15 February, 2013

The Cross Mountain group prayer and the Japanese Mass tomorrow

As I thought, there were some parents with small children going up the Cross Mountain in the group prayer. It was a big group more than 50 people going together. I just got some gas problem on the way. It happened around the S-intestine area and made me uncomfortable. Also, I had some sudden active stomach and made me feel a bit to throw up. It was not that serious. While I was going up the mountain, there were some women with kids going near me. One occasion, I found a woman with a small girl tried to stand in front of me while we were praying at the station. I passed them during the end of the prayer and was climbing up. The small girl and the woman was walking behind me for quite a time. I thought they were the perpetrators, so I filmed them with the explanation. Later, there was a woman wearing a green jacket and a boy showing up and they tried to stand in front of me. So, I filmed the situation. I have no idea why the perps love to use their kids for harassing the Catholic TI like this. The V2K perps warned me of not to mess around with the certain people or they have the connection to Vatican for punishing me. Well, I am sure that they do not wanna know who are the ones related with Vatican and engaged in gang stalking. I'm helping the future victims to stay away from those perpetrators who can make up the story and are friends of police officers for the COINTELPRO. There were two elderly Asian man participating the group prayer. The shorter one looks like a Philipino and another Chinese or unknown but I saw him holding a prayer book with vertical lined letters possibly Chinese or Japanese.

During the rosary prayer at the church, some Asians came and an Asian woman sat on the same bench where I was. I saw some other Asians sat on the bench to the back. I think I saw the priest who did not read the Gospel yesterday were with those people. I moved to another bench while filming the woman who sat next to me. If she is a perp, she would just make a conversation with me for the information gathering to use it for the gang stalking.

After the mass, I saw the electronic billboard showing the masses tomorrow. At 9am, there would be "Chapel Japan     OSTL" and I assumed there would be a mass in Japanese. I have never seen a chapel named Japan here, so I think that is something to do with Japan for sure. The Asian people visiting from yesterday might be Japanese. If the priest is from Japan and is here for some covert operation like Thomas from Zürich at Goethe Institut, I can understand why he did not read the gospel yesterday while he held the red book. In such case, I am eager to share the Japanese people's pics here for my own safety.

And here is the video of what happened today.