24 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10-11, 2017

Ah, I forgot to add one more. This is the real last one in my netbook. I uploaded already, maybe.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 12-14, 2017

The last video from today. I'm tired now. It's already 1am. Ah, by the way, The Pavilion 1 is finished typing and just need to do some editing and spell checking. And I might share half of Chapter 8 for the peeping inside.
Somehow I was suggested by the V2K speakers to add the last one - The Pavilion 9, the last one to be on the book series. It was amazing as they could tell me how long it would go. I have the piece of 2 and 9. The 3 to 8 are unknown. But it is a big gigantic epic book series. The same characters go through till the end somehow. And Diggy is finished also for 5000 words area. It's a fun short story but the V2K speakers told me not to sell it as the short story award group or something.

Meanwhile, I'm on my way finishing München 2012 book. This one would be easily done after I add all the photos from that time as the evidence. It comes with the video links also. Beach! book is quite late as I was not in the mood typing something to go with an ukulele.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 15-16, 2017

Here is one more movie.


Organiezed Stalkers Around Me - April 17-19, 2017

Here is the video blogs from past few days.


23 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 20-21, 2017

The latest OSAM video is here. I was busy but now capable of using my Croat language netbook these days. Mapa is folder, you see? I'm learning to update my knowledge better than what I officially have as A2 shameful certificate. I could be ready in B1 or B2 in future for the Croat lesson if I like to get more fluent in the language.

Ah, here is the German car video. Germans are still near my hotel.

Some information and the corruption data about the Fusion Center

There are nice V2K speakers and the bad ones - the one speaking Japanese to me. So, there were some problem of the issues that some telling me the nice new poems they found and others causing trouble as they say they practiced some tricks like sudden fall of the stuff I put in my hand and the sudden electricity to trigger the muscle to release what I have in my hand to fall.

Well, I found the patterns here. If I were something normal like no boots and just the less stuff with me like the normal netbook only in the bag type fashion, the people would be OK. And the racism. The people would easily targeting the rare ethnic group at the spot.

So, I thought about writing the story about Fusion Center including the stories from the perpetrators in Munich. It could include the stories of the Japanese German guy who killed a Japanese migrant in the countryside of Peru or somewhere after moving to Mexico for the initial kill to be in the mafia member. The V2K speakers told me about the guy killed a man there and then killed 2 donkeys after he took a donkey to visit a poor village to be a guest like Jesus to conclude there was no Jesus around as his megalomania view. The guy killed a short man and put some straws on the donkeys and set fire at the poor village. So, no more donkeys in the village and that was how he made his name to be anti-Christ. Another issue was the Fusion Center making for the profit of the money sharing after catching people with the made-up crimes by the neighbors.

I bought a new netbook and it works fine now. Just the problem is the less disk space only 8GB or so left for my 64GB transformer. Well, I have few external hard drives and some SD cards. I just found some new way of using the sleek and slim netbook with less memory. It got new way to keep data around than my old ones.

13 April, 2017

What's Pavilion I?

Since someone could finish the book by adding or cut stuff up, so, I just share the brief summary of the book here. It is a book about four people to check the wind turbine moving eggshell flying machine created by a Russian scientist. The FBI agent, a British English teacher, 2 veterans from France and Italy try to check what happened to the school teachers and the kids inside. They could be having the Moon trip but no one returned from there.
There is the Earth Quake happened in Vienna area and it crashed Pula in Croatia devastating level. Croats were allowed to migrate to Italy without problem.

And the Pavilion 2 is about the ship to be found in Mars. And the heart broken Swiss man in the air ship followed to Mars to see if anyone inside survived. The self-sustainable eco system egg pod need a new resource and stuffs. And story is all about how the crews survived to be there.
The sisters and the Pope image would be also inside to do their tasks.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10-11, 2017

Here is the current video from Zagreb. I just got netbook cable problem and had to look around for past 2 days. I bought Asus Transformer yesterday. And I had the problem. I lost 16GB SD card containing the latest book drafts in it. I had the last version which was March 29th updated, so I lost 1000 words or so from the Pavilion 1 and about 18000 words from the Pavilion 2. These would be going to be up to 7 books in total. But not sure as the V2K speakers were busy and not always helpful about them. But, I think I was OK to share the chapter 8 of the Pavilion 1 for the test share to avoid someone stealing my work, I could do that with the test version front page. I used to write around 7-8000 words a day, so the situation is around 2.5 days of the whole day typing.

I think someone entered my room last night or during my shower time stole the SD card from my transformer netbook. I just put it on the socket last night and I just kept it in my computer bag inside of the side bag. I did not take out my PCs when I was away from my accommodation. And the missing card should be either in the bags or in my bed room only. So, that strange thing happened like this way.

Anyway, this is the video from past few days.


07 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 5th, 2017

The strange Asian and white couple. They came to Lidl supermarket and later I saw them on the street once again. There are not so many Asians around.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 2nd, 2017

OSAM from few days ago.

