18 December, 2012

The mechanism of the group leadership and the dictatorship

For the groups, they would tell like this: „We need to take the responsibility of the person. What can we do with him/her?“ And they decide to apply the harassment that is used and practiced by the gang stalkers.

The decision by the mass:
One person made the false witness and keep the record. When the group must make a decision, they will use the jury system to follow the majority. When more people agreed to the false witness record as enough evidence to believe, the victim would be guilty. The South style persecution which is used during the time slavery was a common practice.

For example, someone traveled to the Middle East, and she wore a hijab at that time for the safety. And a surveillance team took the picture of her with hijab. When they make a suspicion of her as a Muslim but no other evidences. One person would ask others about the fact of the picture and what others think. Then others will agree to claim the woman as Muslim. The responsibility of the decision is made by the group but they do not care if the truth is false or not. They do not have to take the responsibility, as they are the authorities to decide what to do with anything. The individual has no right in such a case. The group will get the money for detain someone as a Muslim to the concentration camp.

Nowadays, we have the people who are normal and can get work or education without harassment. Meanwhile others are oppressed by the local authorities and they are always harassed to be taken away from the society. We just have the strange system but not the slave but the people who are treated like untouchables. Unfortunately, they did not rewrite the constitution yet, so we have right to blame what is wrong with the society and the equal opportunity violation.

Xmas is coming and I hope I visit one of the best place for the Catholic to enjoy the eve. I never thought my life changed this much after ran away from California. I visited Loudes, Nevers, Sinai mountain, Antioch, 7 churches in Roma, 7 churches in Turkey, Vatican, attended the Papal Mass on the first trip to Vatican, Assisi and got communion from the Archbishop of the area, Medjugorje, Otok, Sinj, Maria Bistrica and other small churches in Croatia, Bayern to learn about the history of the Pope Benedict XVI, Markt am Inn, St. Galen, Einsiedeln, Guess where I would be on Xmas from this list :)