31 December, 2017

Time Thief and Time Murder

I've heard the V2K speakers told me about a new scenario from the future people. What if the future people showed up from the future for the current time observation? And something went very very wrong.

I've heard what went wrong with Leon Stork and others who were from Munich and once hired as some people to be in US Army in Japan and then killed. Once again killed and was built up by the Munich Technical University groups for the cloned groups.

In the same manner, there was someone in Japan to be a beggar and grow up as a thief and swindler to be an old man who always says himself as "parent" to harass the target for defamation and the family obligations such as the parents must know everything or belong to where the target is. And he would be using over 46 voice activators for the communication to mimic the others like "I'm xxxx" and claim something for the commanding. That guy did something wrong to the future society and he once killed the future population by bringing some group and later the current time stationed clones sent the message to the time before their visiting from the future for the warning of what would happen and where. Then they somehow survived there.

I could share more stories. They called it as "Histories" as the background of what they did as the future society interacting the past people as the people in the foreign land.

"Ascension" means the people to get to the future like heading up and going down means to be heading back to past to see something. So, there was actual "ascension" happened.
I could like the book about this for selling after "2038, 3005 and Beyond" Future Research Institute book. But they are currently around and writing could harm the future like how 300 Committee died.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 29th, 2017

OSAM from December 29th, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 30th, 2017

Some German cars still around in the city for the stalking. Many Muslims at the AFI mall. There was an Asian man walking on the street and he returned his way back from the middle of the street. An Arabic speaking man at the metro station.

I found missing the orange padlock, two LUSH soap bars, and the cosmetics. I did not use them for awhile and I thought they were in my bag. I don't know how the left on the floor of the walk in closet in my hotel room. Well, I had an extra soap and I did not use these stuff for few days. When I woke up today, I found my cosmetics were missing, so I went to AFI mall to buy some. I'm not sure when such missing happened. So far, I slept till 3.30pm!!! for some unknown reason. I think I watch TV movies till late night these days while I type my work. So, sleeping around 2 or 3am to be something caused me to have a longer sleep till midday or later. My room have a dark window, so it could be the reason I cannot wake up early.

The V2K speakers told me that there was someone from Hokkaido University who caused the University of Honduras clashed to be at Joe Hostel. And that was how the hostel workers did not show up at the check in time few days ago and I had to move to another location after sending the messages to the IPA and EUROPOL. Also, I've heard that there is someone called as Kouya-san cop Typhoon to be working in my hotel for the theft or something. I've heard Kouya-san cop is from Sarajevo. There was a man called Tarou from Ottawa to trick people to make them quit their college lives there and Tarou moved to Budapest later and asked a hotel owner to claim him as a worker in his place while he was illegal migrant without a proper job at all.

Few day ago, I found a piece of the toilet paper was on the floor just inside from my room door as if someone entered my room. Then the night before, I found something wrong with my stuffs as if someone invaded my room. 

26 December, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 22nd, 2017

OSAM from December 22nd, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 23-26th, 2017

Merry Xmas and here is the OSAM video. Germans are still around but I often stay home writing few more books on the way to publish and I use the pedestrian area for walking.

21 December, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 16-20th, 2017

Some German cars on the street and Asian women around near the church on Sunday. Some white hijab wearing Muslim women around also. Why white hijab people around? I'm tired of seeing the perpetrators saying these Muslim gangs to be the replacement of the church sisters and these Muslims to be claimed as "angels."

"The Korean Movie School in China" book on sale!

The Korean Movie School in China

This book has 26 episodes and two extra stories about the pervert theater stories. There was a movie school in Guangzhou region of China to encourage the young kids to learn how to aim for the Hollywood jobs. The school taught more about how to be ready to expose their nakedness as a part of their way of choosing the professional careers from no fame level. These students were asked to make a show on their own and one student to be naked in each show as the part of the passing test on their own to be ready for anything as a professional actor/actress. It has over 65,000 words in over 100 pages length. The story information was obtained through the Voice to Skull speakers and it was written within a week around the middle of December 2017.
You can watch 25% of the book on the above link for free. And it is a book you make the price on for the purchase. 

08 December, 2017

"genroku-otoshi" stock/FX trade deposit killing technique by Soka Gakkai

Last night, I made my way to get only Gold cancelled and left EUR/USD, XAD/USD (few loss already but was quite bad in shape after 90days low), EUR/GBP and AUD/USD. AUD/USD had the positive sign on H4 chart and I thought it would work. But it turned out to be slipped off all the sudden. So, all went down on one night and lost all. People say how everyone lose on the trading and it happened to me one day and my 600€deposit went down to 20€ with only EUR/USD available in the negative sign.

I could write a book about the reality of the trading. Funny, my XM demo trading and eToro demo are just available for a long time without losing money at all.

I fixed the Gold problem after getting my fund fixed to 600€ after USD/JPY drop happened at night right after I made the deposit around Nov 14th. So, everything looked fine around 480€ to 600€ range. And then a sudden drop happened and all went down in sudden. I could not cancel the trades and let it be in the hope of going back to 0.00 profit/loss area. But they all went slipping whole day.

Last night, the V2K speaker Japanese man said that deposit loss is called as "Genroku-otoshi" by purchasing some without risk thinking. And the deposit could be dropped below zero and the trades to be cancelled around.

I could put the SL and TP, but I wanted to do the manual trading and all went down while I slept. I could cut off some around 11am when I was sleeping after 7am normal EUR/GBP peek time checking from 5am.

I don't like the way how my life is ruined. But it was how things went. And such "Genroku-otoshi" actually happened to me on the next day. The V2K speakers told me that Shizuoka group are responsible of the propaganda on the diplomats to buy JPY and ignore other currencies.

Does anyone know more about "genroku-otoshi" could be the actual Japanese trading insiders. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 5-7th, 2017

German cars with red label on the license plate are hanging around in Bucharest.
"Toukou (report)" logo Chinese character jacket woman. Some Muslims stalking me.

"Toukou (report)" Chinese character logo jacket woman at Carefour in Bucharest

I saw a typical sensitization logo jacket woman at a store. She was wearing the clothes with "toukou (report)" logo in Chinese character for hinting.

03 December, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 3rd, 2017

I saw many German cars and an Asian pair in the city. There were a group of Asian women and a Muslim couple at the signal near the Catholic church after the mass tonight. It's so rare to see any Asians in Cluj Napoca but I saw some.

Al-Quaeda Arabic spam comment makers on my blog

Since I'm Islamphobia, I don't get to near any Muslims nor anything looks Arabic and crazy. But some of the Muslim extremists always hanging around on someone who they could easily target on. What if a Islamphobia person stalked by Muslims? Muslims should be expecting the reaction of denial or scream. Yes, here I go!

These people wrote me Arabic something related about their Al-Quada membership and targeting me  as their comments. I just sent their profiles to the IPAs and some embassies. Leave the Islamphobia people alone and don't type me anything Arabic. I would just simply share their blogger links to the police as "Al-Qaeda claiming people commenting my blog in Arabic and spamming my blogs."

