. The perps who defend over their gang stalking may say that stealing from the TI is to support the community. There are poor guys out there and they can get money and property by evicting a person. Say, if a group of people claimed a person is mentally ill, the community might take the one out and the leftover in the house and bank would be donated back to the community. I feel that is a benefit of witch hunting in the past and still working.

My point is, why do we need to have the watch list which cannot be publicized? For the pedophilia, there is the famous Megan's Law to show where the pedophilies live in the community. If the gang stalkers are the mafia or the private militia targeting a certain individual, why can't we share their names in order to stop the group false witness system? And why citizens cannot see who are on the watch list? I'm assuming that the certain people who are acting as bullies are just trying to take some minorities or people with weak social connection to be taken from the society by listing them as potentially dangerous. There are cenofobic people out there who hate new commers. What these people are working together to make the watch list? What is the Homeland Security? Is it rooted back to the witch hunting time but with the Obama putting his hand on Koran?

21 June, 2013

The church fanatics - strategy

The control of religion is important for the dictatorship and the totalitarian government. There are some religions aiming to make all the citizens to be included in that religion. Some people - like Soka Gakkai extremists - would say, that make the country safe and stable. They think their religion is superior than others no matter how shallow their thoughts are. Religion is nothing much than the belief system and the world view. It is always go bad when people use the religion to separate themselves from others. There were many mass killings happened by the cults around the world. There were genocides happened based on the religious conflict just like the racial or ethnic conflicts. Religion is nothing but a part of the culture. It should be up to the people who want to go more about the religion or just to do what they can do. Not everybody needs to work in the church. Some are bakers, shop keepers, peasants, and so on. There are cults and religious fanatics try to put everyone under their dictatorship. That is theocracy and one of the dangerous aspect of the manipulation of the brief system.

The V2K perps were saying yesterday that they want to confirm me to be a Muslim so they can make money out from those "possible Muslim extremist" hunting. In order to achieve this, the perps need to claim me non-Christian. For them, they got two categories for the possibility of "possible Muslim extremist" - one is Muslim and another is non-religious. I wonder if this is the same category that the FBI or the DHS is interested on searching the Muslim extremists.

The V2K perps were saying that they want to steal my Catholic religious items for the total denial of my Christianity. They say, if I don't own any Christian items including the Virgin Mary medal or a cross, they can confirm me as a Muslim. Because of such hearings, I hate Muslims more. I wish there is no mosques around in the area where I live nor Muslims in the city. I think this is a natural cause and result on the discrimination of a wrong individual turning out to be a hater of the certain group because of the mis-categorizing.

To make a claim suitable for the church workers and the church visitors helping the gang stalking, they might develop a thought system. Everything religious which is owned by the Targeted Individual is theirs. It is easy to say that such mentality is nothing much than the theft of the license number plate from the victim's car is motivated by the perps who are told that "the plate belongs to the state, and the state wants it back." Floridan P.I. David Lawson wrote something similar in his book, Cause Stalking. What is dangerous about those perps visiting the churches? I'm afraid they would destroy the church with their own view. If a guest's items are thought as theirs or imagined as stolen from them, they are actually making the false witness and false accusations. In a long run, people visiting the church might be robbed in the church. There are perps outside of the church pickpocketing. Why not that would happen inside? The perps sit down near the TI in the church but does not move from the bench during the communion. What makes them not to motivate themselves to take some money with their thought like - they should get more money from the visitors, why cannot take some from their wallets? They could simply get money from the donation basket if they want. The difference is why they should do that and why they want to do that. The cheap patriots love to look religious as that is admirable in the society, but their motivation is to use the church for funding money on their extremist activities than providing the place for worshiping God. John the Baptist did not need a big church for worshiping God. He was in the cave or somewhere in the wild. Religion is a matter of philosophy and world view rather than a system that should be exploited for making money for the local extremists like gang stalkers.

