16 November, 2012

Security logo guy and strange crowd showed up at an U-Bahn station.

Today I was thinking to take pictures of the houses where Hitler and Eva Braun lived. I never thought they actually lived in Munich. There are historical Nazi-era buildings in the city too, so I thought I can share some to entertain my blog readers. It would be much healthy checking out historical stuffs or cultural stuffs than reading all about the covert operation.

I took an U-Bahn and accidentally that one passed Ostbahnhof and realized that I took the wrong one. Then I made the same mistake when I went back to the station where another train is possible. The first mistake was made like this; when I arrived to there the train left and I had to wait more than 7 minutes and I accidentally took the wrong one as others were entering it. Then I went back and tried to take the different train, and this time, there were so many people waiting. I never though such crowds except at the Hbf and sometimes at Ostbahnhof. I was curious about the crowd and was taking picture and filming a video. So, I forgot to check the train name and it was again U-5. The funny thing was that the videos I took like that one and others like at Innsbruck was gone from my camera. It never happened to me. Only left in my MS was JPG files. I got some problem with the auto file opener of my PCs. My netbook doesn't have the option to open automatically with the choice of 'importing pictures' and my VAIO got option available if I right click the media. I tried to film something and shut the sliding part to power off while filming, but the file was saved. So, I have no idea why there is no movie file in my camera even I filmed in several occasions.

I went McDonalds at Karlsplatz today and there were few guys with gray hair stood behind me and they ordered several cups of coffee. The guy dropped some coins but he did not take them out and they were speaking in English. I thought it was a skit and tried to film them. So, that file was also gone. Perhaps I can regain the videos with the picture recovery tool later. I should take pictures of the situation before filming, huh? Or is this for the prevention of filming in DM, Tengelmann, Karstadt for their shoplifting claim with just alarm turning on???? I can imagine the perps are quite a lot in Germany.

So, here are the photos of the crowded U-Bahn station. I don't think there are so many people around noon except at Hbf or Ostbahnhof. I think I caught many perps in my picture today.

 And here is the guy with "SECURITY" logo I saw today. I wonder if he is a typical perp.