27 November, 2012

Terrible headache

I had terrible headache yesterday morning and this morning. Recently, I wake up before 6am for the need to go to bathroom. It sometimes happened when the V2K perps wanted to make an evidence for themselves as I woke up early for the Muslim conspiracy. They said that they got X-ray surveillance technique so that they can check me waking up early.

The headache is quite horrible with slashing pain to the left cerebrum just behind my left ear. Also, I got some vibrating and high pitched but higher as if of the normal one they use to keep me awake. They said that they used the noise like the one comes from the blackboard scratching with the nail. I don't know if the pain in the cerebrum is related with such noise and vibration.

Is this related with the massive release of information on my Japanese blog? Or the joke I found interesting last night: The Munich cops don't have good English speaker to handle the crime happened to a English speaking tourist while the German high school diploma has a section for the English exam with requires good English knowledge. The conclusion is that the Munich cops may have less skilled than the high school graduate.

Or the another one: What is the difference of the taxi driver and the cop in Munich? A cop can drive a car, stand on the street for a long time, and they can work in the office. A taxi driver can drive a car, can calculate the bill. They both may not able to speak English though. That is from my first hand experience. Nowadays, I don't have problem only using German but it was like that when I came to Germany.