Sudden sickness like of Sonic Nausia effect yesterday

As I got money problem, I stay home and working with my new books. One book is almost done. I thought I need to publish this blog's contents available for the future shut down. It would be very cheap as I don't expect my daily writing is nothing much than just a better version of my diary or my notes. Thanks for reading my postings. I hope people enjoy them as I know the total readers yesterday was around 180 people. That's quite a number, you know.

Let's bring the topic back to what the title says. I was at home yesterday. I didn't go to the church for the evening mass. I don't wanna mess around with the gang stalkers there. It was fine before but it seems the perpetrators bribed some people to stay near me in the church. I'm trying to stay away from any trouble nor possible thefts by the perps again.

There were some V2K effect when sudden sickness happened. It was like "get out from here." Say, I would be already in another country if my wallet was not stolen. The perps here are pickpockets and join the anti-Mafia group for finding who would be dangerous or against the government. The V2K perps said that these protests are for the entertainment of the military. They enjoy the parade shouting anti-Mafia but they actually looking for the innocent citizens who are interested to stand up when something like riot happens. They take care those people if the people have their own thoughts or start to plan something by their own. Look at the protests in Egypt to other countries. They don't do nothing but shouting on the streets. People should wake up from joining it to be listed on the CONTELPRO or possible "rioter index" for the FBI. I think I heard the shouting included "Obama" calls yesterday.

My sickness was the sudden vomiting. I don't know why I had some stomach contents from the breakfast around 10am. I vomited it around 8pm. Usually, 10 hours is enough to move foods from the stomach. What was wrong with the stomach problem? There was an acute pain on my left ear. Then there was the pain deep in the cheek just below my left eye. Was it something to do with the brain jack technique or access to the nerves related with the eye? There was sweating of my body. Despite of humidity and the hotness in the room, I felt chilly. There was some vibrating noise as if from the car parked outside. I heard it from outside of the window but it was like reflected on the wall outside. I don't know the source of the noise. Was it one of the Hum? Or the ULF? Well, I corrupted on the floor and slept for awhile. I woke up this morning around 9am as usual. The V2K perps wake me up around 9am.

18 June, 2013

The protesters marching for the Anti-Mafia in Sofia but some seemed to be gang stalkers

I went out around 9.30pm today to grab something for dinner. I fasted for one week since Sunday two weeks ago when someone stole my wallet. I was fine just eating only breakfast and drinking water. That's a modest fasting style. But I needed some thing a bit for extra meal after spending a week. You know, I could just pray all the day to forget about hunger, but it would be very obvious for others. I don't wanna look like fanatics or something. If I'm in a cave, I don't mind praying like that way. It's just uncivilized style to be a hermit.

So, I went out and saw the people marching on the street. I filmed the situation. I don't know why people marching against the government when I stay in somewhere these days - like in Istanbul and now in Sofia... This time, I heard people shouting "Mafia" aloud nearby. Then I heard people shouting "Osaka." I don't know what that word means in Bulgarian, but it sounded like the Japanese city name. And as a TI, I assumed that was the gang stalker group doing some skit nearby. Well, no pickpocketing this time. I was expecting to see some suspicious people trying to stand near me for catching the pickpocket in such a crowded area with my camera on my hand.

I was thinking to buy a cheap pizza and saw some people buying there. I was thinking to buy a slice and saw a man eating pizza suddenly threw it in the trash can and left. It was so strange as he just bit only few part and left. I followed him as I thought he is one of the gang stalker in the city. He might be doing the skit with the hope that I might pick the slice up from the trash can as I am short in money now due to the wallet theft. I found him standing in front of McDonalds but that was it. He was not trying to cross the street but he reminded there. I decided to eat in McDonalds instead. When I went out, I saw a man in Japanese logo T-shirt riding a bike and he drove away.