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 2nd, 2017

Some German cars near my hotel and one Spanish car in Cluj Napoca. Some Indians at the main square.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 1st, 2017

Some Asians took the same bus from Vienna and these Asians left at Budapest. One Asian guy was at the bus station last night and was in the same bus. One Asian man with the green passport and 2 Japanese passport holding women were talking in Japanese. So, Chinese or Korean man with Japanese speaking language was engaged in the stalking. My Sun Disk MP3 Player got no more screen showing when I tried to listen some music. The V2K speakers told me that the signal search done twice would crash the device. And it was used. Many German cars showed up on the street from Vienna to Cluj Napoca.

14 November, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 14th, 2017

I saw a German car parked across my accommodation. And I saw one German car and a Czech car on my way back.

There was a guy wearing Lovers Wanted Chinese character logo clothes in the city center. And I saw a fastfood restaurant clerk throwing away all the fries in the location to keep them and fried new potions when I ordered one. How often clerks threw away the fries? I saw it and filmed for the suspicion of the sperm or radioactive contaminated fries. But that was what the Croats ate as the rest of the fries fried as hot and fresh. Everyday trouble happens.

And I heard the theft and other claim done on me these days were based on the Muslims expecting to kill someone with heart attack weapon if that one is a Muslim they think. So, it could be related with the Muslims doing the theft claims for fun. The V2K speakers told me that it was done by Panasonic.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 13th, 2017

OSAM from November 13th, 2017. I encountered the German car following my tram and on my way back was the Munich car next to my tram and even the Dutch car around my accommodation. 
There were two phone calls from Booking.com about the Funk Hostel declining my booking due to the overbooking. And two clerks asked me if I found a place to stay last night. 
And there was a blind pretending man walking with a white cane like yesterday. 

13 November, 2017

How to make a pasted human for the robot use with kombu seaweed?

The V2K speakers told me that the Japanese occupancy in Eastern Europe would cause the new robot human being in near future. The first research was done with the implant of Kombu seaweed part into the infant's hand and then to the small female hands. Somehow, it caused the part loss of the fingers. Then the research was started. The area which Kombu was implanted became a mud type with nutrition. Thus, the anatomical research started.

Thumbs got never going through this muding process. But the ring finger area is the best for succeeding the hand mutation in the mud form.

Then, the mud paste was named after the research, COMB as the robot researching for creating the robot human body capable of being eating and eatable for their own.

And the name of the group working for such a research is called "BADAK" or Bar-Croatian United.

There would be the rolled up paste making process to happen with GEN,the Japanese mafia based occupation in Eastern Europe area in near future while they exploit the technology from future U (UN in American continent).  And the enemies are eaten after dipped into the ocean for the cultivating process of the human paste in the kombu form.

DARPA had the research on the everything eating creature, so I think the COMB is something similar thing the V2K speakers are talking. 

Booking.com Customer Service phone call 2

Booking.com contacted me once again and this time was in Croatian. I asked the speaker to talk in English for the convenience of recording and sharing. I think Booking.com contacted me about the Funk Hostel declining my reservation and the man also asked me about if I could find a place to stay last night. So, they only asked me if I could stay somewhere else instead of checking where I made the reservation after Funk Hostel. And this guy also asked me about where I stayed last night like the first caller from Singapore. 

What happened so far:
- Chillout Hostel Muslim problem - was it something to do with Al-Quaeda showed up to the bar area? I think that was Muslim women in hijabs. I don't wanna remember now. I think this is how the Homor Simpson type police informant remembers everything. Well, it was something like bar hanging around Muslims on November 9th.
- Chillout Hostel put a post it sticker on my room door with my name on it. The female clerk asked me not to post Muslim information to FB as I always share their information to T.R.A.C.T: and Interpol HQ as the link about the Muslim gang stalkers. Then some people followed me to outside and the same female clerk taunted me of "Are you leaving? Do you still keep your luggage in your room?" and such as if they were trying to steal my stuff for the Islamic revenge to work with their bar-loving Muslim girls. Then 2 police officers came and we talked together. And they asked me if I want to stay longer and I said I wanted to cancel the reservation. It was November 10th, 2017. And the clerk cheated on the refund for 200HRK.
- Party hostel got problem of booking and the location was overbooked. So I was asked to leave after 2 nights of stay instead of 5 nights.
- Funk Hostel declined my booking and sent me an email due to the overbooking. I forwarded it to the local police and anti-human trafficking emails as the evidence. And it was yesterday.
- Today, I received 2 phone calls from Booking.com. And the first one is from Singapore and another one from somewhere else.

I often saw the sudden price raise and no more cheap room (up to 120€ at Prague case in May few years ago) availability happened at the time of searching for the rooms on Booking.com. So, there would be some internal or external booking.com room and price changers existing. But here is the phone call from the actual Booking.com customer service talking to me. I would rather have this kind of communication before at Just In Center Apartments in Budapest where I could not find the actual location in the building and the owner contacting my mobile was just in German for unknown reason. 

+ 65 6422 4930 Booking.com Chinese accent woman contacted me this morning

First morning call from Singapore about my stay at Funk Hostel said that the woman is from Booking.com and she asked me if I got an accommodation to stay last night. It was so strange that usually I don't get an international call from somewhere unknown. Then she was speaking to me in heavy dialect. It could be typical for the call center from China or India. But I was just asking me I could get a room last night or not. I had to look for my camera ready for recording, and I was uncomfortable talking in some phone line noise going on. So, this is the first part of the voice recording from Booking.com after Funk Hostel declined my stay for overbooking problem.

What happened so far:
- Chillout Hostel Muslim problem - was it something to do with Al-Quaeda showed up to the bar area? I think that was Muslim women in hijabs. I don't wanna remember now. I think this is how the Homor Simpson type police informant remembers everything. Well, it was something like bar hanging around Muslims on November 9th.
- Chillout Hostel put a post it sticker on my room door with my name on it. The female clerk asked me not to post Muslim information to FB as I always share their information to T.R.A.C.T: and Interpol HQ as the link about the Muslim gang stalkers. Then some people followed me to outside and the same female clerk taunted me of "Are you leaving? Do you still keep your luggage in your room?" and such as if they were trying to steal my stuff for the Islamic revenge to work with their bar-loving Muslim girls. Then 2 police officers came and we talked together. And they asked me if I want to stay longer and I said I wanted to cancel the reservation. It was November 10th, 2017. And the clerk cheated on the refund for 200HRK.
- Party hostel got problem of booking and the location was overbooked. So I was asked to leave after 2 nights of stay instead of 5 nights.
- Funk Hostel declined my booking and sent me an email due to the overbooking. I forwarded it to the local police and anti-human trafficking emails as the evidence. And it was yesterday.
- Today, I received 2 phone calls from Booking.com. And the first one is from Singapore and another one from somewhere else.

12 November, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 12th, 2017

I checked-out from Party Hostel and went to Funk Hostel. I saw a German car parked near the cafe I waited till the check-in time. The hostel declined my reservation due to the overbooking just like at Party Hostel. My booking was confirmed by the Booking.com already, so this could be a gang stalking strategy of claiming their target to be in a cheap dorm room and declined to delete the information for the further defamation. Party Hostel and Funk Hostel booking problem could be caused by Chillout Hostel where the female clerk started a conversation of "are you leaving? do you keep your luggage in your room?" etc for the theft attempt. So, I made another reservation. On the way, I saw the tram driver pealing and cutting an apple while she was driving. And I saw some more German cars around. At the new location, there was the typical synchronized movement happened with the guest next to my room. There was a young man showed up from the door and left when I arrived to my room. Also, he had the cap with something mentioning about future as if about my V2K groups' Future Research stories. 

