17 December, 2012

Islam vs Jews, and so on..

Benjamin Fullford, the ex-Forbus writer, often mentions in his blog that there are conflict between the Chinese Mafia (+ Sionists like him) and Nazis group (who are supporting Muslims like Palestine as they used to be anti-Jews).
I learned pretty much of such issues in Germany. George W. Bush is a good customer of Deutsche Bank just like the Bin Ladin's family. I encountered many gang stalkers (economic hitman or so called police/intelligence informants) here and found many Muslims working for them.

For the COINTELPRO, the cops use the opposing groups - for example, if it is a black reader, they bring KKK-type people for the harassment and put the one on the surveillance. They can make another group to oppose the targeted group with the government backup to crash it or replace it for the purpose of neutralization. For the student TIs, they would bring some people who can do better - by bringing people from advanced class or the ones already finished that level and making the sloppy lectures.

I found people who just sit in the church but don't take the communion. I think they might be something wrong with them. Well, if you see the video of St. Korbinian's fest in Freising, you can see the seats around me empty despite of the number of people inside. There were few people sat right side few rows in front of me as if to make the barricade between me and the relic on the alter. Normally, people sit in the top rows rather than on the back. That is one proof of what really the gang stalking in the church is. I'm sure the pope can watch it by himself if he wants to know what really going on in the churches in Munich. When I attended the Papal Mass at Vatican on the eve of new year in 2010, people who sat near me left and I got serious backache during the mass and that pain made me enable to kneel down on the floor. A typical electronic harassment for the people. I wonder if I say the gang stalkers are related with Muslims, what the US would do? There are a perp student who is from Tunisia but lived in NYC.

Also, there are perps who hate Switzerland for whatever the reason. They often target me. They damage my stuffs with swiss logo. Ok, today I figured out some screen damage on my old HP computer. The V2K perps said that someone put small pebbles between the keyboard and the screen, so the screen would get some white part that cannot function. When I start up, the damage was visible on the log in screen, but it was not really a problem with my Our Lady of Guadalupe background picture as it got some flash lights as if of those damages. I'm sure the Muslim perps here are doing that as they love harassing Christians.

What I found terrible is that the perps in the group like FBI's cell teams act together as each group. One group might be motivated for harassing the Muslim - with those "let's pretend the victim is Muslim as she traveled in the Middle East and speak Arabic." And another team would be thinking "let's pretend the victim as a prostitute and a homeless as she must have mental problem due to what happened at SJSU and there is no way to afford the living without working in a company or somewhere."

And now I found out why the 911 was possible and is claimed as the insider job.

There are Muslims engaged in the gang stalking and they act as if they are the local police. They act together for the surveillance but often cause damages in the local area and increase the crime. What if such Muslim perpetrators are engaged in the anti-terrorism and must get money from working on the crime? Without a crime, they cannot get a reward from the police. Due to the COINTELPRO, certain extremist groups are expected to be normal. Neo-Nazi is allowed to make a parade in the US and the leaders are often related with the FBI as informants and getting funded by them. Then what about the Muslims?

The gang stalkers' crimes are often ignored. What happened to the Muslims and their crimes on 911? Well, the FBI can find the suspects passport from the debris of the WTC on the next day of the collapse. Still, the FBI got some Muslim informants for the anti-terrorism. What are they doing? Trying to claim non-Muslim suspicious person and trying to become friend with him in order to claim him as a Muslim and to be suspicious? There are some FBI Muslim informants plotting the bombing and such by suggesting feeble minded Muslims. Just imagine why the cops cannot report all the crimes in the area and why they help the gang stalkers. Cops need crimes in order to get promoted. They can hire people to create crimes, so they got certain funding. Cops want promotion and money instead of being honorable to serve the citizens who don't really pay them nor make any profits to individual cops.

The V2K perps said that there are an informant per 100 people in Germany. But the number is better than Russia where the ratio is 1/7 and they want to reduce the number of non-informants. I think FB can help the global communication but also the cops and intelligence network for the global surveillance under the NWO. What about other countries? There are more informants and more crimes with police state like control on the citizens.

For the Catholics, they seemed to have some cults and the conflicts between some orders and ethnic groups. In my case, the V2K perps saying that the Koreans are paying for harassing me. I don't know if it is true but the Korean "anti-Japanese" extremists would be suited for harassing a Japanese, so I feel their comments quite reliable. They also said that they want to take my computer so that they can take all the data. They also want my Catholic bibles and especially the Arabic dictionary, which their Muslim perps want for the study. I don't know how much damages would happen in Germany, but Germany is the worst place in my life to get so much property damages. No wonder the Jews run away from this country when Germans started taking their properties and killing them. I'm still lucky to be alive here.