No Germans this time. Well, there would be something fishy going on with the anti-Mafia protesting. You could see the protesting going on

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 18, 2013 - The best home videos are here

16 June, 2013

A guest at the church mass and so many people wearing NYC logo clothes on the street

I attended the Latin mass at the church. It was a typical day with perps. There was a man with a small boy sat in front of me. There was a group visitor participating the mass. I saw the bus parked on the street with a Romanian license number. So, I assume the bus came from Romania. But how come there were many Asians like Vietnamese or Philipino? One of them had a bag with an American travel agency logo, so I thought they were from the US. There was a man with Hard Rock Cafe Berlin T-shirt. That was only the German related part for today.

After the mass, I thought of eating out for lunch. I fast these days and do not eat lunch nor dinner. I take some bread sometimes, but that is about it. I got some problem accessing my saving account and cannot spend too much from my foreign money I have now. How to manage resources when it is scares? I just take it the time to learn poverty. Everything has good side and the bad side. I know how to apply positive psychology in the case of personal emergency. Well, I spent some more time slacking but that was because I needed to deal with stress. But now, I got focused on what I have to do like finishing my book.

So, I was walking in the city. I saw so many people with New York, NY, or NYC logo clothes. I don't know why there are so many people or brand with NYC on it.

 I thought that was one of the favorite by the "insider" perps who are working on the security of the cities but actually taking out innocent individuals with their false witness system. It seems I got "shadow", the perp who looks like me and attending the Mosque or have Muslim friends and pretending to be me or use my name for the false witness. What if those Muslim terrorists engaged in the terrorist attack at NYC was someone else? The mafia backed up by the FBI could just steal IDs from the people and using them to pretend to be them. They could fake everything with the technology and the voice recording from the phone use. Everything can be fake including Obama's birth certificate. You never know what we get from the government is not faked or not.

The V2K perps saying that they could get money if they made up the fake evidences like prostitution or Muslim extremist. They say they want to send me to a military camp if they find evidence of me as a Muslim. Sorry, I'm a Catholic and I hate Islamic religion because of the Muslim perps. Chinese might be using my name or something to make a fake website or something. Well, people fake someone else. But I got my voice already posted here and YouTube. If someone faking to be me, then that person must have problem to prove their identity.


The wallet was possibily stolen in the hostel, and the vid of the dentist visiting guest

At night I was counting my foreign currency in my safety bag. I found two 50€ notes missing. When I paid my room on June 13th, I thought of paying with three 50€ notes. I had three 50€ notes and thought of paying the 120€ bill with three 50€ notes instead of one 100€ note and one 50€ note. When I checked the money today, I saw only one 50€ note with other foreign money.

The German/French speaking people in next rooms were staying even during the day time. They looked suspicious as I encountered German speakers and German license cars everywhere almost every day. I'm planning to move to another place assp.

Well, here is the video from the previous posting information. There was a hostel guest who was at the dentist when I visited there. It was way too obvious, so I filmed the evidence. It's normal for the TIs to see some people from other places showing up in a strange area like a neighbor showing up at the beach during the vacation and such. Or a Goethe Institute Japanese speaking students and a Korean student showing up at the immigration office separately but they just hanging around there without getting any proper document or submitting something. You know what I mean, they just hanging around for asking question and sit down on the bench for awhile.


And here is the pics of perps for today. "Killers move in silence" logo.
New York State University log.
The guy sat at the post office while there was nothing to wait.
The "invisible woman" logo T.


15 June, 2013

Unsere Liebe Frau von Proata

I lost so many prayer cards in my wallet due to the pickpocket. But I found some prayers I copied down to a document file. Now I'm glad that some things in my wallet was not completely gone. I wish I know them by heart, so I have no problem worrying or feeling sad about the loss of the prayer cards.

Here is one of the prayer. I got the card at the church which got St. Luke's skull as the relic in the treasury, in Dubrovnik.
Unsere Liebe Frau von Proata, bitte für uns!
(Diener Gottes Johannes Paul II., Ehrenbürger von Dubrovnik)
Gebet zu Sie, die für uns Zeichen der sicheren Hoffnung und des Trostes ist.

