30 November, 2012

The life of a saintly-figure - how to understand the hell in Munich

My life is Munich is quite bad. The gang stalkers are really wicked here. They used to have Nazis 60yrs ago and later the people trained by the ex-Nazis backed to the security job by the US support. You understand they got so ill-motivated on their harassment job and trying to make up the crime. It's just like I'm in the middle of war or something constantly harassed and my stuffs damaged. Well, it supposed to be the place with Catholics but the truth is so many Muslim perps and others who are just motivated to make their own goal achieved.

It seemed fine while I was just passively studying and working on my books. I go sometimes to the churches as there are many churches in the area. I know some sisters around as I got to know some churches in here and there. I have learned quite much about the life of the Pope Benedict XVI and the history of churches.

The perps seemed to be setting up the false claims like theft - they used the alarm set up and beeping at the entrance and exit. You can check the videos out in my blog. The perps seemed to be making the video with just using the security people checking my bag part and somewhat they use the handcuffed part from my video of SJSU - the day I went to the Homeland Security office to report the mobbing by the students and professors and ended as Dr. English-Lueck asking me to go to the anthro office and where I was handcuffed just entering there. The university police officers are claiming me suicidal and such. It's a typical elite crime of power harassment and sending the powerless out after enjoying the mobbing. It seems Germans have more appetite for that than the Americans here. They love stealing religious items - I got my rosary stolen twice. The perps here seemed to be wanting to make me look like a Muslim with traveling records to Islamic nations and wondering around. Yeah, I was on exile after I left Switzerland and tried to find somewhere to stay and checked some holy family's footprints in Egypt and lived in post-Yugo area where still the dangerous Muslims lived and got my pigeons killed and property damaged costing over 640€ loss. I hate Muslim extremists because of my first hand experience. What's wrong if I say it openly from my experience? I think some Serbians and Croats who lost their properties and dear ones there would say it as they like. And I believe Gospa is very merceful for helping people in needs and that is why I have devotion to the Croatian-style prayers.

What is the hell here in Munich? That's simple. People love to enjoy their status and life rather than the ethics an moral. When people are poor in the spirit, they don't know what is right. Barbarians have more value on the bravery and wickedness to express who they are with their might. This is really sick when they do it with their motivation on hunting down someone - like how they loved to hunt down Jews and minorities during the WWII. What happened to me? I got tons of psychological operation videos and how people acted together for the gang stalking. They do it quite simple; when they are asked to speak about the certain things, they speak out for impressing their friends. It's quite bad if they do it to someone harm-less like me. They can make up whatever the false records from what they can think of with their wickedness. Also, they would use their envy on someone to motivate themselves to harass the one. They can envy on a specific item or things and try to make up something and try to be superior than the one. They can damage the item with envy if it's cheap and they would claim it was stolen if the item is expensive. They also use jealous for trying to get attention on others and feel superior than their victim. They can hang around together and keep a strong tie for themselves and feel the GroupThink to do anything against their victim for taking it down as if playing a game together. They would say, "Let's take this person down this time. She is a Catholic, but from my study religion is quite simple and the belief system is almost same as Islam. We just need to take down a religious person who has a mental record (that one was made up by Dr. English-Lueck, SJSU police and such) and probably dangerous and we need to keep an eye on her all the time. If we take her down, we will be promoted." I am only aggressive with my writing as I'm a writer and use my camera to film their PSYOP and crimes. Before I swing my fist, I start filming them for the educated way of protesting and fighting back as journalist.

The perps' thoughts are really systematic as if they need to do their job done. Nazis used the similar mentality for taking out unwelcome people in their land to make some room and wealth for themselves. Blackhundreds in Russia had the same mentality for the insider job, wealth, power sharing. Welcome to the New World Order, we have no more equal opportunities and people protected by the police nor the government. We have the people who are in charge of controlling and sharing everything while others who they don't like are just used as puppets and their wealth and human rights ignored. Chinese might say they have the strong survival code in the education-war and social ladder. I'm a wanna-be hermit and I don't share something that aggressive and dangerous. Luckly, I got educated in anthropology, so I can see their culture quite well from my own study.

