27 January, 2013

The missing rosary part found!!!

I went to the Cross Mountain this afternoon. Just like yesterday, it was sunny and a bit windy. On my way to the mountain, I bought a new rosary with Međugorje logo and the local Virgin Mary picture. I asked the shop clerk if they can fix a rosary. The clerk said the she can fix it but she does not have beads. So, I was thinking to look for the merchants who are crafting the rosary at home. I've seen some shop owners making rosary in the shop and waiting for the customers. It was few years buck, I asked one of those people to fix my Our Lady of Guadalupe medal chain in order to put it on my necklace. I think you can find that post in my blog.

On my way, a woman started talking to me from behind. She asked me if I'm from Japan. I told her that I came from Switzerland. Then she asked me which part of Switzerland and such. She told me that she lives in Međugorje and her name is Marie-Merrie. She can speak English, Italian, and French. Her facial feature is more like French.  

I knew it was between the 5th and 9th station of the way of the cross where I lost the part. So, I walked up to 5th station and started searching for it. You know, there would be few people already went up the mountain, and the possibility of them doing something to do with the fallen part from the rosary was a bit possible. However, I thought it would be still somewhere up there as that is not that valuable and people cannot do anything for only that part. What will you do if you find a cross to few beads from the rosary on the ground? Perhaps you would put it aside from where people would step on. I don't think people will bring it down from the mountain if they want to keep it on the stone or somewhere there for what ever the reason. I thought that was another possibility. But it was unlikely that someone just throw it. I lost it yesterday afternoon and I went back to check it out this afternoon. There should not be people collecting garbages. Indeed, the bathroom near the church seems to have some trashes on the tile left for few days. These days, people seemed not cleaning everywhere like in the summer time.

I went up searching rosary. I tried to climb up taking the left side, so that I can check right side searching on the way down. When I arrived at the 10th station, I filmed for the record. Then I went down. I had no idea how this whole going back to the mountain happened on the next day. I prayed at the cross for thanking my opportunity to visit there again and wished to go back again another time. Saturday is for the day to visit the Aspiration Hill and I felt it as an irony to visit the mountain instead and for the different reason than going up to see the cross. Some people leave the religious items in the mountain or the Aspiration Hill, so I was thinking how the missing part of my rosary would be counted as one of those religious item left at the holy site.

When I was walking down thinking about where to ask for fixing the rosary, I found the missing part. It was kept on the very visible place near the rocks. I don't think people would step around that area and it might be done by someone, or even a perp not a German, who went up early. I filmed where I found it and such before taking it up. It was just below the 9th station. It's quite amazing how I get some interesting experience almost every time I visit Međugorje. What I can say from my experience is: use the rosary with string for the attachment of the beads instead of the rosary with chains for the attachment. I don't know when the part came off, but swinging it on the road might make the chain loose. And my spiritual learning from this incident would be: pay attention to the station from 5th to 9th - like how Jesus got help from others and he fell on the way, buying a new rosary at Međugorje might be good for reviewing and reading the teaching from Međugorje and the participation, a rosary with string with wood beads might be better for the outdoor use, people should not put the groves and pray rosary outside like in the mountain.

There are few people going up bare foot. I saw a Italian speaking elderly woman with a new pair of trekking shoes and a blue cane. She was really fast walking and it was just amazing to see her going down so fast. I bet the mountain is really a sacred place for sure as I saw people going up and down so easily and no harm from trying it. In my film, she was somehow hiding between trees, so don't be surprise.

Here is the miraculous film of how I found the missing rosary part. 

There was a Korean group in the evening mass. Few people from them sat on the bench behind me, so I moved to the bench behind a sister to the left. Then few sisters came and sat left side of me. I found a good spot where people on my bench all take communion.


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