11 November, 2017

V2K speakers talking

I've heard from the Japanese V2K people that there is a Hungarian guy talking like how he would be well off from swindling others especially single women in UK and Hungary for migration with some wealth. He has a wife and feels safe for his status. And he thinks he can send all Asian women to the Asian Muslims network for the possible bride and that is how he could exploit the female wealth and woman rights such as checking their emails and other activities.

Another is Ide from Sakaide city and he is called as Baka or idiot. He would be something to do with the US Army Croat locomotives.

And the old "Ji-an" saying cop is called as Sakabe from Yamagata prefecture. He would be one of the old guy in the cop industry and brought the fake Tokyo University professors to work in Croatia and Bosnia areas. There would be so many fake Tokyo University people like so many Beijin University graduates from China to be working as clerks or something abroad.

Is there any illegal Korean migrants working as the Catholic priest in Zagreb Cathedral area? There are some illegal Koreans in the city in such status, the V2K speakers said.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 11th, 2017

Party Hostel got problem of computer access and they did not have a free room after tomorrow. So, I made payment for two nights only. I made a reservation online for 5 nights but it was the hostel's mistake of not able to get my room free for that length. 

On the way, I saw many Munich cars from a single tram ride. Later, I saw some BiH cars also as if they are the German mafia groups working with the Germans. 

10 November, 2017

Chillout Hostel clerk cheating on the change

Here is the part of hostel clerk cheating on the change. I paid for 5 nights and first time was only 200HRK refund for last night as if I only paid for one day. This is the sign of them stealing and cheating as their mafia business in the center of the city for accommodation business. And it is typical that the Islamic mafia often steal female targets' money and belongings as something available for free from their religious view. They only gave me 400HRK instead of 600HRK as the 3 nights more I could stay and paid.

Chillout Hostel crime set-uppers and the Islamic Terrorists stealing things in Zagreb

Here is the stuff banned by the Facebook from today. Yesterday, there were some Muslims showed up at the entrance door at Chillout Hostel and then one of them tried to stalk me. And the reception complained about my posting on T.R.A.C.T. reporting the community terrorist on FB page about the potential Muslim groups for claiming someone to be a Muslim. Then they said they called police when I shouted them back if they are stealing my stuff. The female clerk asked me if I was leaving with my luggage as a slut and the potential stealing from the solo traveler. AND THIS PART IS IN THE VIDEO AND FACEBOOK BANNED IT!!! And I wasted my time from waiting the police guys. Later, I talked with the police guys and the same hostel female clerk cheated me on the refund by complaining that the cancellation would be 48 hours in advance and I was tricked and the first time was only 200HRK (one night payment) to be refunded and I complained and she gave me 400HRK (2 nights) - I missed one more nights for the 5 nights total staying payment from 1052HRK. The second video shows this cheating as the real fraud and crime set-upping process. There was some supermarket bags left under the counter and that is the model I used to bring back from Konzum the day before.  And my room got some bed bugs from last night. I guess Muslims did some tricks like putting the bed bug in my room as a typical Islamic harassment and later would be taking the handles of female targets' belongings.

Since FB banned me for a month, I just work on making donation site for the Chillout Hostel cheating money and even my extension cord loss in my room 26.

09 November, 2017

"Ji-an" and "Ji-on" as the future robot type inhabitants from Bosnia

The V2K speakers can tell something to be known in the location I pass through by the GPS system which is shared sometimes by the future research people and the clones from the future that have the advanced future checking program.

There are some futures to be available but not all are connected. Organizers clan died after some groups engaged in the killing of the key people. Thus, other groups get funds from such a clan making to prevent new governmental style in future. Also, I've heard Germany fixed the earthquake zone by creating fiber added bridges around to keep the underground cliffs to be connected somehow.

Meanwhile, Japanese SDF people tried to be working with the future UN group which are mainly from the American continents as Russians would be dominant in Eastern Europe area as the threat they thought. What happened was the old Meiji or WWI and WWII knowing type Japanese males to be added as the advisers of such SDF and Japanese police groups. And they are engaged in the Muslim philosophy and Islamic doctrine pushing forward to erase their feeling of sex offender or thievery or anything to be a violation of the International Law. And what they did was the SDF people tried to share their aim of surviving together with the future groups. The current future research tells that the Japanese SDF would just pass through China to Russia for the attack but the SDF airplane just activates the massive heart attack weapon in the middle of China and makes the satellite weapon to kill all the Chinese up to the borders. As, it takes awhile to find everyone died off, Chinese sends enough nukes to Japan and the massive nuke drop killed Japanese population as well. And that is the coming future for Japanese. To avoid this, Japanese SDF tried to get to know the future groups by food giving (the ones contaminated with the human sperm to feel superior against the girl solders just as usual) and even trying some gas problem and sudden stomach pain weapons through the chemical intake on them. And they tried the war exercises on the women who came as clone first to see how they react when the SDF solders kill them. They brought new clones while these locals told the future people that some of their own solders are wild. But the future people are just in the past location for the observation purpose only.

There is some bizarre thing to happen in future by the Japanese crazy men who killed neighbors using the radioactive contaminated foods and clothes and made wealth by stealing the victims' wealth to move abroad. One of them is the man called as "Ji-chan" and he is to be said from Higashisaibara village. He killed some people using the radioactive contaminated boots and made kids to wear it for fun and the kids died later. He helped the funeral and stole the funeral time inheritance money. And he asked others to learn how to cure the hunger by "eat the women" by having sexual intercourse as the replacement of their hunger feeling for the males and later he suggested to eat the women and kids for making the killer clan to be rich taking everything from women and single women.

This "Ji-an" seemed to be working with Naksasone and Kaku ex-PM clans from Japan in Croatia to Bosnia areas and they are engaged in the Japanese SDF and mafia migration by taking out the existing normal merchants and foreign students who are not "exchange students" who the government chose to ship them for study and policing.

According to what the future research can tell is that the "Ji-an" would be called as "Ji-on" and they would be using the gesture "Arc Ji-on" with the right hand movement of 180 degree arc making toward the body from right side. That is Robotoid and they eat the human body made as the paste in the water in the Balkans. They could get the Taconoid from the AD 3000 plus time to make them gone mad to keep their knowledge base to be misused for "Ji-on" groups. What they did was to add the human blood in the Taconoid core. It changed the blood components to be more obedient to share the knowledge as the virtual brain simulation of what Taconoid owns and it made the Taconoid brain to be sucked up - as a matter of fact they exist as the Earth creature and sucked up for the knowledge vibration.

Anyway, if the future clones are really existing, they should not be working with Japanese nor Koreans nor even Chinese for the world dominance in fear. They are just looking for the militarization for the exercise of war against anything they could attack on such as single women and single parents and so on.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 8th, 2017

I checked out from Hotel Carmen and took a bus to Zagreb. On the way, I saw a man with open knee trouser entered the same tram and got his headphone code caught on my bags while he passed behind of me in the vehicle. Later, a woman complained me something in Hungarian showing her purse as if I went through a pickpocketting problem. I thought the man with open knees as a pickpocket. But a stranger like a normal Hungarian woman started complaining to me for unknown reason, so I filmed her and shared the film to Interpol HQ as an example of mobbing by the local mafia.