I saw seven deadly sins through my damages and the perps' harassments in Munich. I found the Muslims here looks very cheap as they are just part of the gang stalkers enjoying the harassment on the victim.

I followed Jesus enough since I was in San Jose 6 years ago till now. I became refugee and now I'm building my education and trying to settle my life while the perps continuously harassing me. I have no fear on martyrdom if the gang stalkers kill me with whatever the selfish reason. I never tried to commit suicide and I am always thankful for my life. I wish I can find a place with no such wicked people sniffing around and making up lies and false crimes. Munich is just like a part of the hell when I see those gang stalkers. But I always find myself comfortable in the church or trying to learn about saints. I've visited many places where saints' relics and other specious items were in the world. Here is what I saw last Saturday. Isn't that cool that I learned something about the bear on the Pope's sign?

Sometimes, I see what would be waiting in the heaven. And here is what you might enjoy and see what would be important for the Catholic church. I was extremely lucky to see the relic very close to me during the mass. Am I really wealthy to travel around? I don't think so. When I was in Amsterdam, someone took my wallet and I only had travelers checks and my passport. My ATM card and credit card stolen. I stayed in a hostel dorm room and then took a bus to Geneva where I asked political asylum and I was granted to stay in Switzerland for few years. Swiss government provided me foods, place to live, and such when I was in really need. Look at what happened to Japan now. I feel I'm blessed and glad my prayers protected me. I'm very rich in faith.

29 November, 2012

Around 500,000 people died between 2010 and 2012 in Japan.

There were two times since 1915 till 2012 Japan's population reduced. The first time was during the WWII, and the second time was from 2010 to 2012. It's only in two years Japan lost somewhat 500,000 people. It's not that many considering the worst scenario with the nuclear problem happening in Japan. But the death count is something only half of the number of the people died during WWII... Well, the graph says that it was in 5 years about 1,000,000 people died in the war. The latest depopulation is of only 2 year scale. You can guess what would it be in 5 years. I bet the death count is going to be more after 4 years as that is the period when the radioactive health problem would be more visible to the public. Everyone in Japan would be hospitalized from the cancer, I bet. And how many people actually died from radioactive intake??? Same article is posted in my another blog "Darkside of Japan."

Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1910 50,984,840
1915 54,935,755 +7.7%
1920 55,963,053 +1.9%
1925 59,736,822 +6.7%
1930 64,450,005 +7.9%
1935 69,254,148 +7.5%
1940 73,075,071 +5.5%
1945 71,998,104 −1.5%
1950 83,199,637 +15.6%
1955 89,275,529 +7.3%
1960 93,418,501 +4.6%
1965 98,274,961 +5.2%
1970 103,720,060 +5.5%
1975 111,939,643 +7.9%
1980 117,060,396 +4.6%
1985 121,048,923 +3.4%
1990 123,611,167 +2.1%
1995 125,570,246 +1.6%
2000 126,925,843 +1.1%
2005 127,767,994 +0.7%
2010 128,057,352 +0.2%
2012 (est.) 127,530,000 −0.4%
  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Japan, colored by the author)

The V2K perps were talking about Japanese women needs to have 2 children each and were saying that they really needs to make "police to decide who to marry with who." I don't know what they are planning, but there might be some UFO kidnapping and having children incidents might happen with the DNA of the Korean or Chinese parent. The V2K perps seem to be pro of Korean and Chinese marrying with Japanese. It sounds like what ex-PM Koizumi (pro Korea-Japan unificationist) and Mr.  Ozawa (pro Japan following China) politicians.

28 November, 2012

ZOS - Zone of Separation series

Have you heard the sitcom called "ZOS - Zone of Separation"? It's about the UN people working in a small countryside village in Bosnia and Herzegvina during the Bosnian War period. It's not really an action movie but more like to tell how people handled trauma and the conflicts among the natives and the UN people as well. If you know the history of Yugoslavia and how the insiders took the all the wealth, it's worth watching. The country still has the land mines even near Sarajevo, the capital city.

