26 December, 2012

Merry Xmas!

I was so busy visiting many churches last few days for the Xmas events. I don't see so many perps besides often encountered some Japanese speakers and then Chinese groups.

I'm staying where John Paul II worked. I stayed one year at the place where the current pope, Benedict XVI, worked. You know, that is a good trip plan to visit where John Paul II was there. My mysterious trip started from the Carmel Mission where he made the personal prayer to the statue of Our Lady of Bethlehem, so I just give all the account of miracles I experienced so far to him. I'm not that religious and almighty and smart. Also, I give thanks and the credit to the saints who helped me when I asked help.

Who wanna visit Auschwitz today? Me! I'm going to bring my David Lawson's "Cause Stalking" book to take a nice picture there!!! :D