15 February, 2013

The evening mass of the Velenteins' Day

Here is the video from yesterday. During the rosary prayer, three Asian women of 20s came and they tried to sit on the bench 2 rows, 1 row front of me, and next to me. So, they tried occupy the left edge of 3 benches by each. I saw that style in St. Joseph church in München, so it might be how the perps try to take each bench for their surveillance team. But the woman sat on the same bench actually changed mind and also others moved around. They ended up like this, 2 women sat on the bench 2 rows to the front and one woman sat in front of me.

There was an Asian looking priest showed up during the mass but he did not speak the Gospel even he was holding the book. You can check the rest of the group. It's not a big group as the Asians are less than 30, maybe around 20 people. Are they Koreans like what the V2K perps said? Now, I'm heading to the Cross Mountain for the group prayer. TGIF.