02 February, 2013

Korean Group Part 2: Return of the Koreans - today's mass at the church, more events in one single day.

At the church, a woman sat in front of me and later a man and a young boy came and the boy sat right front of me. The people to his left moved and a boy and a girl came and they occupied next to him. They seemed to know each other well as if family members. Later, some people with two young girls came and they sat on the bench behind of me. I thought they were doing the child-molester/pedphilie conspiracy on me as a part of their gang stalking activity. The young boy was often looking back as if he was asked by the parents for his gang stalking job. The kids who sit front of me often do that. After the rosary praying, I moved from that area, then I started to get stomachache. It was like the gas pushing the intestine as if expanding my belly area.

After the mass, I went to the bathroom, and there was a man standing outside. When I went out, I saw two women with a very small girl with them talking with the man. When they saw me, they started to leave from the front of the bathroom. I was inside for quite a while due to the stomach pain, so I don't know why they stayed so long time inside, I mean the two women and a girl.

Then I returned to the church and sat very back seat. I saw Korean still sitting on the benches to the left from the center aisle. Later, when the event is finished and the Koreans were leaving, I filmed them from my seat with my digital camera. While I was there, an elderly woman sat next to me asked me in English some questions. I don't know why some people ask questions so often to a stranger though. She asked me if the church has the sacrament presentation today or not and such. I filmed one of her questions and my reply as she kept asking me some questions.

Oh, I forgot to say. In Medjugorje, the perps sits near a TI often do either of these rosary praying during the rosary prayers from 5pm. 1. The perp will pray in a foreign language such as Korean or Italian. 2. The perp might pray in Croatian as others do, but he or she will pray out of tempo like the others praying together, so that the TI will get confused to have some difficulties praying in one's way. These perps who sit next to the TI or the back of the TI might pray quite loud to give more effect. And those perps praying in foreign languages can actually speak Croatian or pray in Croatian also. I'm studying about these perps. There are 4000+ residents in Medjugorje, so it would be easy to identify them. In the film, you can see a woman behind is kneeling down and praying a bit quickly than others in a group.