28 January, 2013

The two women who sat right side of me and did not move during the communion

It's cold these days, and I attend the mass only at evening. However, almost everyday I found the people who do not move from their seats during the communion sitting on the same bench. The only exception was when I sat next to sisters. If they remained on the bench, I would be glad to film it for that suspicious phenomenon going on in Medjugorje.

Here is the video from today's mass. The two women did not move from the bench as you can see. I don't know why the people who sit next to me don't move. They actually took the holy bread when the friar came around. So, they are Catholic who are not expelled or not allowed to take it. But if they do that, the circumstance looks like an typical American comedy. I can film these people everyday, and in a sum I can make the collection video of those people just like a comedy of perps. Somehow, I feel the location is really good for making such comedy here.

The V2K perps told me that they have no penance rite, so they usually do not take it. Now they are taking the bread, so I guess they supposed to have the penance rite while they are doing some suspicious activities in the church.

Since yesterday, the Korean priest is serving at the communion. He was serving in the middle aisle and giving the breads to the Korean group as well as others. And today, he was serving on the row I stood yesterday. The priests might be doing it randomly but I noticed it today.

After the mass, I went to a big grocery store called Namex toward the Cross Mountain. There was a car with France number plate parked outside and someone went in while the driver was inside of the car. I was thinking to buy a pack of raw čevapici, but there was only one pack in the counter. So I did not buy one. I got a kitchen that I can use in where I stay now. So, I have some ways to save money here. And the mayonnaise pack I often buy got only one pack available. It could be just a coincidence, but seeing strange people in the church, I'm trying to be extra cautious. In the store, I saw an Asian woman who was wearing a black plain cap with a black pony tail. I saw her in the church last week with the French group, so I thought she came with them. There are two Asian women in the church - one is the old woman who sat behind of me and did not move from the bench and that incident I filmed, and another one is this woman who wears a black cap even inside of the church and during the mass. I haven't see her in the mass for some times, so I thought she already left with the French group. She might be a resident here as she bought a box of frozen pizza. The hotels and pansions usually won't let the guest to use the kitchen. But sometimes, the pansions let the guests to use their kitchen upon request. So, I'm not sure if she has a private accommodation or even a house here.