30 April, 2011


I think I learned why the gang stalkers love to claim their target as mentally ill and why the psychiatrists help their lies. In my case, I really need to do something with Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws, and others at SJSU for their lies on me as suicidal. I don't know how far their lies will follow me to ruin my life. I got voice recording of them making up a false claim on my way to my class on the day I tried to file the discrimination case at the Homeland Security at San Jose. And I was communicating with the Equal Opportunity Service about the students' stalking and harassment on me.

So, when the TI is in another country, the embassy is funding for the gang stalking and gathering people for the gang stalking from different countries? Perhaps, sharing the information of the clarified Japanese perps in foreign countries may prove their relationship with the Japanese government.

実際に「精神病」と診断された人々が、海外で不便な目にあうのだとすれば、その状況自体が何らかの差別になるような気がするんですけど。精神病と言ってもMKULTRAなど、精神科医が人体実験用に健全な市民を拉致する目的で病気をでっち上げたりする場合があり、そういった場合は被害者の将来を壊す目的も兼ねていますね。私の場合は、DHSのオフィスにサンノゼ州立大学の学生による集団ストーキングやハラスメントの被害をファイルしようとした日に、授業に向かっていてEnglish-Lueck学部長にオフィスで話しがあるからと言うのでついて行ったら、いきなり警官に手錠を掛けられて彼等に自殺の恐れをでっち上げられました。学部の人たちが不審なことをやっていたから、学部長が私の教室の前の通路にいた時点でレコーダーのスイッチを入れて証拠にしようと思ったら、実際に彼らの偽証罪まがいな証拠が取れましたが。その後30分以内に精神病院に連れて行かれると、精神科医は「自殺」「他害」の文章を書きました。録音には自殺を否定している私の声が入っているので、30分以内に自殺に追い込むのは精神科医が偽証をしない限り不可能です。「他害」についても、暴力を振るうよりカメラを振り回して証拠を周囲にばら撒く性格の私にはそもそもあり得ないことです。むしろ、集団ストーカーの方のほうが柔道や空手を護身術として身に着けて、地域の防犯と称してストーキング行為を行っているので危険じゃないでしょうか?集団ストーキングも英語ではギャング・ストーキングと言いますし。2つ目の精神病院では、MKULTRAのモントリオールの精神科医と同じように子供が専門の精神科医、Peter Newsom氏に担当になったのですが、これも偶然でしょうかね?彼の場合は、「他害」「重度の精神障害」の書類を書かれて、診断では自殺やどのように危険かなどはまったく触れず、性的な検査が必要とか個人的な興味での診察について書かれてます。こういった不当監禁については、サンフランシスコの領事館などは無視してましたね。2つ目の精神病院のKent精神科医は、サンノゼ州立大学のカウンセリングサービスの代表者、シバーテセン、と旧知の中で、大学からもインターンが多く入っているから拉致監禁などは簡単に出来るようです。精神病院に送られてから、「重度の精神病」にまで授業にいける状態から悪化しただけで医療ミスで訴えれそうですけどどうなんですかね?他人に自殺を勝手にでっち上げられたら、殺されて不当に自殺に仕立て上げられたりされても困るので、公に誰によって自殺の恐れ等の書類をでっち上げられたか書いています。それから、上記の理由から危険だとかまったく出鱈目の差別を受けたら、被害者なので不当差別として公に出来るわけですし。

海外での集団ストーキングは、日本人と外国人が共同で作業するときがあります。こういった状態から思うに、北朝鮮の日本人・外国人の拉致についても、意外と日本人集団ストーカーが拉致に最適な人物を決めて北朝鮮系に拉致して送ったんじゃないかと思います。南アメリカなどでの人身売買は、アメリカ英語を話すCIA関係と思われる人々が参加していますし。日本人のhuman traffickingには、日本人の集団ストーカーが加担しているみたいです。北朝鮮の拉致問題も日本政府や大使館は被害者や家族に非協力的でしたし、暗黙の了解として集団ストーキングや不当拉致などがあるなら、政府が一般市民の人権や不当監禁を保護しないのも理解できます。

 そして,我々が警備公安警察による嫌がらせをやめさせる最適な対抗策が,日本の医療機関における精神科で診察を受けて,精神病であるという,カル テを作成してもらう事なのです。

