11 December, 2012

"Oakland Fire Department" and "One Hundreds is Huge" logo caps, "DB Sicherheit" red key string, and a Caritas guy

Today, I saw two beggers on the street. One is at Ostbahnhof and he was sitting on the floor. Another one was begging near the McDonalds at Karlsplatz. Here are their pictures. I don't know why there are so many beggers these days. Are they trying to get small money for their Xmas time?

In the metro, I saw a guy with "Oakland Fire Department" dark cap. He sat near me, and I noticed that one is quite rare as NPFD logo, that I have seen even in the refugee residence in Switzerland. Then there was a guy with a pair of sunglass and "One Hundreds is Huge" logo cap.

Later, I went to Aldi at Ostbahnhof and heard the alarm going twice while I was packing near the window. I filmed that scene but there was no third alarm. Aldi does not have the alarm checker at the entrance or at the cashier, so the perps cannot play the alarm machine to make someone look suspicious. I can check it out later for the alarm thing. Then I saw the man with "DB Sicherheit" red key string sticked out from his trousers' left pocket.

When I took the escaletor at the Odeonplatz, I saw a Securitas guy standing behind me.

Gang stalkers often use police, security, fire department, FBI, logos. So, I just collected the pics with those ones only one day. Enough gang stalking evidence? You decide;)