05 December, 2012

3 beggers on the street and two suspicious pair

I was eating my takeout calsone pizza on the street while I was heading to a store. It was a bit hard to hold such a juicy pizza and keep walking, so I just retired to the entrance of a building where I could just stood and finish my pizza. I saw a woman in a black clothes from top to the bottom walking from the left. She was holding a rose. Then she saw a man walking from the right side and they just stood in front of a restaurant. The man was wearing a sunglasses. It's just strange to see someone with a sunglass at winter time except in the snowy mountain.

I was observing them just hanging around on the corner near me. I saw a Romanian or a Turkish type begger woman from the left and they started begging to the couple. They rejected giving money and then she started asking money to me while I was eating my pizza on the spot. She seemed bugging me, so I just started filming and then moved to another spot to the right. At that time, the couple left. They did not enter the store where they were hanging around in front of it. Usually, people hanging around would decide to enter if they were interested to eat something inside.

To the right, I found 2 more beggers on the street and just passed them and finished eating pizza. And I came back while I saw the same begger woman asking money on the street and walking very slowly toward me as if a zombie comming.

Some times, I see beggers like the guy with a bowler hut for the money just south of Dallmayr store or the one near the Starbucks and Nordsee just east of the train station. But I never saw 3 or more beggers on the street and some wondering for the money. Suspicious enough, huh? Here is the pics of those suspicious people captured from my video.

I saw a very funny homeless yeserday, and I will add that video later. That one was much impressive than those beggers normal clothes. Maybe the perps are making up the begger/homeless claim.