At the bus station, there was an Asian woman put 3 suitcases around mine at an empty bench while I went to the counter to ask a question. So, there was an Asian woman tried to hide my bags with her own suitcases. I remembered some Korean women from past Zagreb-Budapest Budapest-Zagreb trips got metal color suitcase like something to be kept secured image. Well, there are more of these theft claimers and actual thieves around in Budapest area.

Here is the vlog.

06 November, 2017

"Tahel Anatomie" the worst future snuff video series information book on sale!

I finished publishing the notorious information about the worst snuff film series to be created in near future. It is called as "Tahel Anatomie" and some Japanese and Turkish migrants are responsible for creating such a series starting from Tulza to the south and even in Japan and the US. This video series invoked the fear factor search in Bosnian migrants in Scandinavia later to build the warship for making a chaotic joke series of dead meat floating around to the shoe for scaring groups. It is called as Creatures. It started as dropping a leg for the Croat woman's body for fun to see it crashed and changed its shape after hitting on the ground. Then, it get some characteristics by adding something for the ethnic identities - a hat for the UK victim's torso, or a Timex watch for the American victim's arm plus torso parts, etc. And such Creatures information is not added to the epub. Each video information goes with the illustration as the brief image of the story.

The V2K speakers told me that Tulza one is responsible of someone called as Mr. Hata - not Hato (Croat nickname in Japanese) but Ta (as Turkey) added to be Croat Turk image guy. So, someone named Mr. Hata could be related with the snuff video making in Bosnia in future.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 5th, 2017

There was a German car showed up at a bakery when I changed my money to some coins to visit the Bubbles laundry nearby. German cars always stalking me. And there was a red color German license number car I saw on my way back to my hotel. There was a Muslim couple at the hotel lobby. The V2K speakers told me that the Internet was slow because of the Muslims in the same location with some Islamic terrorism documents in their computers or phones. I guess I filmed the terrorists at the end of the video if the V2K speakers are right.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 4-5th, 2017

OSAM from November 4th and 5th. I saw some yellow taxis near my hotel and a woman wearing "Isn't it Friday yet?" logo jacket at the church mass on Sunday.

04 November, 2017

Donations for 75€ to cover my Rayban sunglasses and Guinness bag damages at Wave network confrence

Here, I created the donation site to get the compensation from the mobbing at the Wave Network conference. At least, I share the evidences of mobbing even at the anti-human trafficking NGOs and here is what it was.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 31st, 2017

OSAM from the Wave Network conference day 2

Neo-Nazi Victims' Museum fundraising

I started the project of making my own Neo-Nazi Victims' Museum for getting money and own workplace from the Germans' persecution on me.  Past 5 years, I have been stalked by the Germans. So, I decided to make own museum for finding a place to work and live.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 3rd, 2017

OSAM on November 3rd, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 2nd, 2017

OSAM from November 2nd, 2017.

"Tahel Anatomie" a future snuff video series summary on sale!

This book contains the brief summary of the world's worst snuff video series to be published in near future. The video series has 13 volumes and the name was derived from the Dutch anatomy book popular in Japan during the Colonization era. And it had the notorious horrific image of the internal organs for the pupils educated in Japan and were taught about the book name during the modern Japanese history classes. The same title snuff video would be probably distributed by the Japanese Muslim gang groups who are probably active in Bosnia to Turkey region in the current time. Some of the future technologies are introduced as the murderers' weapons for the mass killing. Also, the video creators' intention contains the certain level of Islamic propaganda against women as a part of the libido training.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 1st, 2017

OSAM from November 1st, 2017.

Gang Stalking Analysis - 19th Wave Network Conference in Budapest

Here is the video about the gang stalking skits happened at the Wave Network anti-human trafficking conference in Budapest. I saw people sat next to me kicking my bags with their boots. I used to wear CAT boots and changed it to the Vans black plain shoes to look safe. Then some people tried to stomp on my shoes sometimes. I had boots before and sometimes its heel areas shaved. And some Asians showed up at the conference but their names like Ms. Parks are not on the registered list. The main dish at the restaurant was only one available when I was waiting on the line but there were actually two choice. So, I thought one side poisoned... Did anyone die already from the food consumption? And I saw a Muslim woman with someone with a Wave conference bag outside of the church yesterday.

What I've learned form the meeting is that they have the control group to represent the victims. So, the perpetrators could be translators, counselors, volunteers to speak the victim's thoughts and control the victim's own decision making toward the society and the government systems. Also, they could bring someone to get the new ID for the social work in the community. Someone Chinese could get a Japanese name and ID for awhile as an illegal migrants working for the police friends while the real victim would be suffering by a new illegal working status added. And worst thing is the human trafficking help by the actual NGOs to get benefits from the Islamic organizations that are always looking for the females for the sexual practices on the libido training. As far as I saw, some volunteers are working with the Muslims for the gang stalking.

03 November, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 2nd, 2017

OSAM from November 2nd, 2017.

30 October, 2017

WAVE Network Annual Conference Day 1

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 30th, 2017. My #WAVEunited2017#StepUpWAVE participation. And some boots kicking my bag and no shoes street theaters going on at the conference room. How many people wear boots these days and sit next to someone and even trying to hit the bag on the side with it? And a no shoes woman suddenly showed up for the mosque claim on the location. There was one Muslim woman from Sweden but nothing to do with any religion in the theme. I saw two women sat to the left forgot one scarf and came back later during the conference. Also, I found my sunglasses I put on my head got right frame broken - and it was before the scarf left on the seat skit, so some of these perpetrators might be forcing their Islamic education for the mobbing on me for the CRAM program. Also, someone came and filmed and was shouted also. I only filmed something harmful and reportable to the police during the conference.

The V2K speakers told me that their main points are "how to do nothing but getting more funds" and "keep kids useless while their parents to be useful for us." I don't know, but that's something V2K speakers caught others thinking as the brainwave monitoring. Also, the V2K speakers told me that there would be vegan food tomorrow for killing someone as the fear factor for a group meeting. It would be us feeling to keep everyone tight on the line. Well, i will bring some foods with me tomorrow to be safe though. 

24 October, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 19-21st, 2017

OSAM from past few days. I was busy for Tahel Anatomie crazy future snuff video information book making. It was a sick work and my another book is delayed. But I'm almost done with that one - just need some nice image editing and adding.

The video from past few days. Just some Asian groups at the hotel. How many Asians around in Belgrade? I've heard these people are related with the Catholic church Chinese groups and Chinese or Korean Muslims who are supposed to be protecting the nearby Sava Church while the Japanese police wannabe to be checking such suspicious Muslims. All the insider work to be explained like this. They all go together for checking something they've created and police practice. Gestapo? Jews got compensation already? I don't see why I can't try to get the compensation from my case by selling their information.