O Maria,
Morgenröte der neuen Welt,
Mutter der Lebendigen,
Dir vertrauen wir die Sache des Lebens an:
o Mutter, blicke auf die grenzenlose Zahl
von Kindern, denen verwehrt wird,
goboren zu werden,
von Armen, die es schwer haben zu leben,
von Männern und Frauen,
die Opfer unmenschlicher Gewalt wurden,
von Alten und Kranken,
die aus Gleichgültigkeit
oder angeblichem Mitleid getötet wurden.
Bewirke, daß alle, die an deinen Sohn glauben,
den Menschen unserer Zeit
mit Freimut und Liebe
das Evangelium vom Leben verkünden können.
Vermittle ihnen die Gnde, es anzuehmen
als je neues Geschenk
die Freude, es über ihr ganzes Dasein hinweg
in Dankbarkeit zu feiern,
und den Mut, es mit mühseliger Ausdauer zu bezeugen,
um zusammen mit allen Menschen guten Willens
die Zivilisation der Wahrheit und der Liebe zu errichten,
zum Lob und zur Herrlichkeit Gottes,
des Schöpfers und Freudes des Lebens

14 June, 2013

I went to the police station and got the document costing 3.50Lv

I went to the third police station and this time I was able to get the document. My missing wallet case was now officially filed. I could show the document here with some parts hidden.

Here is today's skits by the possible gang stalkers. A guy with Beats head phone.

The guy with that Islamic evil eye thing.

The guy with a screwdriver-like thing on his right hand. He was walking from behind and passed me on the street.

The car parked near me when I was checking the map to find the police station.

And a Toyota car with a security organization mark on the back.

Some Germans and Japane..

I went to the police station where I filed the case. The clerk later got a translator and said that they sent the document to another police department from what they told. Well, it is quite confusing as there are bunch of police stations around in the city. On the way back, I saw these funny logos as if of the perps doing the skits. The V2K perps were often saying that they want to use the snitch jacket - like what I claim is what I did. The perps might want to tell others that I suppose to be a lier, so their claim must be the truth. Well, I take photos and videos for my side of the evidences.

There was a guy with a pinocchio T-shirt.

And later, I saw a man with German logo bag.

And there was a German license Porsche I saw today. D:HH ND 988

There is a man and woman who speak German staying in the rooms next to my room. They seem to be staying in the room till afternoon and taking shower late. I found them just staying in the room instead of going out whole day. When I went out yesterday, she was standing with a man who is in the room next to her and another man. I wonder why I got so many German speaking people around me...

Also, I saw a man with "Suzuki" logo T-shirt and a Japanese senior man. Well, I think some people living in Bulgaria are reading my blog, so I guess more perps are interested showing up around me for the skit. I'm just sharing the information for my safety. No one wants to be kidnapped nor getting assassinated without any possible suspects in Eastern Europe especially some Germans always around like Stasi.

12 June, 2013

2 German Cars showing up on my way to a police station

Last Sunday, my wallet was stolen on my way to the hostel from the shopping center. It was about less than 300m and I am assuming that the gang stalkers are responsible for the theft. They have chance to observe where the wallet was and they could act together to check my movements. I reported it to a police station on the same day. The document was not ready, so I need to visit the police station tomorrow.

Here are 2 German cars I saw on the way. How come some Germans showing up like this? I did not see any for few days. D:FFB K 4088, D:SHA JQ 555 - neo-nazi extremists tracking me down or what? As far as I know, I got over 4,000€ damages in Munich and still Germans showing up while I got property damages. What is the relationship of the pickpocketing of my wallet and those Germans??? Did Germans hired a professional pickpocket?

On the way from the police station, I saw a car with "CH" logo sticker on a car with the Bulgarian license number. It looked like the perps using something familiar.

10 June, 2013

Germans are still around

There were 2 German speaking women at the hostel and were complaining about the car they rented and parked outside got the bar on the tire while they were away for 5 minutes or so. Why I am surrounded by Germans? And why they are acting like the MIB pair from a classic comedy? This time they did not come in a German car nor park it in front of the hostel their German car with German license plate, but hey something happened to their rented car..

