16 December, 2012

Two men at Burger King

Yesterday, I went to Barger King in München HBF early morning for the breakfast. I waited on the line and there were two men showed up and seemed skipping me. So, I filmed the situation and the guy with the glasses complained me of filming. I was sure they were perps because my camera is not really looks more like a mobile phone.

At my turn, one of the two guy started acting like flirting. He put his left arm on my right shoulder and I swayed it. I filmed them as they seemed to be suspicious and that guy started to say something really stupid for flirtation in English. Who wants to flirt someone who complained of them skipping the turn on the waiting line?

When I was waiting my meal prepared, there was some people inside of the counter crapping hands. Then a group near the window to the opposite side made a big crapping hands  and cheering for something. It happened before the guy flirting me waved his hand to someone in the back - behind the counter to keep the prepared burgers. I am assuming these people can do something like chemical or even spits to be added for the TI's meal.