30 November, 2012

The life of a saintly-figure - how to understand the hell in Munich

My life is Munich is quite bad. The gang stalkers are really wicked here. They used to have Nazis 60yrs ago and later the people trained by the ex-Nazis backed to the security job by the US support. You understand they got so ill-motivated on their harassment job and trying to make up the crime. It's just like I'm in the middle of war or something constantly harassed and my stuffs damaged. Well, it supposed to be the place with Catholics but the truth is so many Muslim perps and others who are just motivated to make their own goal achieved.

It seemed fine while I was just passively studying and working on my books. I go sometimes to the churches as there are many churches in the area. I know some sisters around as I got to know some churches in here and there. I have learned quite much about the life of the Pope Benedict XVI and the history of churches.

The perps seemed to be setting up the false claims like theft - they used the alarm set up and beeping at the entrance and exit. You can check the videos out in my blog. The perps seemed to be making the video with just using the security people checking my bag part and somewhat they use the handcuffed part from my video of SJSU - the day I went to the Homeland Security office to report the mobbing by the students and professors and ended as Dr. English-Lueck asking me to go to the anthro office and where I was handcuffed just entering there. The university police officers are claiming me suicidal and such. It's a typical elite crime of power harassment and sending the powerless out after enjoying the mobbing. It seems Germans have more appetite for that than the Americans here. They love stealing religious items - I got my rosary stolen twice. The perps here seemed to be wanting to make me look like a Muslim with traveling records to Islamic nations and wondering around. Yeah, I was on exile after I left Switzerland and tried to find somewhere to stay and checked some holy family's footprints in Egypt and lived in post-Yugo area where still the dangerous Muslims lived and got my pigeons killed and property damaged costing over 640€ loss. I hate Muslim extremists because of my first hand experience. What's wrong if I say it openly from my experience? I think some Serbians and Croats who lost their properties and dear ones there would say it as they like. And I believe Gospa is very merceful for helping people in needs and that is why I have devotion to the Croatian-style prayers.

What is the hell here in Munich? That's simple. People love to enjoy their status and life rather than the ethics an moral. When people are poor in the spirit, they don't know what is right. Barbarians have more value on the bravery and wickedness to express who they are with their might. This is really sick when they do it with their motivation on hunting down someone - like how they loved to hunt down Jews and minorities during the WWII. What happened to me? I got tons of psychological operation videos and how people acted together for the gang stalking. They do it quite simple; when they are asked to speak about the certain things, they speak out for impressing their friends. It's quite bad if they do it to someone harm-less like me. They can make up whatever the false records from what they can think of with their wickedness. Also, they would use their envy on someone to motivate themselves to harass the one. They can envy on a specific item or things and try to make up something and try to be superior than the one. They can damage the item with envy if it's cheap and they would claim it was stolen if the item is expensive. They also use jealous for trying to get attention on others and feel superior than their victim. They can hang around together and keep a strong tie for themselves and feel the GroupThink to do anything against their victim for taking it down as if playing a game together. They would say, "Let's take this person down this time. She is a Catholic, but from my study religion is quite simple and the belief system is almost same as Islam. We just need to take down a religious person who has a mental record (that one was made up by Dr. English-Lueck, SJSU police and such) and probably dangerous and we need to keep an eye on her all the time. If we take her down, we will be promoted." I am only aggressive with my writing as I'm a writer and use my camera to film their PSYOP and crimes. Before I swing my fist, I start filming them for the educated way of protesting and fighting back as journalist.

The perps' thoughts are really systematic as if they need to do their job done. Nazis used the similar mentality for taking out unwelcome people in their land to make some room and wealth for themselves. Blackhundreds in Russia had the same mentality for the insider job, wealth, power sharing. Welcome to the New World Order, we have no more equal opportunities and people protected by the police nor the government. We have the people who are in charge of controlling and sharing everything while others who they don't like are just used as puppets and their wealth and human rights ignored. Chinese might say they have the strong survival code in the education-war and social ladder. I'm a wanna-be hermit and I don't share something that aggressive and dangerous. Luckly, I got educated in anthropology, so I can see their culture quite well from my own study.

I saw seven deadly sins through my damages and the perps' harassments in Munich. I found the Muslims here looks very cheap as they are just part of the gang stalkers enjoying the harassment on the victim.

I followed Jesus enough since I was in San Jose 6 years ago till now. I became refugee and now I'm building my education and trying to settle my life while the perps continuously harassing me. I have no fear on martyrdom if the gang stalkers kill me with whatever the selfish reason. I never tried to commit suicide and I am always thankful for my life. I wish I can find a place with no such wicked people sniffing around and making up lies and false crimes. Munich is just like a part of the hell when I see those gang stalkers. But I always find myself comfortable in the church or trying to learn about saints. I've visited many places where saints' relics and other specious items were in the world. Here is what I saw last Saturday. Isn't that cool that I learned something about the bear on the Pope's sign?

Sometimes, I see what would be waiting in the heaven. And here is what you might enjoy and see what would be important for the Catholic church. I was extremely lucky to see the relic very close to me during the mass. Am I really wealthy to travel around? I don't think so. When I was in Amsterdam, someone took my wallet and I only had travelers checks and my passport. My ATM card and credit card stolen. I stayed in a hostel dorm room and then took a bus to Geneva where I asked political asylum and I was granted to stay in Switzerland for few years. Swiss government provided me foods, place to live, and such when I was in really need. Look at what happened to Japan now. I feel I'm blessed and glad my prayers protected me. I'm very rich in faith.