 出入国に関する国際ルール(慣習)で,精神病の患者は,長期ビザの発行や国籍の変更などの,移民としての 地位(ステータス)について,受入国は受け入れを拒絶する事が出来るので,精神病であるというカルテを作成してもらえば,警備公安警察が,それ以上,一般 市民に対して嫌がらせを行っても,海外へ強制移住させられる可能性は大きく減少するため,警備公安活動の標的(ターゲット)から外される可能性が高まりま す。


  我々は,日本国に出生した,日本国民です。従って,日本国は,我々,日本人を死亡するまで扶養する義務を負うのです。これは,ウィルソン大統領以来の,独 立国の国際的な義務なのです。

 なぜ,日本国民である我々が,日本政府によって,嫌がらせを受けて,外国へ強制的に追い出されなければなら ないのでしょうか。なぜ,我々が,日本語以外の言語である英語を勉強して,その言語で生活せねばならないのでしょうか。

 我々が,日本政府 によって,強制移住させられ,外国へ移住したとしても,我々は,外国で生活に苦労するだけです。そうして,一部の,自民党幹部や,公官庁の職員,上場企業 の役員とその家族達だけが,中国の共産党幹部のように,イエスマンに囲まれて,贅沢な暮らしを,何の苦労もせずにするのです。


27 April, 2011

The black hundreds and the gang stalking extremists

When we look back the history of the societies, we can find the prototypes of gang stalking. When the extremists in the area gather for the specific reason, they can do anything against the target, who is often weak and less in the numbers in the society. Meanwhile, the extremists can keep the social status nor morals unchallenged. Think about lynching. The mobs are often from the working class but it is not necessary to be from the uneducated background for the motivation of the injustice. Briberies and sneaky knowledge for winning in the court can be used by the upper-class mobs to do the specific favor. When the Whites did not wanted the blacks to live in the same neighborhood nor share the seats in the buses and the trains, they created the segregation laws.

For the gang stalking victims, their human rights are denied and their everything is nullified. The gang stalkers always try to act above the victim. Also, they try to find faults of the victim anyway they can. For instance, when the victim plays a computer game, a perp might say the one is engaged in the gamble. It's not really true as not all the games are about gambling. I don't know if gambling is something to do with the Islamic Law. I've seen some perps trying to claim me as a Muslim, so it's my guess that strange reactions from the people seem to be something to do with their false witnesses and conspiracy making. Also, I have seen some people wearing hajab inside of churches. The Christian-claiming perps seemed to working to spread rumors about me as a Muslim and not a Catholic. Yeah, both sides to deny me should be a characteristic of perfect nullifing the victim, isn't it? This Muslim claiming seem to be started from when I was in UK, so I guess they are doing something like that for any reason. I wonder if that is the tactices taught by the local law enforcements.

As I say, I had no interest in Islam. That's something totally foreign to me. It's like Hindu or other religions that were not around in the society I grow up or lived in. But more perps hrassing me for the conspiracy of a Muslim, I feel like perps are exerctly doing the Jew-baiting; harassing the target as Jews during Nazis time for the discrimination. How many Muslims really getting harassed in the society these days in such a way? And I'm curious why some Muslims who seemed to be a bit loose like the clothes are not following their tradition or drinking have more power on talking about the Islamic religion? I guess the good Muslims are sent to the detention centers and the people left are the police informants.

20 April, 2011

Two types of priests - gang stalking member or passive supporters

I found it easy to describe the priests who are helping the gang stalking and others who do not really know what it is. The priests who are part of gang stalking have two faces. They can communicate to the TIs or others in the church normally, yet they have something up in their mind when they describe the certain individual like a TI. They could openly keep the conspiracy, or rumors without any following facts, and corporate with both TI and the gang stalking members in the church. Say, the gang stalkers in the church are spreading the rumor that the TI is a Muslim, the priests working with them will share some rumors or conspiracy with them. Meanwhile, the priests won't say about such conspiracy they are sharing with others to the TI, so there is some gaps between what he says about the victim to others and how they face the TI. It's like priests are asked to be the part of the mobbing inside of the church. It goes the same for the conspiracies such as prostitution, pedophiles, shoplifters, etc. By working together with the perpetrators, priests can find it easier to gain the control of a group and stability on the fundings. Perpetrators often gain free stuffs from their work, so they can turn things in for the church easily.

