23 February, 2013

Some funny incident today

It's already Saturday, but I think I post about the things happened yesterday.

Well, I went to the Cross Hill yesterday and climbed up about 30 minutes faster than the official prayer group. At the first, there was a boy trying to walk in front of me, but I tried to ignore him. There was a problem like if he is in my eyesight, I got a bit less conscious as if the person get a magnetic device behind one's ears to get one's direction controlled via the satellite. It's tested in Japan and was on the news. So, people can check the video on YouTube about it. So, it was like the way of choosing the pass was unconsciously decided. So, I tried to look only the feet and the problem disappeared. The V2K perps were saying that the perps bring kids in order to get money and the child-molester/pedophilia claim using the eyesight monitoring surveillance - just like what NSA does. So, they frequently showed up.

When I was walking up, there was a Polish group with a sister going up together as if the same tempo. Also, there were two teen girls came from back. And often a woman from the Polish group stayed near me while I was walking behind from them. I filmed them for the evidence. I might share it tomorrow.

While I way walking, the V2K perps tried to make think "I'll give my computer" in Japanese. The perps seem to steal my bag with computer later with the belief that I want to give it away. Also, they said that they gonna use the age issue for the harassment when I moved to another place later. So, this is a prediction of the future skit by the perps. The Japanese perps would say, "Obasan" and that would be used by the local perps. Japanese dialect speaking perp uses the words like "ザック" for the backpack and "火遊び" for the nightlife entertainment. He seems to be old and using very old-fashioned Japanese words like in 70s or 80s. When they describe a crazy person as "頭にプロペラが付いた人" (someone with a propeller on his head). I might be able to write up his or other country bunpkins sentences. These people might pick the words in different languages and translated it into Japanese for the convenience. They seem to have the voice to text translation software.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The regular perps were laughing with a specific phrase: "Oh, no, it's a rotten apple pie. And it's still a rotten apple pie." The speech was made in a specific style - British English? or military accent. I can upload the mp3 version recorded by my voice to mimic it.

At the top of the Cross Mountain, I tried to practice the meditation used by St. Clare. I laid down facing the blue sky and posed like Jesus on the cross. When I was reading the prayer from a book before doing that meditation, I heard the "baa baa" sound from a sheep. There are some sheeps kept by the schepards down the mountain, so I thought that was normal. While I was meditating, I felt completely in peace. There is no traffic noise nor prayers as I was a bit far from the cross monument where people gathered. Then suddenly I heard the "bang" noise - probably of a flat tire of a car from somewhere. It reminded me of the noise when Jesus died. It happened like just as normal. You know, everything is coincidence. But the way how that happened made me satisfied to get some inspiration to think about my prayer and the quality of the prayer. There is no meaning of hearing sheep baa-ing or the flat tire loud noise. But I got some sense how it would be to hear a noise when I would be on the cross. Besides the perps, I think I got some good memories from my pilgrimage. There were huge crowd outside the church from many pilgrimages. I saw Russians and Polish groups today. Then I found out that the too many people make the perps impossible to do the skits regularly. That would be why I did not notice the active gang stalking in Medjugorje.