16 December, 2012

Children with the parents surrounding me at Odeonplatz U-Bahn station

Ok. I'm still busy but I have the Internet connection and some time to update my blog. What is my Xmas plan? Well, the readers would get a nice picture form one of the famous place in Europe for sure. I wish I go to Jerusalem if I'm not on the Mosad's suspicious people list.

I still got my Asus netbook with the touch pad problem, but I can use my Microsoft mouse which is blessed and get a long life for over 4 or 5 years. It might be blessed to be so functional without a problem as I went up to the Sinai mountain with my VAIO and the mouse. Perhaps getting the blessing by the priests for the computer stuffs might give longer life. Oh, yeah, I found my rosary got chain broken during the Croatian mass today. I don't know why it happened as there is no chain damage but the rings were not connected. But that is better than stolen like here in München I got my rosary twice stolen. Well, the people sat right and left did not get the communion just like usual. The man right side of me brought 2 kids though. When I film them like in Frauenkirche, then they might figure out they are bringing the perps to the long person.

Today, I often saw parents with children almost everywhere. At Odeonplatz U-Bahn station, I stood and waiting a metro and a couple with kids showed up and stood right side of me. So, I moved to the left filming the "parents" for the perp information sharing. There, another parents with kids came and stood left side of me and the woman saying like "hier, hier!" as if for the surveillance. So, I just filmed those "parents" and moved and entered the metro. That's what you can see on the video. The DB security teams can check out who came first and who came late with their surveillance camera. I don't know why perps using the kids for the harassment only for today. Perhaps, it relates the "pedo" scandal with BND in the past and those Catholic cults which are related with the CIA/ex-NAZIS experiments like in South America. Such info is written in the book like "New Phoenix Program." Michael Jackson lived in Munich, so you can imagine what they are doing here in some Kindergarten.