01 December, 2012

The Russian mind-assassination weapon?

The V2K perps talked about the weapon that can make someone permanently mentally ill. What they said is that, they put the device through the victim's nose and damages certain areas of the brain just like what robotomy did in the past. Robotomy used to cause many people minor to serious retardation and the psychiatrists were not responsible for such. It sounds fun to have a licence to crash someone's brain? That's what psychologists and psychiatrists did. And during 70s to later, they used their patients for drug testing and the mind control via MK ULTRA and so on. Well, go back to the story of this Russian device, the victim might function for up to 4 days and then he might start having the memory problem such as the problem remembering the month or day. If the person cannot remember such a common sense, others sure can say that he must have mental problem.

I don't know what that device is, but sometimes V2K perps talks quite interesting things which is often true like the population shrinking with nuke effects in Japan and such. One time they talked about how they helped to throw people into water when the Tsunami came in 2011. They were doing that just following the theory of an emergency boat available and so many people trying to be on board. The perps share the knowledge with the local officers, so this might be what the informant survivors of Tsunami in the northern Japan shared. They also talked about the problem of the trees in the certain area that got so much radioactives. The land got certain effects as if of the bio weapon practiced. I don't know much about that one, but that news went through the V2K perps few days ago and they stopped talking for awhile.

V2K is just like chanelling. Only the difference is that the V2K perps have people who speak something to threaten or to make nervous to the victim.