28 February, 2013

Doppelgänger - a classic PSYOP in Germany

Long before the human experiment by Nazis, there seem to be some social studies done for the military or the wealthy crooks. They were interested to manipulate the opponents in order to win against them. To win against someone, people can use either a sword or a brain. PSYOP is categorized as the latter.

Doppelgänger is quite a new phenomenon dated back to the use in English in 1851 and the origin of the word means "double-goer" in German. The mythology says that a Doppelgänger seen by one's friends or family means the bad luck of the person, and if the one sees his Doppelgänger, it would bring a tragic death.

Well, recently, I saw some people who pretended to be there with similar facial feature and make-up and looks like me from "far away view." Then I thought they might be seen by other perps and these perps would witness something suspicious for making up a crime eyewitness, such us visiting a mosque or something to do with theft or such. They might do the identity theft as well if they can obtain a copy of my ID, you know. Well, Koreans or Chinese would be interested to use the identity theft to get a work permit in Japan.

I learned about the Doppelgänger theory as the V2K Japanese perps were speaking about Doppelgänger and they can claim me gone crazy by seeing my double. I'm not that delusional, but I was worried that the 2 Asian woman near me might take my belongings at the bench.

And I thought the origin of Doppegänger might be a PSYOP and covert operation to make an informant whose facial and physical feature is similar to the target. If it was in the old country side town, there would be only few people living and the neighbors know each other. If the government or a local police wants to check out a house of a suspicious person, they might bring an informant who looks similar to the person and led the one to get into the house or around the town. And seeing the double by the target might cause the death because the police or the government wants to keep their activity secret.

The V2K perps were also mentioning that they don't want Koreans in Japan, so they want to use Koreans for the harassment to claim me as if those Korean-Japanese. Maybe, that is the reason why many Korean criminals with Japanese names are often listed in the Japanese name on the newspaper but escaped to Korea. My family has no Korean origin and probably none in my relatives except a cousin who is an ex-translator who speaks over 10 languages know Korean. The V2K voices told that the Japanese Koreans in Korea needs some more people to grow their population there, and that is one reason they want some Japanese women. I have no travel history to Korea nor the knowledge of Korean. I heard the V2K perps got problem by the perps in Germany reported that I speak Korean. Well, I speak a bit Croatian but not Korean. There is still a Korean group in Medjugorje, and I don't know why there are so many Korean travelers around. If I move to somewhere, there would be more Koreans. Then, I would report it here.

No more Mafia Wars for next month. So, I will finish my book and a new one in Japanese. I never thought my Japanese blog got a potential readers and the income opportunity.