22 February, 2013

Feb 21st - gang stalking watching at Medjugorje

As usual, there were couple of certain phenomenon going on here. I can list them as the normal skits by the perps.

- kids surrounding me. they often shout "mama" not papa and makes noise. If a kid sits in front of me, he will very often look back and stair at me.
- Asian groups or individual near me. I don't know who they are, but there are still some Asians staying around. I saw a bold old Asian man who visited the Cross Mountain group prayer 2 weeks ago. I don't know if he came with other Asians or alone. And the Asian woman with the Peace Group yellow bag is still around.
- An individual who prays rosary in a foreign language loud.
- The perps who sit on the same bench with me but not willing to take the communion till I start filming them. I got nice example from today's video. Check it out.

Now, tell me if I am a mental disease or being surrounded by the gang stalkers who are engaged in the PSYOP with psychiatrists who can create a program for the sensitization to cause mental problem. In my case, I studied social science fields and knows culture and psychology quite well, so I can analyze the norm and the phenomenon occurring to me. Some people wrote about Medjugore, so I think I can write about the gang stalking activity in Medjugorje from my experience. It's not religion but the information about the area.