31 January, 2013

Today's evening mass

It's really cold here. I need to use the heater at night to make the room warm and keep not my teeth making noise while the jaw shaking. If it's not that cold, I could go out from the morning without worring about catching cold. So far, my aim to be not catching cold is working. I don't overdo anything outside nor going out without concerning warm clothes nor getting healthy meals.

I went to the evening mass today as usual. I was in the church before the rosary praying, but nothing much happened. I stayed back of the church and not so many people attending today. I saw some Koreans showed up but not in the group. So, I guessed that they came together with the badge for the group visitor but they have free time for doing their activities instead of going out all together.

Today, I saw something funny. The Korean visitors sat on the center two benches instead of sitting in front of the Virgin Mary statue. I was in the row back of that area, so I could see what kind of people sat on the front benches. The Koreans spaced some and they did not occupy the bench packed like yesterday. So, they just got some more of them sitting on the back. I saw the center to the right benches were filled with Koreans till the middle area.

Then I saw the man with the yellow Jack Wolfskin jacket sat on the same bench as yesterday with some Korean boys and one of them was wearing a thick black glasses. There were less Koreans showed up today. While the middle two benches are filled quickly, not so many people sat on the rows in front of the Virgin Mary statue. It seemed a bit unnatural, so I thought the Koreans were informed to do some gang stalking works. It would be possible that the remote mind control of the civilians by the secret police would be another reason. If you want to know what it means, check out what happened on the fest mass of St. Korbinian in Freising. I sat on the left side are and there was a huge screen hanged forward. I saw few people came and sat on the chairs to the right front rows but no one came to occupy my front nor other areas. When I saw the view of the area of my seat on the screen, there were many rows of empty chairs behind me to the back. However, more people sat to the back rows and the middle area were empty. Usually, people will go to the front rows near the big screen instead of hanging around on the back far from the screen. I don't know why that happened, but that was how it happened on the fest day. And I am not sure why there are people around me not taking communion but remain on the bench. I guess, the Korean guy who sat next to me might be one of those perps. My assumption is backed up by few facts; when I went to the rosary prayer on the first day, there was an Asian woman sat behind of me and praying in unknown language and the people on her bench did not move for the communion; the Italian woman who sat next to me did not take the communion - Italians are the creatures which first appear in the church events in Europe and they include the priests and very devoted ones, and it was just impossible to see an middle age Italian visiting the mass and not taking the communion, the number of Korean travelers showing up in Zagreb and then here in Medjugorje again to see them so many.

I'm assuming that the yellow Jack Wolfskin guy sat on the same bench to make up the story that the gang stalking team might be there as natural and he can claim that I came and sat on the seat another time. Well, the surveillance team can also make up the story by using today's security video as the one from the day before he sat next to me on the bench. There are possibly only two people in the church wearing Jack Wolfskin jacket - I and him. If it is in Germany, there would be bunch of people with Jack Wolfskin jacket in the church though. There are too many things happened so far in Medjugorje, so I guess I add this for more than coincidence possibility for the gang stalking activity evidence.

So, here is the pic of him. Look at the Jack Wolfskin jacket.

I don't know what kind of the Korean group they are or which Korea they came from. The group has a woman with a boy around 10 to 12 years. His height is 1.2m or something. They did not engaged in the gang stalking activity like hanging around near me like the Croatian speaking people with kids these days. Also, there are some young girls but they are very short like around 140cm or smaller. The group possibly came with a Korean priest with a short black hair who was participating in the mass.