06 February, 2013

A "Lourdes" sign to the Virgin Mary statue at St. James church in Medjugorje

After the second Korean group lleft on Tuesday, the new German group came. That pattern reminds me of the Korean tourists group showing up while I was under the small damages in 4U Hostel in Munich. At that time, my suitcase was damaged and the police rejected to file the case at the office on the corner of the Munich main train station. There was another woman also got a suitcase damage in the hostel also.

Well, just like my prediction of the tendency of the perps who want to shout prayers in foreign language, I got a woman sat right behind of me. She could sing Croatian songs including the long ones without problem. She seemed to be living here or visiting Medjugorje so frequently. Otherwise, people cannot remember all the songs. There should be a German group who supposed to take 9am German mass somewhere, but the normal Germans cannot sing Croatian songs so easily. There are cops in Munich who cannot even speak the high school level English. You can imagine the woman behind of me is a big exception. So, she was shouting the prayers in German while the friar was praying in Croatian through the mic from the alter. However, she joined singing Croatian songs during the pause of the rosary praying. I have no idea why she cannot memorize Croatian prayers to join the Croatian rosary praying. Anyway, I got someone praying in foreign language very loud and sitting behind of me so often.

There is an Asian woman who has been visiting the church before the first Korean group came. She seems to be the same height as I and have quite a similar facial features besides she looks more like Chinese and has shorter hair. Her information is in today's video.

If you watched my video about how I went up to the Cross Mountain to find the missing rosary part, you can remember the stranger hiding behind the trees on the beginning of the video. It's an Italian speaking elderly woman. She is quite active and attends the climbing events on Friday and Sunday all the time. However, she does not take the communion. I saw her leaving the church during the communion twice, and this time I filmed her leaving. Last time I saw her on my way home, I saw her walking into a house which had a Croatian youth group and locates on my way back to my place. I saw her yesterday night when I was heading to Namex to buy some foods. She was walking parallel to me and went into Pansion Nada, which is near Namex. I don't know if she is a long term visitor instead of a resident here.

The Virgin Mary statue had a strange sign today. It had "Lourdes" sign instead of "Medjugorje" and I took the picture of it. I don't know if it is for the special event for the church or not. It looked a bit funny when someone praying to the statue with "Lourdes" there.