They were in the reception area when no one around, and they just left a daypack on the edge of the window and left. Well, that seemed a classic perp theft expectation act. I saw many perps tried to put their wallet or coins in the dorm room or in the room where people unoccupied. 

09 June, 2013

German car list

Here is the list of German car license numbers that showed up in the rural area of Croatia to some strange areas like the street in front of the hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm just sharing some of the potions that would be related with the gang stalking and the people working in the corporate crime. The V2K perps say that their argument is that the elites have power to secure their own lives while they can do anything like mobbing, harassing the ones who is on the list of their gang stalking entertainment, and so on. Well, the top elites know how to go up by working in something dirty just like how Zeitgeist movement addresses the problem of the corporations and business intelligence. The owners of these cars may be doing some gang stalking activities. Check out their communication with others. I'm just wondering someone paid for taking my wallet today.

WAK K 709
OB TZ 50
CE 484VE
E WW 1617
DO M 232
F KC 632
K MM 9958
546 0129
WE RG 84
RI 568 PH
U95 7WP
LJ EE-581
MTK BN 500
KN PK 138
BM DI 506
DU 8683
WN OI 861
KN SM 456
LXE 026
SR F 3003
WN F 1269
OD DK 858
M OD 509
H FA 6363
XX 6748

BL MN 202
ST EP 2811
HIS WP 739
976 8779
HS JN 555
K HM 5468
22 EP 030
HN SI 4151
F IM 3008
M MR 4501
F BE 1106
M RR 585
EBE DD 555
OAL EE 100
GP UV 300
M C 9815
HD MR 142
PA D 4384
B EE 6999
FU VP 101
R AU 550
HL ON 1940
KA P 237
WT GN 500
Lö HD 266
F MB 1089
M HC 1017
HG JU 501
E MC 559
HE JE 562
KN MD 413
BAR JS 501
TS FS 102
OF EE 107
HH PO 7282
BB ZV 147
AB 537 EY    
Update: added on June 12th, 2013 D:FFB K 4088 D:SHA JQ 555

My wallet stolen

This is the second time I got my wallet stolen. It was very funny to happen. I went to the Latin mass in the church and I made some donation there. Then I went to the shopping center between Synagogue and Mosque and ate my lunch there. The sum of the meal was 7.77Liba. I ate my meal there and went back to my hostel as I forgot the map which comes with church locations. On the way, I saw a man with Jackpot logo T-shirt. It seemed as if a type of sensitization. They might be related with the pickpocket ring here. The perps are communicating each other, so I think you can find who are related with the mafia or so called gang stalking network.

 When I came back to my room and tried to use the Internet for awhile and took out my netbook from my bag, I found my wallet is missing. My bag got zipper covered the top part, so it would be hard for the pickpocket to take my wallet. Somehow, it was about less than 300m distance from the shopping center to my hostel. No body was at the reception and I tried to find a police or to check the street if I lost it on the way around.

Well, here is the video from today. I made it this afternoon when I came home. Later, I went to the police station and filed the case. It's not like in Munich Police, I was able to get a free translator and filed the case. Should I file the luggage damage in the past case at Meininger Hostel next time I visit Germany? I'm quite good in German already and probably do not need a transtlator. Oh, I might get another damage in my suitcase or belongings because of those Neo-Nazi perps. Better not to go there, then.


I went to the police station this afternoon and filed the stolen wallet. Hopefully, I could be able to get a Bulgarian translator free for the documentation. I had to wait for awhile while waiting the translator to come. And there was a man with a small child on the hallway inside and the kid was crying so long time.

You know, it's always bad things happen near the mosque or Muslims around. Muslims can tell lies when it's not Ramadan time. They can cheat on the change as they think they can get more from the tourists assuming they are rich. Now my wallet with the religious medals and small cards such as the Virgin Mary statue in St. Francis Basilica in Assisi gone. It's more damage to me than other small things like the SD cards inside. I've never thought that everything gone like this way. My wallet was stolen at the street in front of mosque.

