23 January, 2013

Brave New World under the New World Order

Here are some example of what is going on under the social reform under the New World Order

- People's brain activities are monitored and sometimes manipulated by the Remote Neural Monitoring. The device is called as "聴神器" in Japanese and it means the device to bug the nerves. The same device is used all over the world and the NSA / Pentagon has the control of the people in the US and Europe.

- The insiders stick together and get the privilege as the friends of xxx. They know who is not an insider by how who is not showing up to their regular meeting. They also have the network of certain interest groups such as a religious organization (cults), sports clubs, PTA, community watch, etc.

- When someone brag about something, the people monitoring via RNM might make fun of the person by crashing his or her pride about it. For example, by accident, or failing for that. Their purpose is keep everyone oppressed and not to be proud of something. They like humble people as the monitors have no skills or stuff that the one is proud of. In some occasion, they might make the person to feel really positive about it. The one would feel it as really good and gives some positive points about it.

- The insiders have relationship with police and intelligence. They might have the retired police officers and secret services. They would patrol in the local area to take out the certain individual on the black list. This is exactly what the FBI agents and informants do, though. Also they might go abroad and help the insiders there just like the normal spies do.

- They hate people hating something. They accept some group of people to hate a certain thing. But if it is a target on their black list, they would bring some people who like it and these people will complain about the target for hating it. Think about the politicians and who would be a threat for the state.

- The target who has something to like would be criticized by the people who also like it. They would bully the target by questioning his knowledge, skills, etc. The insiders are the ones who remain the main stream of checking how to like it or how good enough about it.

- When someone is a trouble to an insider, the insider would put the one on the black list and let him or her to be harassed and get artificial misfortunes till possibly the end of him or her life. This is the same way like how the FBI candidates are taken out after they complained to the lecturers, the wrong people to be enemies.