17 February, 2013

Some people might be waiting a wrong master

My theme for this trip in Medjugorje is how to be ready and to be alerted. The maytr, Pater Rupert Mayer wrote a nice prayer:
Herr, wie Du willst, soll mir geschehn,
und wie Du willst, so will ich gehn,
hilf Deinen Willen nur verstehn!
Herr, wenn Du willst, dann ist es Zeit,
und wann Du willst, bin ich bereit,
heut und in alle Ewigkeit.
Herr, was Du willst, das nehm ich hin,
und was Du willst, ist mir Gewinn;
genug, daß ich Dein Eigen bin.
Herr, weil Du’s willst, drum ist es gut,
und weil Du’s willst, drum hab ich Mut,
mein Herz in Deinen Händen ruht.
I wanted some quiet time to think how to be ready and what means to be ready. There are some ways to be ready. For example, knowing the foreign language prayers to be ready for the foreign mass when you go to a pilgrimage. You can participate in the rosary prayer in another languages. For me, Latin is a must knowledge. There are prayers out there not so popular but known to be the best for the prayer in different languages. Also the knowledge of the history of the apostles to know what they were expecting and what they needed to know to be ready.

Due to the gang stalking, I found it's better to be alone than in the group with perpetrators with ill wishes as if the victim to be caught or commit a crime. I wonder what these perps were praying at the church. Do they really have religion following Jesus? The V2K perps told that the paper inside of the locked box says "The heaven is ours" in anagram. If the perps are bucked-up by the Pentagon and working for the surveillance and COINTELPRO, then they are only using the religion for the controlling tool just like cults. There are some cults funded by the CIA for the mind control and new "project superman" type operations. I don't know those people understand what means to hold a cross and follow Jesus while their actions are more like a which hunting of the certain individual. If it is during in the witch hunting time, the accusers would kill people first. Then they would tell other that the God will make the judgment of who would go to heaven or who would be witches. It's up to God. That's the ultimate military ideology of the religion.

Yesterday, the people sat on the sides of me did not stand up during the communion. But when I was filming them for the evidence, the two men to the right noticed my camera and joined the line for the communion. The perps got priests who are not willing to read the gospel on the stage and visitors who are not willing to eat the Christ's body. I'm fine to be on the witch hunting and proving my innocence and their wickedness. Some people are like snakes, so it is better to be warned. There was a Korean confession sign, but the only Asian group I saw in the church is the one with the priest.

And here is the better pic of Japanese mass.