24 February, 2013

2 Asian women showing up near me in the crowded church

This early afternoon, I went to the garden of St. Francis. It was very quiet as there was only few people - a man with two kids and a coupe. A male worker was working. No one bothered me, so it was so peaceful. But when I was walking back to the church around 3pm, I saw some kids playing football on the garden at the house with homemade honey sign. Also the house left side of it got 4 or 5 kids standing at the fence holding the fence bars and all looking at the street. The couple left just before I left there and the woman was walking while the man took his car. These kids looking at the street tried to shout at me but I was walking on the other side of the street ignoring them as I thought these kids were asked to do some favor for attracting the passerby together for the false witness program as what the women with kids would do in the church for the gang stalking. I saw one small pebble was thrown in front of me by these damn naughty kids, but I ignored them. I don't know why those kids are in two gardens and few playing football and others just looking at the street. These kids without a ball could do something more than just checking the very quiet street only few cars passing par 5 minutes or less.

I offered a small blue candle at the grave of Fr. Slavko Barbarić on Feb 10th, and it was gone while the red big candle next to it was still there. I saw it since Feb 6th and I have no idea why mine was gone.

At the rosary prayer, there was an Asian woman with similar make-up like me and similar facial feature stood near me with her English speaking female friend. She left during the beginning of the mass, but she came back with the Asian woman who has been visiting the church from last month or before. I thought the second one as a perp as she and I were the only Asians regularly visiting the mass and she got similar facial feature and height as me. Well, if it is on the surveillance camera, I could be mistaken by the new Asian woman with the facial make-up. Here are these Asians' pictures.

You know, I got my balcony lights on sometimes when I came back from the church at night. Two times the living room light was on and one times the storage room light was on one time when I woke up at morning - I mean around noon as the V2K perps made me awake till around 4am till several days ago. They use the high-pitched tone like the ultrasound device at the eyeware store for keeping me awake also. I wonder what was going on with some Asian woman with similar height and similar facial feature from a bit far away view doing. I have no idea who is entering my room (police for the black back job?) and what was going on with the light. I hope it would be not these suspicious Asian women pretending to be me and doing something strange, especially in the balcony area where others can observe from far away. I hope no one in Mostar mistook them as me for the false witness on visiting mosques there. I have never been to a mosque in my life and only the mosque-like building I visited is the ex-mosque and ex-church museum in Istanbul to see the famous ancient Jesus mosaic. It would better to share their information before I would be listed as a Muslim. You know if some people wipe out mosques, there would be no more problem with Muslims nor Koran readers. I support Croats and I like the history of Herzog-Croats independence on the area here. I got even stalked by the suspicious Muslims in München. I think I corrected the perps who are probably working with the Muslims for the gang stalking to target the same individuals here. They would be the one trying to get the advantage of the local politics and pretend to be Muslim or Christians. I don't know why the local perps cannot take communion in the church but visiting there often.

Ok, here is the video from today.