And other priests who do not know about the gang stalking do not really get promoted often and usually ignored in the church. Some people with strong will and strong characters can go up in the church hierarchy. Once they realize the reality of how communities accept to oppress the real weak and try to help them, they will be punished or claimed as mentally ill. The strategy is used by the gang stalkers. Also, priests working with the gang stalkers will take advantage of it. If you want to know who this happens to a Catholic bishop, try to read Jack London's Iron Heel. It's not the problem of the church how TIs are harassed inside but the infiltration of the gang stalkers into the church. Priests can become TIs and they can be claimed as pedophiles.

I'm talking about the connection of some priests with the local thugs pretending to look as good people inside of the church. And these wicked people love showing their compassionate-looking face and speeches to the poors while they laugh the misfortunes of others in their hearts.

13 April, 2011

Hollywood stars working for the military propaganda

Do you know Marilin Monroe was a covert agent of DOD? Anyone who is getting good jobs in the Hollywood or the mass media got security clearance to be succeeded in the industry. Assassination and mysterious suicides? That happens when they go through the extreme side of COINTELPRO.

11 April, 2011

Japanese nuke plants may have more violations with the use of unofficial manuals for budget cut

Ex-Governor of Fukushima prefecture was jailed because his stance on strongly opposing nuke plants and that was not good for the Japan(+US)'s national interest. Oil dependency means the dependency on the Middle East. And nuclear energy is the only possible alternative with the current technology level. That's why US, France, Japan and other countries are working hard to take advantages from the nuke plants even they got problems like health risks from the accidents. Anyone oppose to the nuclear energy will be under the surveillance from the FBI and other law enforcement/military/intelligence complex. So, if you join the anti-nuke protest, it won't be good for your career and your name will be listed on the black list. If you know this much, how do you think about shutting down old nuke plants? It's a good step for Germany to change the phenomenon like advantage is put priority than the safety. I believe more nuke plants in Japan got violations and the use of their own unofficial manuals.

The article below mentions why Japanese government keep no eye on the nuke plants using their own manuals which is not what they officially say for the fulfilling security measure. When JCO made the accident in the past, the executives got sentences. I wonder what happens this time on Fukushima nuke plants. Who will take the responsibility of damping contaminated water into the ocean? It was not really caused by the tsunami or accident. That was done by some people in Japan and people say it is a violation of the international law. My name is already on the black list for the the surveillance by the gang stalkers (FBI version of Black Hundreds), so I don't mind sharing these information. Also, you can assume what I will go through if I go back to Japan. Japan is under a dictatorship of generations of politicians funded by CIA.

当時総理であった田中角栄氏は、遠い中東の石油に依存している体制を見直し、中東以外の地域から資源を獲得しようとした。ところがそれがアメリカの 石油資本の逆鱗に触れ、ロッキード事件を仕組まれて失脚させられたという説がある。日本が中東への過度の依存から脱却しなければならない事は自明である。 しかし今でも石油の7割以上が中東からで、だから現在の中東情勢は日本経済を痛撃しつつある。一方で中東から脱却するための資源として原子力の役割が大き くなった。日本はアメリカ、フランスに次ぐ数の原子炉を持つ原子力大国である。

日本の総電力量の3割を占める原子力発電は、地球温暖化防止 の意味からも、将来は4割以上に引き上げられようとしていた。新たに14基の原子炉が建設され、原子炉の数でフランスを上回ろうとしていた。それが「国 策」であった。しかしスリーマイル島やチェルノブイリの原発事故が世界を震撼させたように、いったん事故が起これば取り返しのつかないダメージを国家と国 民に与える。安全の確保は至上命題である。とこが今回の事故で国と東京電力の安全意識が話にならないほどお粗末であることが明らかになった。

し かしそれはいま初めて分かったことではない。以前から問題を指摘されながら、国も電力会社もそれを無視し、安全を重視して対立した者を逮捕、抹殺してまで も「国策」を遂行してきた。その事に天罰が下ったと私は思う。1999年に茨城県東海村にある核燃料加工会社JCOで起きた臨界事故は、本来は容器の中で 混ぜ合わせるウラン溶液を人がバケツで運んでいたため量を誤って臨界状態になった。作業員3人が被曝し2名が死亡した。日本の原子力産業で初めて死者が出 た。

