16 December, 2012

Vodafone clark with "Police" logo following me

I found the Vodafone Wifi stick does not get network availabe for about a week long, so I went to the Vodafone store. It was on Friday, I went to the Vodafone store on Leopaldstr 68. There was a tech guy specialized on USB stick this time. But my VAIO had the problem with the windows and the start up took so much time. After the restarting, the Vodafone software did not find a network. The clerk asked me if that stick belong to me or someone else. It was just strange to hear someone just ask me like that. I've been using it for quite a while. Well, I moved a lot, so I was not sure when I bought that one at that time. That supposed to be after I moved out from Shöllhammer family's flat - where my leather bag and the suitcase got zipper got damaged and my rosary I bought from Vatican stolen.

I lost the card with PIN, but the PIN is stored in the program, so I had no problem connecting the USB stick to the Internet. The problem is there was no network available, and that seemed a program cracked or the server problem. The store has a technical service but since I don't have the PIN ready, they could not check my USB stick for the hardware program. I asked them if they can call the Vodafone custoer service, so that they can get the PIN code. I did not bring the contract with me, but I could share my name and my ID for the identification as the customer. But they did not do that. The clerk asked me to go to the store at Marianplatz where I bought the stick. I wasted time there.

When I left the store, I saw the clerk with "Police" logo stalking me. I walked slower and made him walk ahead. He ended up downstairs at the U-Bahn station. I filmed them and then I saw him following me, so I left. If the U-Bahn station has surveillance camera recording the passerby all the time, they have the record of him following me from the downstairs. But why the guy with the "Police" logo stalked me and why there was a clerk like that in Vodafone store? Perps often wear FBI, Polizei, NYPD, NYFD logos.

After I bought a new USB Wifi stick from another company, I found the Vodafone USB stick program get the network shown as normal. Now I got only my netbook with not functioning touch pad.