I lived next to the UN building in Sarajevo and learned a bit about the people working in the embassies and other organizations. The film shows how people accepted religion and the meaning of the peace in their own way. I guess that is what they needed to do in order to survive with their moral needs for their own while they must rationalize some part of ethical view due to their social activities in order to survive in the conflict. I'm personally on the Croatian side as a Catholic, so I enjoy watching the corruption of Bosinan as it is in the current country (sorry, but it is true for what happened to my damage over 640€). The politicians there is not that corrupted. I should add that one for people know me there.

It's free to watch from MyVideo.com.
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

27 November, 2012

Terrible headache

I had terrible headache yesterday morning and this morning. Recently, I wake up before 6am for the need to go to bathroom. It sometimes happened when the V2K perps wanted to make an evidence for themselves as I woke up early for the Muslim conspiracy. They said that they got X-ray surveillance technique so that they can check me waking up early.

The headache is quite horrible with slashing pain to the left cerebrum just behind my left ear. Also, I got some vibrating and high pitched but higher as if of the normal one they use to keep me awake. They said that they used the noise like the one comes from the blackboard scratching with the nail. I don't know if the pain in the cerebrum is related with such noise and vibration.

Is this related with the massive release of information on my Japanese blog? Or the joke I found interesting last night: The Munich cops don't have good English speaker to handle the crime happened to a English speaking tourist while the German high school diploma has a section for the English exam with requires good English knowledge. The conclusion is that the Munich cops may have less skilled than the high school graduate.

Or the another one: What is the difference of the taxi driver and the cop in Munich? A cop can drive a car, stand on the street for a long time, and they can work in the office. A taxi driver can drive a car, can calculate the bill. They both may not able to speak English though. That is from my first hand experience. Nowadays, I don't have problem only using German but it was like that when I came to Germany.

26 November, 2012

The two Asian perps from yesterday

I have been busy for the writing and such. I found someone in Germany doing similar job like me, Jonas Kyratzes. If I write for the journal, I might get better money. Hmmm, I might make some games if I have time. I don't know what would it be about my life after the Xmas. That would be something I need to think of later. My book would be published within November, so that is what I must focus now.

Here are the two perps who showed up yesterday.

Also, the Muslims who came near me. Well, I don't really like the way how the perps try to set up Muslim around me to get the fake evidence making like how I was with Muslim at U-Bahn station. Is this how the cops make up for the suspicious Muslim list even the target is not a Muslim? Yeah, I think Obama is right about targeting non-Muslims to save his own friends while there are Muslim extremists doing bombing and such under the police command or the intelligence backed-up. I've seen many Muslims working for the gang stalking in Germany, so I have no surprise why people believing 911 as Insider Job are oppressed and ignored. Muslims working with the police here.

18 November, 2012

I visited Freising yesterday. On my way, I saw three English speaking elderlies sat near me. They seemed to be from England from their British accent. These days, I often see people with "I (heart) London" logo among the perps. When I went to the church on top of the hill, I saw three Muslim-looking women taking pictures in front of the church. When I visit a large church, I often see Arabic speaker or those hijab wearing women. I don't know if that is very common in Germany these days. It just happens when I visit a large church. Here is the picture of those people.
The funny thing is that, there was a mass mentioning about the victims of the war at another church at Marianplatz. When I was there after participating rosary prayer, officers of firefighters, police and so on, came with a large flag. The preach was about the people and solders died from the WWII. I don't know if that event was held today, but there was no communion. I took the video as some others were taking pictures of the event inside. It was really funny while the priest talking about even 911 event and somehow Muslims are visiting the church these days in Germany. Are they OK like this? I hope the police informants don't practice the terrorism situation in the church using their Muslim members to participate as the terrorists. BND got some ties with UN building bombing in another country in the past, right? I'm learning about the suspicious activities.

16 November, 2012

Security logo guy and strange crowd showed up at an U-Bahn station.

Today I was thinking to take pictures of the houses where Hitler and Eva Braun lived. I never thought they actually lived in Munich. There are historical Nazi-era buildings in the city too, so I thought I can share some to entertain my blog readers. It would be much healthy checking out historical stuffs or cultural stuffs than reading all about the covert operation.