Well, I have enough money for few weeks, but not enough money for doing anything more than just to buy some meals per a day. I got personal Lent season for awhile. I will play for the gang stalkers to go to hell as their nature of following the "jungle law" to harass the innocent individuals. I also spend my time to finish up writing books and updating my websites. Say, I was slacking around with FB games as I was so tired of perps harassing me even in the churches. Maybe, I might spend some time on the street where my wallet was gone for next few weeks and try to catch the real pickpocket there. You see, it might help me to find the suspect who stole my wallet.

08 June, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 30th, 2013

Here is the video from May 30th, 2013. I saw an Asian solo traveler at the breakfast buffet in the hotel. I don't know why but I encountered Asian people in such a way sometimes in Izmir. When I took the shuttle bus, there was a Japanese backpacker woman traveling in the same bus to even the same destination, Sulçak.
At the archaeological site at Ephesus, I saw many Asian people visiting. There were some fake Rolex and other brand watch stores just outside of the entrances. I don't know why Muslims selling fake Rolex. It can cause the ex-Crusaders to visit the area with the lawyer. Muslims use the fake rosary thing and also fake watches...


07 June, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 31st, 2013

It took me a bit of time to create the OSAM video from the old films. I think I got mind controlled to forget about doing something about the gang stalking issues.

May 31st was the day I checked out from the hotel and took the bus from Izmir to Istanbul. When I was waiting the shuttle bus near Basmane train station, a taxi driver asked me to show my ticket and then he said I cannot take the shuttle bus and suggested me to take a taxi. It's confusing in the Islamic countries as some people tell lies like this to use their taxi or buy something from them. Maybe he is one of the gang stalker who wanted to communicate with me for the false witnessing.

In the bus station, I used the Internet Cafe. I was reading articles and did not sign up to my FB nor Blogger account as I was aware of the keylogger spyware. I tried to sign up to a new email account to play online game, and somehow the confirmation key to type was "cyperp." Say, it can read as Cyber-perp, isn't it?

I bought the bus ticket when I arrived to Izmir but the date was wrong. I asked to change it to today in the morning when I arrived to the bus station. There were 3 to 4 buses going to Istanbul for that day and I knew there should be at least one seat available. The clerk at the reception said that I could change to the one departing at 13.15 or something. I wanted the one around 10pm as the original schedule. He gave me the new ticket but the date was wrong again. I waited till night and it was the problem in the bus. But somehow I could get the seat in the bus at that time. But the people around me had kids and it was so strange as there shouldn't be so many. Also, these people switched their seats around during the trip. There were 2 English speaking women rode the bus and sat on the seats across the aisle. I speak English and others in the bus did not well. So, I guess these women might be related with the security people who might be recruited for the safety reason or something.


How to prevent the remote mind control?

I found some tips for the mind control prevention. I'm not a psychologist and rather the person who is often claimed as mentally ill by the gang stalkers. In the communist or other state with a massive censorship of the thinking, I would be claimed as mentally ill. 911 Insider Job claimers are also called as mentally ill, and I'm fine to be so.

Here are some tips to prevent the remote mind control through the subliminal message sending by the secret government.

1. Be aware of one's tasks and daily "To Do"s. It helps the person to keep on the track of things to be done instead of postponing things or wasting time on something else.
2. Keep using the brain for the complicated thinking. It helps to keep the person to have better will to block the simple subliminal messages like "I want to eat ..." or "I want to do..." Complicated thinking is the key to stay away from quick persuasions and the short thinkings.
3. Fear factor. When the person is in absolute danger or fear, the one will think seriously. Easy-going attitude gives the person to be able to trap on the persuasions.

Tell me if these tips actually effective against persuasion and mind controls or not. If my tips are right, then I could say I learned them from how the remote subliminal persuasion through the V2K and other methods.

German cars.

German again.