Gang Stalking Analysis - Downtown Inn Hostel 3 in Belgrade, the chain saw killer

Here is the GSA video about Downtown Inn Hostel 3 not far from the main bus station. Someone tried to open the private room door with an electric chain saw like a horror movie. And they cheated me 50€ for the refund. I sent the information to the local anti human trafficking NGOs and local lawyers.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 23rd, 2017

OSAM from October 23rd, 2017. I've got a forced body movement and accidentally pulled the extension power code and my Nickon AW-130 dropped to the floor from 30cm height bedside table. And the battery lever came off. And there was the V2K speaker shouting like Sonoda and he said that he is a member of Da-Sono group after Da-Tuno was crashed with such an old phrase the same guy was using like "xxxx da-tsuno." like an old cartoon hero type crazy figure. And he would be with Dr. Noghi for the psychological evaluation for the harassment.

And I've heard Mashima, the old man, was killed and his money was used for Hahima music bands from Romania to be in Belgrade on November 1st. Hashima is the name to be related with Hazii or something to do with Muslims in Bosnia.

And here is the video from today. I threw away the camera. It was a silly thing but the anger induction caused me to have the camera crashed. Well, I was thinking to get a new one with the superzoom for the extra comfort for catching the German car drove off far away from the sighting. But I thought it would be done with my old sony camera to be replaced first as it got some problem with turning on sometimes and a strange recovery mode happens as an unreliable sign.

And here is the video. You see how a perp couple tried to pick up my camera I threw away in two pieces and ended up gave it to me again and I threw it again.

03 October, 2017

UN replacement of the USA after the next war? No.. history manipulated by the evil Japanese SDF

I've heard that after the several new UN globe making attempt, they reached the massive oppositions from China and Japan. Russia? They are silent as usual but the good issue was their intention is to keep the peace treaty for their own safe zone building. But the Chinese domination and the massive manipulation campaign went out with the weeping Japanese new police millionaires clan who killed isolated individuals left from Japan after Fukushima made their own decision on the land taking with the food poisoning and land radiation devaluation for the killing the inhabitants of the flats and such. The things went worse with the Bosnian and Croat located Japanese construction companies with the ex-SDF employees who make the openings to every houses for the police surveillance and the small theft as much as 50€ for the normal money to take - look at Lucky 50 Hostel as an example on others for exploiting their victims. USA got their own UN and the future UN people came from there - as the Future Research actually brought some future people's attention. And Islamic Bosnian UN took all the advantage to be in between with others among the people network. That's what I've heard.

I could share the further information if the future won't change like the Organizer time - the DECO and other clans won't go as the Japanese SDF killed such wealthy individuals in South America and only Isshin would be still standing as a rich family.

There was a new future visitors to be discussing from Yamanote /Yamamoto clan from Japanese region of the US, that is the massive problem to happen to the US citizens. Silly UC Berkeley students visited Budva as the police servants to check the naked women there for the police surveillance purpose. But the uneducated Muslim officers liked only the Bosnian Japanese SDF jokes such as "You See?" As the joke. For the UC Berkeley students, "UC" means a honorable thing. But for the others, "You see?" is just so. And no educated Muslims hated such educated bosses. So, they killed the US students in the coasts of Montenegro for further wealth taking and be proud on their own brain - how to be smart off the UC Berkeley students? Islamic nation won!! And that was one of the story how the US education gonna fail in future. Friendship, so soon? No, we have others. And others are maniacs just changing their enemies to make them fight all the time.

I've heard the USA would get the food shortage form the "culture burning" - "we are hungry, burn more lands to make more money!" It's the Chinese campaign on the lands in the area with Islamic value is expected in the US and South America. They gonna burn the houses and barns where the wealth for the cattle located and the debastrated farmers are easily caught by the easy going sherifs to replace their job lands - the skilled are jailed. Then, the food treaty would be made above the NYC by the Japoneza - Zail, Dankai program to be known in future as the UFD group. UFO technology activated motivated SD groups to be in Kotor and somewhere in Poland. They kill mosques a bit in Poland but mainly done by their own money not taking by other clans. At that time, Croats would be all burnt out.

Wazaki, the journalist currently, would be one guy who did the treaty maker as an bad honor. He would give poisons to the SDF Shissho teams for the food giving and sharing in the Thanksgiving form and all died out and the Cheaney's Mecca-Man would be the boss there in the post position of Trumps after Reagan era visitim. Visiting victim to get the funny known activity maker. But all died and Mr. Wazaki would alone laughing there.. We eat no more of your food, oh, well. You died out?
Then the USA would be only located around the southern border to Mexico but the eastern side is taken by these... oh, well, it's a very long story from the future. I shorten it.

So, if Trump let the SDF and Japan to give foods to American troops, the depopulation would start among the clans - wise asses dead and half asses retarded campaign with China.  And more black majority in the citizenship in the US Army would fantasized to get marry with the Japanese born citizenship maker to Japan and China or even to the US border securities. But these guys are actually called as "Danni - shortened word for dairi niku (replaced meat)" and the black males and kids would be used for the Navy food.

What's more? France won't survive but to become China!!! Wow, what a nightmare!?  French female sex workers and wealthy Chinese. French Army has only the massive black security force, so the educated women are dead once and all behave like call-girls. What a screwing life force! US Army did better than that with the cute chicks but not the French call girls on the streets to pick on their white wives!!!

This history to be continued...? I don't know. But the Japan gonna has the plan of taking the western Canada as no more French Army security force as the military backup but they actually make treaty in NYC and start the invasion from there as the backstabbing Pearl Harbor again. The best thins is I shared the warning for others. The NYC incident is called as NEURON - New Loan. and the mass media silences up after everyone is killed - which party's force did that? That is the favorite tactics of Soka Gakkai cult. Muslims got cults and Japanese Buddhist cult is responsible for such an attack for joining the political party in Japan-China New York City bombing!

Around that time, Saudi Arabia is taken to another country. So, no more Islamic forces in the Middle East while all headed to Scandinavia.

Now, I shared the leak. Let me have a normal life.

Ah, Germans, they get a nicely made 2 wheels cart with a 2 person tent on it for the temporary living. The far end got a small wooden box for a child to fit in. More to share? Nah, I sell the books if I can survive the stalkers in my life.

02 October, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 24th, 2017

OSAM from September 24th, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 19-23rd, 2017

OSAM from September 19-23rd, 2017. I think this one is from Croatia.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 27-28th, 2017

OSAM from September 27-28th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 29th, 2017

OSAM from September 27th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 30th, 2017

OSAM from September 30th, 2017.  You can see the room invasion really happened by the use of an electric round saw at Downtown Inn Hostel 3 in Belgrade. It was just a horror to me if someone really used Friday the 13th weapon on a guest room door!

The hostel got so many troubles like the Iranian underage girl living in the dorm room, a bed in the living room for someone to sleep there, a excrement-attached shared bathroom shower head, etc. But I managed to move to another location later. I contacted police for such a nightmare location.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 2nd, 2017

I was busy for other stuffs awhile and also had no chance of posting to this blog. I posted more on FB almost everyday. Well, I escaped Downtown Inn Hostel 3 after someone tried to open my private room door with an electric round saw and some other discomfort. I filmed and took photos of such activities. Then yesterday, I attended a language exchange meeting and later I found I lost my flat key ring. So, I had to contact police again for the potential theft of my room key while the perpetrators were around. The Polygot meeting was fine. Nothing really funny but everybody introducing their names and reasons of learning a foreign language there.

