18 November, 2012

I visited Freising yesterday. On my way, I saw three English speaking elderlies sat near me. They seemed to be from England from their British accent. These days, I often see people with "I (heart) London" logo among the perps. When I went to the church on top of the hill, I saw three Muslim-looking women taking pictures in front of the church. When I visit a large church, I often see Arabic speaker or those hijab wearing women. I don't know if that is very common in Germany these days. It just happens when I visit a large church. Here is the picture of those people.
The funny thing is that, there was a mass mentioning about the victims of the war at another church at Marianplatz. When I was there after participating rosary prayer, officers of firefighters, police and so on, came with a large flag. The preach was about the people and solders died from the WWII. I don't know if that event was held today, but there was no communion. I took the video as some others were taking pictures of the event inside. It was really funny while the priest talking about even 911 event and somehow Muslims are visiting the church these days in Germany. Are they OK like this? I hope the police informants don't practice the terrorism situation in the church using their Muslim members to participate as the terrorists. BND got some ties with UN building bombing in another country in the past, right? I'm learning about the suspicious activities.