01 February, 2013

Some notices on the evening mass

I checked the electronic notice board near the information center yesterday night, and it said that there would be no Korean mass from 9am from today. So, I was expecting that the Korean tourists might be already left. However they came at the evening mass. Some of them were attending the rosary prayer today just like yesterday. Unlike yesterday, there were some of them sitting on the benches in front of the Virgin Mary statue and some of them were eagerly praying at the statue after the whole event. I don't know what made them not to do so yesterday. It would be really an interesting security video the church might got from past few days. I only kept some films for my own sharing to the TI community.

I saw the fat Korean man who was in the bench where I sat and he tried to sit next to me before. This time, he was on the bench very front near the music people. So, he only sat on the back the day before yesterday and yesterday. I filmed him and another Korean who were there for the evidence today. I think I should film them yesterday for the gang stalking activities though..

As the church was packed up with people, it was a bit hard to film them before the mass or during the mass. But I was thinking to film them any time if I find a chance. Somehow, he took off his yellow "Jack Wolfskin" jacket and the guy next to him also did that. There were people taking off their jackets only around him toward the right behind area. I don't know why only today some people including those Koreans taking off their jackets. I filmed them with no jackets but that might be something as a clue of why some people to my right back coughing when I cough. It's like such synchronized events occurs in the linear way - from the statue of St. Francis to the music bands. Well, if they did it without any proper reason, they might be under the influence of the remote subliminal mind control. Isn't this much fun for investigating than those visionaries?

I've been sensitized by the Koreans in Germany and in Zagreb where there were Japanese men who were speaking unknown languages probably Mongolian or Korean. And now, there are a large Korean group showed up in Medjugorje. I think I can just do the "cause and effect" reaction to the stimuli from the psychological operation typical in the gang stalking. If they want to blame me of filming and sharing, I want them to read my German blog and this blog with the lists of so many Koreans showed up in Germany to Zagreb. I think 4U Hostel one got quite a large number of Koreans showed up.

And here is the video from yesterday. I'm filming those for the evidences of gang stalking activities in the church.