JCOは刑事責任を問われ、業務上過失致死罪や原子炉等規正法違反などで有罪となったが、なぜ危険な溶液を人がバケツで運んだのか。 JCOが国の管理規定で決められた装置を作らずに「裏マニュアル」で作業していたのは何故なのか。そして安全審査を行っていた国は、JCOに装置がない事 や人がバケツで運んでいることを知らなかったのか。とてもJCOだけが裁かれる問題とは思えなかった。

するとある官僚が教えてくれた。 JCOに仕事を発注していた動燃も安全審査を行う科学技術庁も知っていて見て見ぬ振りをしていたのだと言う。何故なら国が決めた通りにやればJCOは経営 が成り立たない。だからバケツで運ぶのを黙認していた。日本には法律通りにやると赤字になる事業がいくらでもある。官僚は普段は見逃し、自分に責任が及び そうな時だけ摘発する。そして事故が起きても官僚には責任が及ばない。それが日本の仕組みなのだと言った。

国と東京電力に逆らって原発の安 全性を追求した前の福島県知事・佐藤栄佐久氏は、06年に東京地検に逮捕された。三重県に本社のある水谷建設から賄賂を貰いダム工事への便宜を図ったとい うのが逮捕容疑であった。JCOの臨界事故によって国は内部告発を奨励する制度を作った。知っていて見て見ぬ振りをしていたのだから表面を取り繕っただけ のことである。案の定、2000年に東京電力福島原発の内部告発文書が経済産業省の原子力保安院に寄せられると、保安院は立ち入り検査をするどころか、告 発内容を東京電力に教えてやり、告発者の氏名まで流した。

02年、2年間放置されていた内部告発が佐藤栄佐久氏が県知事を務める福島県庁に 送られてきた。それを県が公表した事で東京電力福島原発の点検記録改竄の事実が明るみに出た。大問題である。東電の会長、社長ら経営陣5名が引責辞任に追 い込まれ、03年には東京電力のすべての原発を運転停止して検査や修理を行わざるをえなくなった。

佐藤前福島県知事は安全性を求めていった んは了解していたプルサーマルについても凍結の立場を鮮明にしていく。原発応援団の自民党とも東京電力や経済産業省とも対立を深めていった。ところが04 年になると、佐藤氏の弟の会社の土地を水谷建設が割高の値段で買ったという記事がメディアに出始める。06年7月に東京地検が脱税容疑で水谷建設会長を逮 捕、それから佐藤氏の弟、そして佐藤氏も逮捕された。弟の会社の土地取引が収賄に当たると言うのである。

佐藤栄佐久氏が書いた「知事抹 殺」(平凡社)によると、佐藤氏の弟は検事から「佐藤知事は日本にとってよろしくない、抹殺する」と言われたそうだ。それが何を意味しているのか。佐藤氏 は「福島県民の安全を考えて数々の原発事故隠しやデータ改竄などの問題に対応していたら、日本の原発がすべて止まった。結果として国を一時的に窮地に追い 込んだことは事実だ」と書いている。


UNICEF Japanwon't give your donation to Tsunami victims as you think

UNICEF Japan has been accepting donations for helping Tsunami victims. However, not all the donations will go to supporting the victims. They seem to have the plan on how much amount of donations will be used on the Tsunami victims, and the rest would be divided for other projects.

This is one good example of how the charity related business works and why the management can exploit the resources they receive. Such type of helping the third world people and the ones in the developing countries can help the economic hit men to work in the area. I'm not saying that UNICEF is involved in such. What I'm saying is that the insiders in the management positions can work on such strategy.

It's true that without donations, they won't give anything to the tsunami victims.

10 April, 2011

Today's church experience

I attended the Sunday mass today. Unlike last time, there wasn't a military person in the church. However, many people inside of the church did not take communion. I don't know what's wrong with them. Perhaps they were the organized stalkers just hanging around of me for the security reason.
Last time, there were two lines to go up to the priests to receive communion. However, this time, only one line was made and the second priest, who was not giving the service, came to the back of the church and he started giving the breads to the people. I received it with others including some sisters with kids. I don't know why but each sister in the church visit the church with holding hands of children.

