26 December, 2012

My David Lawson's "Cause Stalking" book and the visit to Auschwitz.

Auschwitz is one of the most notorious place of mass killing on the earth. Well, there are more areas where people simply exterminated others for the Lebensraum and geo-politics. Srebrnica is another example and there are many more areas such mass killings happened through the human history.

Here, you can see what I brought with for the Auschwitz tour. I also made some cool videos for the TIs and gang stalking provocation. I'm kinda busy for next few days till the New Year, so I cannot say I have time to edit my videos for the posting.
The tour guide said that the Jews are separated from others at the arrival and was sent to the gas chamber. That was why their registration was not available. Well, I think that is one of the matter that Germans did just like to destroy the gas chamber at the end of the war. Well, it's amazing to know the characteristics of German intelligence's sensitiveness. People say they look a bit nervous and quite sensitive. I agree about that seeing and experiencing their gang stalkings. Maybe, the execution style might tell the national personality.
- Germans: They love following orders and rules. They make rules and use the tool without the mass killing by one's own hand.
- French: Make the killing as an art and history. Who created the head cutting machine?
- Briton: They use others to do the work for them. Remember what happened in India during the WWII?
- Serbians: They use their own hands as if of the martial art. There is a famous knife for the killing made in Serbia.
- Japanese: They probably kill people for some reason like the human experiment by the mad scientists.
- Chinese: They kill others so easily as 1/5 of the world population is Chinese. They don't waste the dead body and take the organs for the money making. Hopefully, they don't sell human meat in public just like the old time.

You know, it's better to study such national tendency of mass killing in order to learn how to prevent such thing to happen in the war time.


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David Lawson's book may not be available , but excerpts from his book are available in different sites.

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