24 January, 2013

Today's perps in the church

I sat in the left side bench at the evening mass tonight. During the rosary, there were two Asian women in 20s came and sat on the bench parallel to mine to the right. Then some more people showed up. There were spaces in front of me and to the left behind areas, when my coughing happened. So far, no other people around got such problem. Then later, when I got coughing, there were not obvious following coughs from others. Only the time occurred was from the left behind area. But it was not that obvious today like yesterday or before. The Electronic Harassment team might be doing it really careful now.

The elderly Asian came yesterday and she sat on the same bench like before for the mass. She was alone. But today there were two Asian women. It's possible that these people would be in the group tour. I saw them taking the communion, so I did not film them.

There were three French speaking mid-age women sat in front of me. They sat there but did not take the communion. Because no body moved from that area, so there were some spaces on the aisle for waiting to get the communion. While we were waiting for the priest to provide the holy bread, I quickly filmed the situation and those three French women remained on the bench. There were only extremely few people who remained in the bench today. I wonder if the last film with the Asian woman with so many people not taking the communion and remained on the benches for few rows behind of hers would be really rare film in Medjugorje or not.

One incident with these 3 French speaking women was that my umbrella went missing. Today was rainy and I put my umbrella pointing toward under the bench in front of me and kept the grip on the kneeling plate. After the communion, I noticed that my umbrella was missing. I couldn't see the grip on the plate anymore. Then I checked under the bench in front of me. I found the woman sat in front of me stepped on my umbrella and I had some power to pull it from under her feet. I don't know why such thing happened and how I did not notice when the grip part went missing from the kneeling plate. Well, anything suspicious should be recorded as the fact.

And there are often the people who pray rosary in the foreign language but they can speak Croatian well. I don't know why these people often sit behind of me. It could be another trend here.