I wish I can find a church somewhere I don't get harassed by the organized stalkers. These people hanging around like communist secret police officers and spreading rumors of the victim. These days, Japanese perps seems to be involved. They hanging around of me just staying where I stay. One left the place, another Japanese man came.

After the mass, I went out for shopping. But I saw sisters walking. It happened twice while I was out. I think this is quite a lot for a mere coincidence to happen. I wonder what is going on. Maybe I need to share the patterns of strange things happen inside of a church when a TI visit. It would be funnier like how the bishop is claimed as mentally ill in Jack London's book, Iron Heel. Perhaps all the good priests are claimed as child molesters and sisters are claimed for having boyfriends or having sexual relationships with strangers. By the way, what is the policy of US and UK governments for the religious workers to support the anti-terrorism actions? How many priests or sisters still be there believing 911 as an insider plot? Did they all fired and became homeless or sent to prison as child molesters and illegal prostitutions? Sorry, if I'm really exposing the truth about the church like once it helped Nazis for its dictatorship to the eugenics.

09 April, 2011

Mind control on people

Have you ever experienced some strange positive feeling on the people in authorities? It just comes in the form of simple sentences. Like someone seeing a national flag on the TV and feels like "that's cool lookin' xxx flag." Another example is that when someone is invited to a city hall meeting, the person suddenly feels positive and gets a direct simple sentence of praising the speaker like "wow, I'm going to see Mr.xxx. He is a mayer and this is a good opportunity for me."

We all know subliminal effect is ilegal for advertisement. But for the intelligence civilian control purpose, it might be used around the world by the authorities. It can be sent to the specific person by the V2K above the normal hearing level. I think this has been going on since 70s or 80s.

How often do you feel all possitive about someone in the authorities? Perhaps you are receiving the subliminal effect from the world government. This strategy simplifies the human recognition of how to form what we like. To like something, people need some reasoning after the information input about the matter. This subliminal effect can skip that part and forces the people to get the possitive feeling. The difference of the normal choice of what the one like and this artificial one is, the artificial one will leave the person to have some taste of "I must like it."

Same subliminal effect is used for the TIs to like doing something or visiting somewhere particurally. But these effects are subliminal messages, so they cannot let the person to do any action that require moral judgement. The subliminal message can persuade someone to visit a particular store. However, the message that is suggesting to kill someone or hurm something will not accepted by the subject.

Where this type of study originated from? Look back the MKULTRA victims' testimonies. Some TIs are experiencing quite similar effect like psychological experiements.

07 April, 2011

Which country has the nuke threat most; Iran, North Korea, or Japan?

It looks like UN needed to check Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant for the safety as well as of Iran and North Korea. What we can learn is that any country can use their own nuke plant blowing up for the threat against the foreign powers, especially the neighboring countries.

Any charge against Japanese' nuke plant handing yet? I think the Japanese PM needs to take it for the punishment of ill handing the situation and creating more damages in the environment including US, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries along the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise, there will be no way to stop the violation of nuke leaks.

The mass dumping of highly radioactive water (measured at 7.5 million times the normal allowed levels) into the Pacific Ocean is not just an environmental disaster; it's also a violation of international law. The Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter, passed in 1972, forbids nations and companies from dumping toxic wastes into the ocean.
What I did not like about the incident was that the authorities tried to cover up the damage and made statements as the minimum estimation to keep their faces. While the Tokyo Electronics wanted to keep the plant working, they pushed the outsourcing employees to be the scapegoat of the damage and let them be the victims of the repairing. They say Fukushima 50 is working at the site. However, more people were recruited for the actual dangerous work as the outsourcing powers who can have extra capacity to work in the environment inside the building. The cleaning job included homeless people in the past. Some human right organizations warned about the homeless recruited for the job and they got nuclear poisoning that killed them in a short period of time. It's just like letting Kamikaze solders to look brave but did not really change the situation in the WWII. Either Kamikaze solders died on their duty or not, they did not have any goal but to perish with the romanticism. Some people are eager to die for something because they don't have any value on their lives. Authorities did not face any danger in such scenario but the action made the mass to be in the mood that they can do the same by taking the suicidal loyal people. If the authorities do not have the clear plan of why they are taking such a dangerous job, then they just die like fools under the control of foolish managers.

