14 February, 2013

Sleep disturbance

From last couple of weeks ago, I have sleeping problem. I could hear the high pitched tone as if of the noise in the eyeware store. I mean the ultrasonic type glass cleaning machine. Also, the V2K perps tries to talk to me continuously and sometimes makes me to speak up what they say with vocal code jacking. US Army already got brain jacking technology and the NSA can search the brains of all Americans and some people in interest remotely. So, I can tell that it's not a matter of psychological problem but something about the military and intelligence doing.

The Japanese V2K perps sometimes use the technical words like "カ軍" to refer the US Army, and "カ空" for the US Air Force. These V2K perps recently had some people from countryside and were talking to me in strange dialect, so it made me to be aware of the whole sentences they said rather than just listened through like of radio talk shows. That part, I explained in my Twitter postings. There are some people in those speakers who are talking about "予科練の子" which means the students from the lower devision in army. Also, they explain the Japanese Self Defense Force as "Jの人たち" and it seems the police officers are using such explanation. These people had problem in Zagreb as they seemed to have done "天ぷら" which means flying search. They also say that they need to confirm me to understand Korean as some informants in Germany made a false report like that.

Due to the sleep disturbance, my work is slow. I cannot spend my entire morning but sleeping and cannot sleep till 4 or 5 in morning. Perps might need my missing morning time for their suspicion of me visiting Mostar or mosque there with their false witnessing friends there. I know it would be way better to waste my morning in my bed than suddenly getting deadly sleepy outside with the electronic harassment. It|s not natural, so I cannot help myself keep awake with a cup of coffee or chewing gum. In the worst scenario, perps can steal something while I felt asleep and not attentive to my belongings. I already got some theft damages in Germany and other countries and which cost me too much. At Goethe Institut, someone stole my fountain pen more than 89CHF value while I was making few pages copies from a textbook in the library. Ignacio and other students studying there and engaged in the gang stalking might know their friends involved in such thefts. Now, you know the importance of sharing who would be the potential involved in the hate crime and crimes in the area.