03 January, 2013

Happy New Year! I got pains from the first day!

Since the end of the last December, I often got cold. Well, it is not that really strange to get cold or sick in the winter. Meanwhile, I got some perps around who are usually wearing something identical for their perp personality.

From the night before the Silvester, I got fever. The fever was from my head. And on the next day, I got fever around my throat. And coughing started only during the night. Well, then I found out my coughing is artificial as it does not continue all the day but only happens to disturb me like my sleep to keep me awake sometimes or to make me weak before trying to go out. And always, the coughing is like "cough, cough" just in two times. Natural coughing would have more variations.

People suggest me to see a doctor and some how there was a doctor when they had a party for the new year and someone suggested me to see him. Well, what to do with such artificial health problem? Also, I got some sudden spasm of the muscle on my right or left side of my neck. Also, it happens to the muscle left side of my abdomen.

Also, there is  funky V2K sometimes happening. They speak up "I'm Muslim" in Arabic. That's probably trying to make up the conspiracy using the sub vocal code reading and actually what they are trying to make me speak up is recorded. It's NASA's technology, right? Also, I got problem with my stomach, I cannot eat now. If perps want to make up stories for the claim of I don't drink alcohol nor cannot eat pork dishes, it's because of my stomach problem.

Well, one of the story I heared from those V2K perps: In Germany, the perps gets the points shared. So, everyone needs to make a same lie in order to claim someone criminal or whatever. If more people participate in that, they can get a very large achievement as a group. It's just like when someone got a food poisoning in a restaurant, it is not a big problem. But if there are hundred people get a food poisoning in the restaurant, that is a big story to tell and the restaurant must pay the compensation.

I might go to a spa resort for few nights if I really think of going to see a doctor. That's safer way to avoid the misleading suggestions like go back to Japan or such.