According to Wikipedia, Fukushima Daiichi plant workers got capacity acceptable to work which is more than 2 times higher than the level that is officially known that the level can cause health damages.
100 人間の健康に影響が出ると証明されている放射線量の最低値(これ以下の放射線量についての健康被害は長期的なものを含めて一切証明されてい ない)。


放射線業務従事者(妊娠可能な女子を除く)が1回の緊急作業でさらされてよい放射線の限度。妊娠可能な女子には緊急作業が認められて いない。

白 血球の減少。(一度にまとめて受けた場合、以下同じ)

福 島第一原子力発電所事故の処理にあたる放射線業務従事者(妊娠可能な女子を除く)が1回の緊急作業でさらされてよいと特例 で定められている放射線の限度。


So, how long Japanese government is going to be the threat to the healthy lives of the creatures around the world? Why one company is taking the responsibility of what happened? Maybe we can remember what the oil company did and how the government handled in the oil spill in Alaska.

I'm Christian and I know perps might claim my denying of suicidal people with heroic delusion as the sign of denying Jesus' voluntary death. My understanding is that he did not fight. He accepted what was happening against him and he acted so to fulfill the scriptures. He died once but was risen to heaven. I believe the Bible teaches people to stay away from trouble and it teaches people to escape from the area not suitable.

04 April, 2011

The information of the life 10km from the nuke plant and some link for the dead bodies

I found the dead body pictures. I'm glad to see they are not all buried secretly by the government nor became mutants from the radioactive materials. In Japan, people don't show the dead people, so the young generations cannot understand the damages what the older generation experienced. The exception is Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Because of the photos of the dead bodies, people can understand the importance of safety and prevention. I'm not on the side with the Green Party, but I think security issue is important for any politicians to keep their reputations.

Here is the link. (Not severe but quite picturesome.)

Here is the information of someone living within 10km from the nuke plant. He posted to famous 2ch BBS about his life. First, he got sick and runny nose. He complains that he gets headache when he jogs outside. And he says that there are some smells on the air and his clothes get the smell.

And a body with high-radioactive level found within 10km from the nuke plant. I don't know how the body got so high radioactive contamination. I hope the above man does not get that much sickness.

If you wonder why people still living inside the ares from where people should be evacuated, check out this article published on the April Fool Day. There are 29 people living in the 20km from the nuke plant. And 20 to 30km area got 324 people still living inside. The Defense department is just suggesting to move out by themselves and it is planning for the transportation and sending necessary goods. I don't know why they are still making plan for how to help less than 350 people in total.

防衛省は1日の東日本大震災に関する各府省事務次官の連絡会議で、福島第1原発事故で政府が避難指示を出した半径20キロ圏内に依然として住民29人が 残っていることを報告した。滝野欣弥官房副長官が会議後、記者団に明らかにした。政府は引き続き避難を呼び掛ける。屋内退避地区の20〜30キロ圏内に は、自力で避難できない人が324人残っているという。政府はこの地域について、生活物資の不足などを理由に「自主的避難」を呼び掛けており、今後も移動 の手助けや生活物資の支給などを行う方針だ。
Now the Tokyo Electronics is going to threw the seawater into the sea. The contamination level is 100 times bigger than the legal limit. This is the result of the effort from these suicidal people trying to spray sea water on the plants. Suicidal people are ready to die. Thus, they cannot think about the people who are not willing to die and make mistakes that can bring everyone down. Suicidal people cannot have the future plan for themselves and they don't know how far they can save others from their useless efforts. At least, it only helped for killing Japanese fishery. If they buried the plant already, then there should be no problem by now.

03 April, 2011

If you are in Japan, don't go out on next Wednesday (April 6th)

According to several weather forecasts, the wind blows to west in Japan. If you look at the graph from DWD, you can see that the radioactive will go through all over the western Japan to Okinawa. And if you live in the area north of Taiwan, you should be careful at the seaside. The forecast is not showing the perfect line of separating the dangerous zones. I heard Taiwan is considering this nuke accident serious, but I guess they are too late for the preparation. And the funniest part is for the anti-Japan Koreans laughing at the nuke accident. They can no longer laugh about the incident.

