17 December, 2012

The rosary damage found on last Sunday

The gang stalkers like damaging and stealing my rosary. These people often hang out with police and also with Muslims. I think the Muslim and Soka Gakkai type cult members love damaging the religious items of their victim.

Here is my rosary picture. I fixed it, so it's perfect now. Check out the scar on the chain. I keep my rosary in the rosary case, so there is no way to have the chain broken without someone taking the chains off. I always carry this rosary every day and keep it in my bedroom. So, there is no way such thing happens if someone did that while I was asleep or something. There are some gang stalkers showed up in the churches during the mass but they don't take the communion. I guess whatever they do or talk to others in the church, what their group doing is very shameful for the Christians.