23 December, 2012

Xmas is coming and some perps around (still)

Ok, last few days, I made few trips and now I'm in a town where I wanna cerebrate the Christmas. The trip wasn't that bad despite of taking trains and some funny incidents and jokes I filmed about DB. I could share them today, but I got too busy for tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Wow, we have Xmas foods here very cheep! I feel sorry about the people living in Zürich where they must pay almost 5 times more from where I'm staying. The living cost here is as same as in Egypt but we have Saturn, Rossman and other modern shops instead of the street vendors.

I thought of publishing my book before Xmas, but I was so busy for the trip and in the trains I had no chance editing my book. I cannot concentrate on the writing while I have so much interruptions like the perps sitting near me talking about genetics, robotics and such. That story would be shared when I got enough time.

I went to the Xmas market this evening after the evening mass. I saw some Japanese speakers in the area. I don't know why there were many Japanese men traveling around. It's just funny to see them losers who are just going out in male group. If they are the local perps, then they might have problem if I expose what happened in my video. If they are just the travelers, they looks like losers who could not go abroad in a couple on Xmas time. You know what I mean. Well, if they are bunch of Japanese priests wearing the normal clothes, I'm sorry for the mistreatment of them in my blog for joking.