21 February, 2013

The incidents from Feb 18th to 20th

After the last post, the perps seemed to be quiet. But again they tried some tricks for the gang stalking activities. I don't know if that is fun for them doing that at the religious place like Medjugorje, but I can tell they are like cockroaches that can be find anywhere around the world.

The Asian priest is gone and the Asian group seemed to be gone as well. However, there are still some Asians visiting the church. I don't know if they came individually or in a group. I saw them not communicating each other or gather in one area in the church, so it looks like they do not participate in the group activities together. Otherwise, they would be sticked together not to miss where to go or what to do next. There is an Asian woman who frequently sat near me. I moved to another place at the first time I saw here near me. Then one time I saw her with another woman who put on an yellow "Medjugorje Peace Group" backpack till two more women with the same backpack came. The Asian woman suggested to sit on the bench two rows front from mine. So, I filmed the incident.

And yesterday, the Asian woman was alone and sat on the right edge of my bench. As I sat on the left middle, I just stayed there as another woman occupied the middle area. She does not have the yellow backpack and she seemed not looking for the women from that group. So, I assume she is a bit strange than the normal visitors.

There was an elderly man with white hair sat in front of me. He held a rosary but he put it to his right and it was there till he left after the mass. The rosary had "INRI" part missing. I don't know why he put it there and how I encountered a broken rosary this time in a strange way. I did not do anything, so the church worker took it away for sure.

I went to Konzum to buy some foods after the mass, the singing, and the rosary praying. I had some time, and I quickly went back to my flat. I found the balcony light was on. I did not touch the light switch yesterday nor get around the spot, so I'm sure it was done by someone else. I don't know if someone entering my place while I'm at the church for the evening mass or not. Anyway, this is the third time the balcony light was on when I came back. Later, I headed to the church for the adoration of the blessed sacrament.

On the way back, a tall slender man started to talk to me. He said "Hello" first and then he offered me a medal. He was speaking in English. It happened at the middle of the road and there were more people walking out from the church. I said "No thanks" as I was in hurry to go home after 10pm. But he tried to speak to me as if he really needs to give the medal to me. So, I asked him why he don't ask others instead of only talking to me. If it was in Frauenkirche, there is a guy at the statue of the Virgin Mary near the entrance doors and he gives away the medal to the visitors there. These people are offering the miraculous medal, but I already got 2 medals at Frauenkirche and the original from the church in Paris. I think I said that "I have it" after rejecting the offer. You can check it on the video. But he tried to communicate with me while walking together. So, I figured out he is a perpetrator. He claimed to be believing in Jesus but the use of his explanation of his religion came on the strange way as if of an excuse that he cannot just leave me alone. He said he lives in Medjugorje and speaks English and Italian. Now it would be easy for others to know who he is and what he does for living - a police informant or the economic hitman?

About the relationship of the Children of God and the US intelligence, you can learn it free from Martial Thomas' book, the New Phoenix Program. And other issues would be found in various conspiracy books with valid resources.