There were many Asians stalking me now. Also, a German car is parked across the street from my apartment building just like at Downtown Inn Hostel 3 where I found Anne Frank attic type private room... So, I can tell to the local police and anti Human Trafficking Organizations about such stalking problem with the concrete evidences. 6th year of the German Neo-Nazi stalking me. How much compensation I could get if these cars are working in the government sectors??? I'm expecting to share the information to everybody including the flat owner now.

18 September, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 16-17, 2017 Part 2

OSAM from September 16-17, 2017, Part 2.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 16-17, 2017 part 1

OSAM from September 16-17, 2017. Part 1. So many Japanese speakers and some Muslims in Zagreb. Also, the snowing weather.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 18th, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 18th, 2017. A German car, GG JM 212, near my accommodation. And A Munich car showed up outside of the cafe I was inside!!! There is no parking spot but a German car, M LR 6819, showed up! Some more German cars at almost each intersection. A German car, RW AZ 100, parked near my accommodation and left there while I was walking toward a large parking lot and saw some slowly walking elderly women. These women were standing for awhile here and there in the parking lot and another female group showed up and stood at the spot they once were. How can I be safe from these Neo-Nazi Germans stalking me everyday all day long?
I need a Neo-Nazi Museum building sponsorship for getting my own evidences of suffering to be listed to have a safe funding to relocate to Budapest or other location with many Jews and Neo-Nazi victims.

I'm tired of making videos these days but I have a plan of publishing the 2008-2011 gang stalker photo databases for selling. Also, a new book to be coming and it would be about the police friends' made-up Islamic groups such as Kaidaru, Mi-Mu, Ji-Mu, Kikko, Genbu, Matsu, etc. I share what they are as based on the photos of the perpetrators and also the V2K speakers' insider talks. 

03 September, 2017

I had a bad time these days

I'm completely vegan now. It is due to the Tree of Forest book stuff. I don't know what it really meant but some V2K speakers say something to do with Shinto but others got something else to tell me like a better connection with the future probe or something else watching the Earth after the time crashed for the multiple time frames added. It used to be a singular time frame on the Earth but the time traveling people would bring a clone here and there for the monitoring the past and it created more communications around. But the future is the only thing changing after someone from the current time go in and kill something there yet the current clone could notice the future change and quickly visit the location or terminate the assault from the current time invaders. The people in the current time would get killed but it would be fixed by the past locations only. Thus, the only clones could be making up to be there or just the killed person to be no longer available even to the future. The killed person could be replaced by someone as another role taker in future.

But the situation is worse, the killed and once again cloned person would be taking more time and cost to be on the existence, thus the future humanoid could be available to do some tricks for taking care of the situation of the deaths and accidents. The future humanoid is just available for checking the proper existing from the past only. That part is permitted by the God figure which is around in the space for monitoring everything in the square cubic images and a smoke that makes popping noises for the telecommunication.

Me? I'm not allowed to write everything about the Earth issues nor the future stories. The last one, History 2035... book made all the leaders to be assassinated already and no Earth Quake to happen around Switzerland to Germany area. I've heard about the countries fixed the geological sliding areas already. And I'm just around listening the future probe V2K and few more details of what would be going on around.

I could get rich if I can write the blueprints of the future electronic devices. But I now how to write down the communication done for the book selling. And not that part is permitted. And I lost so much time for wasting with the no-sellable materials.

Well, I could start working on the past gang stalker photo databases from 2007 time. It must be sold and organized to be safe deposit as the future GESTAPO files. You never know where I could sell the information of the past bad asses and what they had done before for the proper compensation asking.
Also, "Asian Embassy" propaganda by the Zagreb area stationed Korean, Chinese, Japanese mafia groups as the data set to be sold as a book. That's something I could do with my private and original stories to sell. It helps me to get a proper way of explaining my Neo-Nazi stalking problems. 

Gang Stalking Analysis - Korean groups with the same brand electronic hand fan

I had some issues with the future research and one stuff I learned was the V2K speakers talking about how the future people visited the current Earth for what they were doing and some suggestions to be done. It's more like a new SF story after MJ12 and Grey issues. But the new humanoid would be something that can change the form to be available as a radar only for the sensual function. I'm not telling much details but it was like F.K Dicks's story that I could write with U (The University Students' Paradise in the US region after the wars and land shifts in future) connections. The changing shape figure could be trying to show its existence to mimic a human form yet it had no further clear image of the human beauty as a common sense. It had a microphone or a electric fan device on the mouth area as a strange creature but that was a natural way of improving its image of the sound sending mechanism with the natural available forms to pick. Another example is the flattened dog or animal figure with a wide opened mouth with teeth out as a sensational image.

And I found out the Korean stalkers around me are mimicking such figure by just putting the electronic hand fan on their mouth areas. They showed up at Kotor and Zagreb bus station and traveled with me in the same bus to Budapest where I encountered the same Korean pair with the same electronic hand fan on one's face again after few days from the trip. Any idea where these electronic hand fans are sold? I thought the device was specially made for the gang stalking skits.

Here is the stupid Korean female stalker video. Enjoy.

München 2012 by Jane Bauer (6.00$) on sale!

München 2012 book on sale. Only 6$ for the DID, Goethe Institut, ASL, Prisma, Deutche Akademie, 4U Hostel, Meininger Hostel, few room share listed places from WG.de shared with the actual damage pics. Also, it got detailed information about what happened at Schöllhammer's place in Munich as well. Enough Germans stalking me for past 5 years till today. And is this the cause of it? This book might have the answer of their stalking.


27 August, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 26th, 2017

German cars and the one nearby with a Dutch car.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 27th, 2017

OSAM from August 27th, 2017, today. I just went out to the supermarket and the church today and ended up getting the cigarette butt thrown from the window of the ground floor room on Czengery 7 building and the family behind of me at the cashier in SPAR trying to run over my feet with the baby cart wheels. And a German logo T-shirt boy near the church. Some German, Romanian, and one Nigerian cars around.

19 August, 2017

Nazi and Muslim migration

Muslims migrated into Europe since 2013 or something. Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians and so on. And who lost wealth and money? Commoners. Singles. Tourists.

It was just the opposite of the Jewish welcoming time in Nazi Germany. Germans invited more refugees in while their budget got some problem like Spain and UK. Muslims got more family populations while anti-semitism and other human rights violation such as female rights are lost. Women's value is lost by the foreign cops and informants. Female items are often seen as available for the males - by the Islamic crazy people. Meanwhile, the mean Muslim women praised their security by let their males to insult women who are single and independent by let the girls go through the complete body search as their males claim the woman as suited for the Islamization teaching and even to claim them for their women.

Iranians were suited to add as the joint police force as they knew how to denounce women as only prostitutes and harshly accusing them. What is wrong with such craziness introduced by the aliens? The complete new law or social noun from others. I don't see any reason to be claimed as a Muslim prostitute while I slept in my private bed room. If it is in Iran or somewhere, there would be males invading the hotel rooms or what? I never wanna see any Islamic values where I stay. A sudden danger like trespassing the Savannah type problem with the wild primitive people from somewhere in the world claiming the women and female property as theirs. The Nazi tribe would be claiming all Jewish property as theirs and burnt Jews and others including Fr. Maximiliam Korbe in the gas chamber and crematorium. And the V2K speakers wildly telling me why they have to help others for the communism or Company Socialism.

