26 November, 2012

The two Asian perps from yesterday

I have been busy for the writing and such. I found someone in Germany doing similar job like me, Jonas Kyratzes. If I write for the journal, I might get better money. Hmmm, I might make some games if I have time. I don't know what would it be about my life after the Xmas. That would be something I need to think of later. My book would be published within November, so that is what I must focus now.

Here are the two perps who showed up yesterday.

Also, the Muslims who came near me. Well, I don't really like the way how the perps try to set up Muslim around me to get the fake evidence making like how I was with Muslim at U-Bahn station. Is this how the cops make up for the suspicious Muslim list even the target is not a Muslim? Yeah, I think Obama is right about targeting non-Muslims to save his own friends while there are Muslim extremists doing bombing and such under the police command or the intelligence backed-up. I've seen many Muslims working for the gang stalking in Germany, so I have no surprise why people believing 911 as Insider Job are oppressed and ignored. Muslims working with the police here.