19 January, 2013

I recovered from the strange coughing problem

Last couple of days, I was a bit busy. I moved to a new place which is a rural area and more of the Christian population with less foreigners. It's amazing to see some famous pilgrimage in the middle of winter as there is only few tourists and they seemed to be coming from nearby. No Asians I have seen. Thank goodness, no more strange group of Korean speaking people who might have some Japanese knowledge.

Let me talk about what happened with those bunch of Koreans. There was a suspicious man looking like a large head with a bit mainland China cheek to chin feature. He was wearing a camo vest with lots of pockets as if of the military store selling one. Under it, he wore a plain T-shirt. He wore a boxer-like thin blue short pants. The funny thing is that he wore a leather edgy brown shoe with such outfit. Well, everyone can tell that he has a bad fashion sense. He had a boxer head gear despite of his little fat and short body figure. Who needs to travel with boxing head gear and such thin shiny blue pants? I don't think he is a professional boxer. If he wants to be one, he supposes to have a flat belly first. And he looks to have very short arm length which is important to be a boxer. Perhaps, he might be a gym assistant or some security worker with a bit of boxing experience on his regime.
There were some snowy days, but he did not own a pair of boots but that old leather edgy brown shoe and a pair of sandals. Who would just wear such clothes in winter and hanging around on the street? Well, my first impression was homeless when I saw his shoes. When I was alone using the Internet and he showed up, he was always speaking alone like "ah." "um.." and talking something foreign language I don't know. I know a bit of Chinese due to my friendship with the Taiwanese and Chinese classmates at SAL in SJSU, so I understand a bit if it's Chinese. Also, I do recognize a bit of the difference of Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Peking dialect from my past experience. That creepy guy was speaking something else. He was making very short speach like "xxxx xxxx" or "xxx xxxx xxx" and I had no idea if he is shouting a specific noun or something like complaint. If it comes with popular subject or prepositions, I can recognize it as Chinese or not. You know, I was sick and I just ignored him. I had no energy to record his strange activities at that time. I was that sick. I only filmed with other Korean speaking perps and some Asians from Malaysia or something. And at the time I saw him siting on the bench outside of my room and in front of a bathroom. The lightning was good at that time and I could take the best film for recording his face. One time he was throwing away the contents from his plastic bag and he was speaking alone in front of me. He seemed to say "なんじゃこりゃ?" (what's this?) and thought he might be one of those Japanese born Korean who lives in the area with dialect. It could be Chinese if he was just shouting a noun, but I could not get the specific 5 phonics pronunciation change in his speech, so I assume it was not Chinese.

I could share those Asians in a group, but I wanna just update the Korean perp list as I forgot to add the 4U Hostel strange Korean group who showed up with and asking where is McDonalds. McDonalds would got Wifi, but the hostel also had one.

I have time here, so I finish my book.

UPDATE on Jan 20th, 2013. Here is his picture. He might have some sweatshirts and trouser.