23 January, 2013

The strange coughing chain reaction

I experienced strange coughing chain reaction. It happens like when there are some people around and I start coughing, another person around is highly likely to cough as well. The coughing symptom has two types. One is that I got some runny nose going down the throat and I need to cough it up in order to prevent it get to the lungs. It's like the slimy liquid and it's hard to cough it up. Another type is the itchy sensation on the left side of the Adam's apple. Because of the itchiness I need to cough.

In the church, I found that there are some people coughing after I started to cough hardly. Today, I found a person sitting far right back. The person was coughing hard like me. It happened after I started coughing right away. Later there was a person to the far left front started coughing lightly. So, it was just like the lined spots from the right behind to the left front someone was coughing.

It was not only the case today. There was a woman sat right side of me. Although I had no problem of coughing, she started to cough hardly and took a candy out and had it. Then she left the seat and moved to somewhere. Usually, people don't leave the church during the mass if it is only the coughing problem and can be ceased within minutes.

This afternoon, I was out. When I started coughing, there was a woman nearby also started coughing hardly. I don't know what made few people coughing together like this way. I might voice record the coughing incidents for the further research of electronic harassment.

Some people would say V2K does not exist. They'd say the sub-vocal cord or vocal cord jacking won't happen with the current technology despite of what the NSA can do with the RNM and the BMI. If the people get enough information about these strange issues, they would get aware of it like the FFCHS' popular billboard about the "Big Brothers are watching you"