06 February, 2013

Yesterday's rosary praying

One of the perp characteristic at Medjugorje is that some perps pray rosary in foreign language right behind the victim if the victim is participating in the rosary prayer. I found the high tendency of having a person who is praying in different language behind of me but that person can pray or speak Croatian really good. The person might be a local resident or a foreign worker living in the area. I studied anthropology and a bit of all the area of social science including psychology, so I am quite good at catching the differences of what perpetrators do and the normal circumstances. Who wants to pray in Italian or French, when the priest is praying the first part in Croatian? If they can speak Croatian, then they should pray in Croatian as others. Another tendency is that, the person sits next to me or behind of me pray in Croatian very fast. They try to pray in their own tempo while others are praying in harmony. What kind of effects such situation makes? I think the psychologists can tell more about that.

Here is the video from yesterday's rosary praying for the evidence of the first hypothesis. She sat behind of me and was praying in English very loud. When I started filming her some times, she kneeled down and prayed even loud.

Thanks for the Croatian people suddenly interested in my blog. I can check how many people from Croatia checking my blog on the daily page review analysis. The majority of readers are from the US and China. I got some from Rumania, too.