I took an U-Bahn and accidentally that one passed Ostbahnhof and realized that I took the wrong one. Then I made the same mistake when I went back to the station where another train is possible. The first mistake was made like this; when I arrived to there the train left and I had to wait more than 7 minutes and I accidentally took the wrong one as others were entering it. Then I went back and tried to take the different train, and this time, there were so many people waiting. I never though such crowds except at the Hbf and sometimes at Ostbahnhof. I was curious about the crowd and was taking picture and filming a video. So, I forgot to check the train name and it was again U-5. The funny thing was that the videos I took like that one and others like at Innsbruck was gone from my camera. It never happened to me. Only left in my MS was JPG files. I got some problem with the auto file opener of my PCs. My netbook doesn't have the option to open automatically with the choice of 'importing pictures' and my VAIO got option available if I right click the media. I tried to film something and shut the sliding part to power off while filming, but the file was saved. So, I have no idea why there is no movie file in my camera even I filmed in several occasions.

I went McDonalds at Karlsplatz today and there were few guys with gray hair stood behind me and they ordered several cups of coffee. The guy dropped some coins but he did not take them out and they were speaking in English. I thought it was a skit and tried to film them. So, that file was also gone. Perhaps I can regain the videos with the picture recovery tool later. I should take pictures of the situation before filming, huh? Or is this for the prevention of filming in DM, Tengelmann, Karstadt for their shoplifting claim with just alarm turning on???? I can imagine the perps are quite a lot in Germany.

So, here are the photos of the crowded U-Bahn station. I don't think there are so many people around noon except at Hbf or Ostbahnhof. I think I caught many perps in my picture today.

 And here is the guy with "SECURITY" logo I saw today. I wonder if he is a typical perp.

10 November, 2012







07 November, 2012

Karstadt and Tengelmann at Münchener Freiheit

I had some time yesterday to visit Nord See seafood restaurant and Tengelmann in Münchenter Freiheit. I filmed the situation to check if the alarms would beep or not. Luckly, I had no problem there. It was just funny why I got alarms beeped only during September and the beginning of October. I haven't visit Tengelmann for awhile because of the false beeping trouble at the entrance and the cashier. Maybe I try to film in Tengelmann in the area to check if they have the alarm working in a strange way or only at the ones near Ostbahnhof and Karlsplatz. I should return to Tengelmann at Karlsplatz with my camera on like this one for the revenge match with the false alarm though ;D

05 November, 2012

Communism is popular after Christianity

A graph says that the Bible is most read book in the world and the second is Mao-Tse-Tung's quotation book. Well, 1/5 of the world population is Chinese, and the most popular religion around the world is Christianity. Well, what happened to Islam and Buddhism, then? Well, I assume communism goes right after the Christianity. There are more people readying Harry Potter than Koran, and that sounds really interesting. Too bad for Gutenberg organization. Despite of their hardworking free book providing, commercial books are more attractive for the readers. I hope people buy my books which are quite unique and funny.

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World
by Jared. Learn about infographic design.

04 November, 2012

6 Japanese mayors died after the nuclear accident.

An article says that 6 mayors died from the heart problems after the nuclear accident in Fukushima. It sounds like Japanese are cursed, don't you think? So far, the heart-reated deaths are doubled in Japan. Now no one can persuade me to go back to Japan while the country is really hazardous for my health. Let the people die from the cesium and wait how far the death counts increase due to the radioactive materials. If someone wants to kill a particular person, he can just buy some foods contains tons of radioactive materials. No crime would be reported. See? It's dangerous to live in Japan.

UBS got some problem of the money handling, but I hope it only going on for a short time. People can live in the country side with minimum stuffs if they don't really look for everything available with the high technology.

原発事故後10か月で6人 相次ぐ現職市長の急死




死 亡したのは、埼玉県日高市長(73):心筋梗塞、新潟県燕副市長(58):閉鎖性黄疸、愛知県尾張旭市長(67):すい臓がん、栃木県那須塩原市長 (67):胸部大動脈瘤破裂、山口県長門市長(75):膀胱がん、大阪府守口市長(66):誤嚥性肺炎、千葉県勝浦市長(59):肺がんら。

さらに今年3月には福島県伊達市の仁志田晃司市長が急性の心筋梗塞で県立福島医大に救急搬送された。 (http://blog.livedoor.jp/home_make-toaru/archives/6697189.html)