If you are thinking of taking an airplane on next Wednesday from Japan, don't even try. Your airplane will probably go through the middle of the radioactive materials flying on the air.

Today's church mass and the strange event

I attended a mass today. The benches are full, so I settled down to the back. I don't know why there are so many people for the mass. The church has Sunday masses several times and the one I attended was fully occupied. I saw there was a man in military uniform sat on the bench where I usually sit down.
During the communion, I saw him letting others to pass him and he remained in the bench. And people seemed to line up already for the communion. So, I tried to join the line. Then I saw the people sat on the benches at the back area before me started to line up. I let them join the line first. When I lined up, I noticed that the sudden slowing down of the line. Then I noticed another priest helping the mass brought an extra cup of the bread. He started giving the breads to the people just in front of me. Then I noticed that there were some others lined up behind of me later. These people include the military man who let others to pass at the bench. It was quite confusing scene to see as people just go up from the front bench to the last in the normal situation.
And there were many people who did not receive the communion but stayed in the back area of the church.

When I went out from the church, I saw two Muslim women with hajab and sunglasses standing at the entrance door. I never saw any Muslim people interested to hang around near the church. They had a large camera and they looked like tourists. I don't know if they are real Muslims or the fake ones just wearing like that for the disguise. I hope it was not for the set up of some conspiracy. Perps can bring anyone for the set up of the situation and they can claim whatever they want to spread rumors.

I'm writing what I saw at the church, so it won't count as false witness. If the perps make up stories from what they set up, then it will be called as so.

Tendency of gang stalking activities these days

At hotel/hostels:

  • Things moved from where I put to somewhere else. Sometimes, the thing was found as if I dropped to the floor.
  • Cheap stuffs got tampering. Like socks get stretched to make it deformed. Cheap but unique T-shirt missing. When I ask for the laundry service this happened twice in my life.
  • Children showed up with adults to stay even in a hostel. How often adult with kids stay in a hostel? I have seen it about 3 or 4 times already in my life. They could simply stay in a hotel with no extra cost for the kid on the baby cart. If they stay in a hostel, they have to pay for the full room and it often costs same as a single hotel room.
At church
  • When I sit down, the benches around me are quickly filled.
  • The people sit near the center alley can sing or speak the reply very well but they don't move from their seat for the communion. Basically, they block the path for the others on the bench.
  • Some beggars suddenly appears in front of the church for begging. I have not seen them when I started attending the church. Or some males often stay at the gates of the church for donations. They seem not to relate with the church as the priest can ask donations for specific reason such as for Japan.
And I found out this. The perps owning shops might be the retired army/law enforcement. These people might help the gang stalkers for the loitering and stalking activities inside their stores. They might help the local extremists to harass the newcomers to their city.

02 April, 2011

Japanese censorship on the disastor news

Japanese law enforcement is now eager to punish the people sharing the false rumors about the disaster. In my case, I share the information from other resources which are published in Japanese media already. So, I'm safe as I just quote from somewhere else or from my knowledge based on the different resources. Now the Japanese government's situation is much like what China does. The below article says that media without getting the permission from the government may be claimed as rumor or hypothesis. I don't know why they want to censor any hypothesis as the subject of punishment.


今後、原発問題で、官房長官、原子力安全・保安院、原子力委員会、東電等、関係機関が発表する内容以外の情報を流し たものには「デマ・憶測」として警察庁は摘発するとしており、事実上の戦時中の報道管制を敷いたことになります。


また、東電も独自に発表する数値が異常であるとして他の電力会社に検査を依頼するように指示されたと報じられていますが、半減期が短い放射性物質であれ ば、再検査の結果、検出されずとなることになります。

Some people wonder why there is no pictures of dead bodies from the disasters. Like Haiti, people saw many drowned people as the reality. I don't really know what is going on up in the northeast of Japan. Only Israel doctors were allowed to help the victims while the doctors from UK could not get the necessary permission for their helping inside Japan. Moreover, the security management of the plant in Fukushima was done by Israeli company. Do you know the game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R? It's about the Chernobyl aftermath creating new creatures and treasure hunters hunting down them. There might be some new creatures growing in the area because of the radioactive materials. Oh, I should not write such a hypothesis or my blog would be fined for the claim of spreading rumors.

