08 February, 2013

Legal version of FBI's Operation Cinderella is installed in UK

Do you know Operation Cinderella? It's one of the kinky FBI's black operation. It was a code name for some FBI agents who knew the location of the surveillance cameras and the girl's locker room in a high school. At the day of the school event, the high school girls changed clothes in the room and the agents were able to check through the surveillance cameras. Later, the coworkers informed the incidents to their boss and these peeping toms in the bureau.

UK, one of the most enthusiastic NWO supporters like China and Russia, has interest in checking what is going on in the bathrooms. Such behavior and curiosity is shameful in the country due to it's polite culture of gentlemen. Under the name of security and the community watch, the peeping toms are legally getting paid for their hobbies. CCTVs are installed in changing rooms and bathrooms in the schools in UK.
A total of 825 cameras were installed in the bathrooms and changing rooms of 207 different schools across England, Scotland and Wales, according to data provided by more than 2,000 schools.
IMAHO, I think the country got something to do to help the kids instead of checking what they are doing in the bathroom. NeverSeconds is a blog of Martha Payne and she shows her school meal pics on her blog.
The above pic is linked from the below site. I made a simple quote from the article.
A primary school pupil has raised eyebrows - and lurched stomachs - by posting pictures of their 'shocking' school dinners online and rating them out of 10. (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/05/09/primary-school-childs-never-seconds-dinner-blog_n_1502327.html)
School safety should be important, but why the school needs so much cameras around while schools want to ban pictures of a girl taking her poor meal at school and posting them on her blog? That sounds a real tyranny like in the book, 1984, to me.