The V2K speakers told me like they want to steal my luggage by claiming to be so big and could be including bomb or something. I need to film everybody around for my own surveillance camera for the anti-theft purposes. There would be Indians doing such a job, they say. The Muslims would just start assaulting me by trying to damage my property or steal directly in the bus or in the train. They could overcharge me sometimes already in the shops and that is legally done. So, I avoid any Muslims for the loss. Still, the perpetrators are around and looking for any Islamic sign on me. Should I just go around on the street showing off my German Nazi car CDs on sale and providing how the Nazis still out there for the danger on me while I wear the Israel flag like a cape? I'm not a prophet like Isaiah. I only know about the Future Research - the current 2 time traveling machines were broken a week ago by Chinese and Japanese trying to bring the portable umbrella sized flying device that can carry up to 48kg or so by the single rotation on the top. The China model was a parachute and the guy opened it up in the device while it had the mach class rotating. So, the Swiss vehicle damaged and another one in the Balkans got damaged by the Japanese who wanted to see the umbrella device to be functionable by traveling to the old past. The Swiss model was fixed by the Germans somehow - no German was accepted for the single trip though - in another location. I could go on about the time travel issues, but it's just something I could write about the future. The Germans may be in the South America wearing the black clothes with two white lines on its back as a long tail image from the bird view.  

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 16th, 2017

I made a mistake on the label. It's August 16th, the day after the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and St. Rocco's feast day.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 17-18th, 2017

2 days video blog.

11 August, 2017

Japanese mafia in Zagreb

Nae Yamada, Shigeru Wakamatsu, and Satoru Shiroya who is a New Sakigake Party member would be the gang stalkers in Zagreb. Shiroya killed someone from Hosei University recently and this Hosei University guy has some inheritance from his uncle later. Something to do with the Japanese mafia groups in Zagreb. I've heard their names from the V2K people.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 5-6th, 2017

OSAM from August 5-6th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 7-8th, 2017

OSAM from August 7-8th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 9-10th, 2017

The video from August 9-10th, 2017. Many Munich cars and one Dutch car.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 11th, 2017

I had a strange experience today. I moved the photos to my laptop yesterday at a cafe. I had a problem opening the Jana lemon bottle and tried to open it by hitting it on the table and a guy at the same floor tried to help me open it while I was taunting him as a monkey and filming him failing to open a bottle. The V2K speakers said that women would ask help from a man and such as if for the weak Muslim image making by the observers. I'm not a Muslim at all but the poor useless people would just claim someone as a Muslim and getting police money from the false eye witnessing. I have an Israel flag ready to show off for my safety these days. Well, when I walked to another cafe today, I saw many sisters on the street. I saw a German car OF... also. But I found nothing in my SD card from yesterday till the photo in the cafe! So, I used the data recovery software to see the deleted photos but nothing was existing but the day old ones. I had no idea how this data loss went from my Nikon AW130 camera of the year before. It never happened to me with it.

And here is the video blog. Look at the same couple showed up from the flower square to near my accommodation and a sister and a woman standing around.

02 August, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 19th, 2017

OSAM from July 19th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 21st, 2017

OSAM from July 21st, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 20th, 2017.

OSAM from July 20th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2017

OSAM from July 22nd, 2017. Last year was the Japanese ship invading Perast on the feast day. And this year was Boka Tour boat with full of Muslims. My Miki Tour boat got only few passengers in the return route back to Kotor. A woman with a Star of David pendant was in the boat.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 23rd, 2017

OSAM from July 23rd, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 27th, 2017

OSAM from July 27th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me July 28th, 2017

OSAM from July 28th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 29th, 2017

Here is the video from July 29th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 30-31, 2017

Here is the video from few days ago. More Germans in Zagreb. And I have no air conditioning room now. I could be in another location without saving money. Currently, I'm in a private room but the apartment got few other guests while the listing on the website had only one room for offering to be shared. The girl is called Matina and from Den Haag area and moved to an island with her family in Netherlands and she has been traveling round. She arrived on the day I arrived - yesterday. And today, there was a black couple to be occupied in another room. So, the rooms are crowded somehow.

19 July, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 18th, 2017

OSAM from July 18th, 2017. I moved from Guesthouse Vukovic to Marinaro Apartment in Kotor. A Japanese flag image clothes woman at the bus station. Some Chinese speaking women in th Croat car, DA 718 EM, at the apartment building when I was arrived. Then a Munich car M AN 9957 parked near the apartment. Some Dutch and more German cars around.

16 July, 2017

Guesthouse Vukovic and home invasion on July 16th, 2017

I think someone invaded my room last night. I found my Franciscan pendant and the Scapulars from Dublin were left on the kitchen table this morning. I wear them always and I have no idea how they were kept on the kitchen table at all. There was an elderly man came and stayed around 10pm in another room last night. There were guests from 2 old Hungarian women before and a solo traveling guy l saw also before. These two came and stayed twice at Guesthouse Vukovic in Podgorica.
I slept late last night because my room was hot. But I think I woke up around 7.30 by the alarm but I was too lazy and not really motivated to go to Don Bosco church after seen some Muslim beggars and hijab wearing woman inside. I've heard from the V2K speakers that the young people hit the heads of the foreigners who visited the basement area with the school and recreation faculty at the church building near the front door with the stairs. I'm not sure if the story is right, but I just avoid going that church for safety. They already got Muslims hanging around, why not to concern the safety? 

Well, the V2K speakers tell me that they want to work on the artificial heartattacks. And there would be the Chinese doctor to be brought in for the mocking a Japanese named patient... I know all the creepy Chinese experiment from El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.. I would be in Marinero Apartments in Kotor from next week. I could cancel it if it was free to cancel but now I must pay the first night fee. I might be sharing the information if they have the room invasion and even killing of me happens there.

15 July, 2017

Satoshi in Podgorica and Yasunori in Skopje as the gang stalkers

The V2K speakers told me that there is a Japanese medical student guy called Satoshi is responsible for the electronic harassment. He would be in Podgorica.

And there would be someone called Yasunori in Skopje from Japan and he would be the Muslim terrorist engaged in the monitoring of any Japanese staying or passing Skopje area. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 4th, 2017

OSAM from July 4th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 9-14, 2017

Here is the video of German cars including MY MG 1985 license number. Some Muslims and one Chico State CSU clothes woman at Delta City shopping mall from July 14th. And the nasty dog that tried to eat meat from my shopping bag when I was waiting a bus at the bus stop. I kicked the dog after the dog tried to eat my meat I bought in the shopping mall for making the grilled meat dinner. This dog trying to eat my pork and other meat happened after some future probe persuading me not to eat meats as the future people won't eat any meat or the animal carcass. Also, the future people won't into the water as the water line is contaminated with acid and dangerous. And the water could be included the human and "creatures" carcasses. I can write more about this 2041-48 model future. I've heard someone writing "Anno 2048" as the model book from such a story, but mine is more about the notes from the past communication with such future probe people from February.

