08 January, 2013

I went to hospital today

Nothing is better than going to a hospital to talk with a doctor when there is no other way to get rid of coughing. I met female doctors who speak English and the communication was excellent. I told the symptoms and asked if they need to take blood test, X-ray, and so on. They gave me the normal anti-biotic and some cold medicine prescriptions.

Well, at least, I have to stay like this for few more days. The good point is that I have a real excuse to remain in my bed for next few days.

So far, I saw some Japanese travelers and some more Asians here. But those 2 Japanese men seem to speak Korean or something else and one of their face is much like of Indonesian. I wonder if they are part of the gang stalkers on surveillance. They often call their friends for adding numbers to the area. I don't know some people just hanging around here. In my case, I'm too weak now. Well, now I got advantage of checking what they are doing here.