01 April, 2011

How much workers get at Fukushima nuke plant? Offer is about 200,000yen per a day

I think people are interested to know how much these heroic/reckless workers earn for cleaning in the nuke plant in Fukushima. It seems Fukushima 50 people might not get the best offer for their effort. The workers are actually recruited from the companies related with Tokyo Electronics. They seem to be working for the offer of good salary. One article says that the man was offered 200,000 yen (about 2,375$)for the daily work and the actual job is only takes about 1 hour. So, it means the 1 hour work for that much money is quite attractive.

If someone wants to earn good money for a short hourly work, may be you should contact Tokyo Electronic for joining the heroic team. If you can work few days, it should pay out the flight to Japan for sure. I don't understand why Chinese are leaving from Japan. I think this is a good chance for them to make quick money. Seriously it's better than committing crimes in Japan and send back to China.

自衛隊や消防隊による決死の放水作業が「英雄的」と賞讃される陰で、誰からも注目されることなく福島第一原発に乗り込んでいる男たちがいる。それが 現在、復旧作業に当たっている現場作業員たちだ。彼らの多くは東京電力社員ではなく、下請け、孫請けなど外部の企業から招集されている。なかには「7次請 け」の者までいるというから驚く。

 仕事内容は、電源ケーブルを引く作業から放射能に汚染された工具の管理まで幅広いが、自ら進んで危険な原発に赴く作業員は少ない。福島入りを断 わったという新潟県柏崎市にある4次請け企業の作業員がいう。

「正直言って、私には自衛隊やハイパーレスキュー隊のような使命感はない。同僚の多くもそうだと思います。家族も心配するし、命をかけてまでやりた くない、というのが本音です」
 これは当然の意見だろう。それだけに今回の復旧作業では、なかなか人が集まらないのが現状だ。そのため作業員への報酬は急騰している。あるいわき市の 30代・5次請け作業員がいう。
「私は勤める会社から“日当20万円でどうだ”と提示された。普段の自分の稼ぎからすれば夢のような話だが、妻に泣いて止められ断わった。作業は1時間に も満たないというから、実質は“時給20万円”ですが、リスクが大きすぎる」


I found another article saying that the cable setup for the Fukushima Daisan (No.3) plant had offer of 1,000,000yen.

「いまはこんな状況なので、現場で働く人を集めるために、下請け会社の間では、日給15万だ、20万だ、という話が飛び交っているそうです。2、3 号機の最前線のケーブル引きの作業は、日当100万円という話もあった。

 もちろん、下請けの下請けにはそんなにははいらないんだろうけど…。何かあったときの保障があるわけではないから、それが高いかどうか。しかも家 族の同意書も必要だってさ。私の友人は息子が同意書を持ってきたから、泣く泣くサインしたってさ。拒否したら、息子が会社からクビにされる可能性があるか らって」


Bodies left in the area the disaster happened in Japan

So, once a disaster above the preparation happens, Japanese government no longer functions. That's probably because the politicians did not learn how to think by their own in the school. And the sectionalism and the management-type mentality leave anything exception to their normal work. Who is going to clean up these bodies? And why the government let the water pouring to the nuke plant? The water actually leaking to the sea. Maybe, it's better to let people die in the area and give all the cleaning tasks to the people who want to stay in the area. Isn't that what the government did when Hiroshima and Nagasaki was burnt down by the nuke hits? And I hope the Japanese living in the eastern part to stay in Japan. They can cause the radiation spread to overseas. The Japanese living outside of the country can get suspicion from having the radioactive contamination. It can cause more trouble in future if they keep their belongings when they got evacuate from the area. It might cause cancer to others in the long run. And the government will probably assist them to commit suicide in the homeless shelters or frozen to death in the evacuation centers.

A gruesome detail was revealed by Fukushima police today. They say up to 1,000 bodies of quake and tsunami victims have not been collected from the evacuation zone for fear that the bodies are contaminated with radiation and could harm visitors to the morgue.