06 July, 2017

"Munchen 2012" book is under the way

I'm trying to finish my book called "Munchen 2012" to explain all the problems of gang stalking and the strange skits at Goethe Institut, Prisma, DID, Deutsche Akademie, and one more. Also, the stories from Blutenstrasse 2 where Schollhammer family consumed marihuana and selling for 8€.

I had problem making "German stalker list 2012" for sale and I'm finishing this one first to add the photos and video links in the book. Finally I can concentrate on the blogs and writings.

Chieko Sasaki - Kleiner

I used to be a friend of Chieko Sasaki Kleiner in Barvaria area near a Franciscan cloister. She looks similar to me even in her 50s. I first met her in 2012 after my sister friend told me about the Japanese German living nearby during my last visit.

I've heard about her involved with the Japanese protestant groups and being a Catholic from her marriage. She used to be living in Stuttgart area as a sculpter as her job. My past visit to her home when I visited the cloister was the chance when I learned that she met someone from Tamano city in Okayama prefecture. She was also involved in the communication with Swiss churches. I don't know how she has been involved in the Swiss churches. But I think the Voice to Skull mentioned me about the ex-city hall worker in Tamano prefecture is involved in the home address and ID thefts, so it could be the same person she might knew and helping the stalkers.

Since I have problem of Muslims stalking me, so I guess I jsut share anyone who might be related with the Muslims stalking me. My last visit to Bad Saulgau was in 2013 or something and I saw some Muslims behind of me.. So, I guess, it is better just share anyone involved in the harassment.

04 July, 2017

Roof Top

I forgot to tell about the scary movie which had the scary visual images with some tricks to activate the imagination.

This story is from one of the Japanese speaking V2K people and they watched the movie and saw it very scary.

It is about the theater village in Ohio and a male called Phill went missing. Aimy is another character to be described. Bill is also in. A crazy woman was found in the hospital and saw the gorilla image on the window.

I just gave some information as the set up of the story. The typing is half done. But that was a fun story to read. If the movie would be released in future, I can tell how I've got the right story from the future visiting people's fun materials

Ah, I forgot about the "UN One - the Highway" book. It's the next generation material for the UN which replace the current US position after the debit and the chaos to come. Creatures? The scary human and animal hide created animal monuments to come 1/3 of the people would be in hanger, and so on. And that's the new U in the US. But I debunked a bit on FB and it seems only the males to be start punishing the female officers who are more like the anti-Islam types. Then, there would be no more women to get the children while the males gone crazy and violent against women and children s the natural way of their own desires to be fulfilled. 

Hungarian government and Soka Gakkai University Students

To be honest, I would just share what happened to the Future Research and the future writings to be given to me. Well, I write my own books but sometimes the Voice to Skull people gave me some information for writing the stories like the background stories from the location in the past.

Robert Heathrow is one of the author whose books are given to me by the US-friendly V2K people. There were bunch of V2K speakers who gave me other books. Japanese V2K speakers gave me "Diggy" and "Tom's Friday." The US-friendly ones gave me "The Pavilion" and "Aihabby" as an example and asked me to donate for the US Army. As long as these books are very popular in future as the best seller, I would agree for the returning the money. Well, "The Pavilion" is done, 2 and 7 are half done. A part of volume 3 is given recently but the location is not really good because of the Korean and Chinese stalking and even manipulating.

"Diggy" supposed to be the story shortly created by the UCB student in the classroom. So, it was quite short and funny. I was not asked to share it as it was just for fun with the auto typing and reading only.

"Tom's Friday" is the book from the future Norway and the author could be the same as "Tonic Shoes" one which is given partially recently.

But about the US-Friendly ones, I had some incident. There used to be the Hungarian woman who has been helping me typing up in Budapest sometimes and got some "line issues" there. The note taking in EU was hard as the stories are not to be given from the future time readers. And there was the rader issue of catching the communication. The woman who the V2K speakers introduced me as the first lady helped me typing a bit by relocating herself to be in the underground medical facilit in the island on the river. That one is one of the location safe for the emergency use for such a high official who can receive the communication from somewhere special. They say, that's from Nauts.

And it was in April when I was in Hungary and moved to Zagreb for the Jewish Film Festival. There were some incident I've heard about the fight between the different police groups. Japanese got some strange ones who were working for the Japanese SDF or the Japanese emperor's clan. The Hungarian woman visited Zagreb also for testing of the communication to be shared. I've heard she lost eyesight due to the reading the sensitive material when I was typing it up. Some said that people lost the eyesight due to reading of the sensitive information. In my case, I was typing up, so it was safe. And I heard that one time she was so upset from the hallucinating technique done by the monitors near Hotel Dobrovnik in Donj Grad when she was cooking something for the late meal. It was something to do with chili. Then she was forced to leave her hotel for safety due to unknown reason. Then she eventually lost her cane and went somewhere with the evacuation vehicle. Later, she was found nearly killed in the hotel elevator because of the Bosnian UN security guy. The Bosnian UN pair got two in the hotel and one to be trying to kill her while another to steal her bag with IDs from her hotel room. It was a long time ago story. But the woman was stripped off and was killed by some other people who were the opposing side near the lake to the West from Zagreb but not the one near the City Center One. The lake is more isolated location and got some others also got killed there before while they were asked to get there by other security forces. But the woman was revived as the clone to keep the things going. I've heard about her started making the hand made ice cream and later introduced to her friends in Zagreb but it failed. And there was one poisoning death happened to the old pair in Hungary. And she would be revived again and some Koreans showed up to complain the bone remains in their property. I've heard her working at the museum area on the hill to the west in Budapest. 

What went wrong is that the old woman had the meeting with Osaka people or in Osaka. Then she had some oggy time to be working with the Japanese group who are harsh against women. The male dominance is what these Japanese males would say and even try to use the electronic harassment devices to make some injury causing troubles. A sudden movement of the finger to make someone to drop something, etc. The old woman taunted me sometimes from yesterday. The Japanese V2K people told me that they pushed her with the sexual issues first and then pushed to talk about "governmental" and even talking about how to evict someone with "debit" problems. The old woman was bragging about the large household like a hill making and even claiming me to be on the debit to her to make a small car garage on the bottom area. And such imagination made me to guess how others who are claiming to be the estate handler to make the local shop and building owners tote create the situation that the room renters and shop customers to be vulnerable against their stories. The ownership for causing others to be weak and easily exploited. These V2K speakers said that "debit problem" is the easiest way to turn Hungarians to be working for the robbing from others. 

The old woman told me that she was working with the Okayama and Osaka university student groups in Hungary. These Japanese people could be telling the old woman and others that they could be easily killing the people with weak social ties while they exploit others for their own wealth making 

I've heard that she would be visiting Budva area in near future to make an arrangement that the she could claim the "debit" making possible by just sit in another table at a nice restaurant. Well, Nobu from Budapest has a restaurant in St. Stefan, so some Japanese agents might be working on the restaurant area for helping their mafia members to show up for such issues. Also, she said she would help the brain surgery on me remotely with the existing technology to help the Japanese university students who are eager to be working with her. 

The old woman taunted me about how she could order the local police to catch me in Budapest. We, I contacted the local Budapest police sometimes already about the Asian gang stalking and Muslims stalking, etc. So, I might contact the local Budapest police about the possible connection about such a threat. Me? I have the evidences of Germans stalking me in Budapest so many times. And I have the book copies.