01 April, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 31st, 2017

I traveled to Zagreb yesterday and my bus was full of Germans and 2 large Asian groups. These Asian groups might be the Muslim extermists. I have the films of the Asian stalkers traveled with me from Zagreb to Budapest last year and a Chinese man traveled to Tehssaloni in the same bus this year.


30 March, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 29, 2017

OSAM from March 29th, 2017.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 30th, 2017

German bags in every metro vehicle and German cars outside of the restaurants. Funny things. I saw some Japanese groups around in Budapest. Also a Japan logo clothes man.

I'm traveling tomorrow to Zagreb. A safer location for typing and finishing my München 2012 book and possibly Beach! book before Jewish Film Festival there.


25 March, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 19, 2017

Here is the video from March 19th, 2017. The recent version. I have trouble finding the spot in Budapest for WIFI. My hostel got WIFI but very short time and disconnected so easily. Also, so many things happened around with the V2K speaches like the one telling me funny jokes and reading books type and the Jap cop type who says they are Hiroshi Misugi clan or something and they are related with the location.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 22nd, 2017

OSAM from March 22nd, 2017.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 23rd, 2017

I went to Kaifa Dent and the clerk told me if I was there for the appointment made by Gamel Hayashi. I don't know who it is and left the location for the suspicion.

It was a dental terrorism by the dentist located in Arabic written Kebab stores. I survived whatever danger they had.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 24th, 2017

The Muslim terrorist at Deli Dent yesterday at the time of my appointment at 8am. I tried to get a safe dentist in Budapest nd failed for few times. I was threatened by the Turkish/Japanese maifas who are involving with Germans stalking me 5 years almost everyday. When I don't go out, I got one outside of my hostel. How many Muslims would be working at dentists from early morning before 8am?? That happened to me and I'm contacting the local police for the possible assassination case. They could be killing Jews and Christians for the Turkish gangs's Project Istanbul to depopulate Budapest for their Muslim migration as EU populations.

I have problem at my hostel for WIFI and now there is an athlete type man cooking often with bacon in the kitchen and wearing Los Gatos Wildcats sweat pants. I know Los Gatos logo from the Silicon Valley but he might be the Muslim related guy as he talks with others while he has erection just like the Japanese translator at the Tivat police station.

11 March, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 10-11, 2017

OSAM from March 10-11, 2017.
A Polish woman who was heading to Sarajevo by bus to see some mosques there at the hostel. And today, there was this Chinese woman who came and asked about the dorm around 4pm and came back later for check in. She was with others later and was talking with a man saying he is a Serbian terrorist and such. Ah, I saw China would be at war against Japan and the US on an online news paper few days ago. Did I catch the terrorists in a pack talking about the secret tower and such in the hostel lobby?

I would share this 'terrorist' talk by these three or four guests to Tibettan NGOs, Human Rights NGOs, etc for fun. Say, I caught something fun today. And I hope no damage on my stuffs. Or I bring this terrorist talk by these suspicious people to the local police. I share it to Interpol for fun.

Someone else is organized stalker and terrorist and stalking and damaging my life. Now how can I get help to stay away from trobule? Someone else should pay for me by now.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 8-9, 2017

There was an Asian man showed up to Hotel Slavija around the check out time but he checked in. I saw a German car outside of my hostel. Not much things happened but just got gang stalking around and a German car.


06 March, 2017

Some mass murderers form Japan unleashed at Sarajevo?

The V2K speakers told me recently that they had this defamation with the ex-killers who are the bad enough to be in their gangs for their protection against the Muslim thugs. I've heard one of these killers would be the one who killed a secondary school student in Amagasaki or somewhere in Hyogo prefecture and was known as "Shool Killer" and he was a serial kids killer for awhile in the area. He was caught later and was a middle school student around that time. The V2K speakers told me that he was invited by Osaka and Okayama cops for the money making with some killer past people around and the ex-killers' jobs would be to claim one of the Japanese or Asians in the area had the past criminal records to make others warned. And a wrong person to be taken out as the killer by the real killer share the story to others and the group would get the group knowledge of the mass killing before as if to compete with the Sarajevo mass murder experience sharing people. They have this war stories yet the Okayama or Osaka or Kyodo cops did not have one. Only the war stories they could proud of would be the SDF workers and the news journalists visiting the Middle East.

I've heard the killer was rejected to be in Sarajevo team as he honestly said like he killed one in Tohoku region in Japan or something. The Japanese cops in Sarajevo brought more killers and criminals for preparing the war expansions on their own. The V2K speakers said that they installed the new smaller scuba oxygen tanks around Budva to Igalo and they would use it on the Japanese students if any wanted to dive near "Kosovo" where the Japanese Self Defence Force wants to keep an eye on. Kosovo is far from Montenegro beaches but that caution makes the military teams get funding for surveillance and the covert operation. And the trick of the oxygen tanks are like they are in the two sets for the use and one to be used is a defect one that got fire heated for awhile o make it explode when the cap got loose.  And if these kids were just exploded in the deep ocean area alone, or in the group of their own, no one cares.  Or others would think that was done by the terrorist wannabe divers.  Also, there were secret Japanee military bases built around in the mountain ranges of Montenegro mountains. A small concrete hole for the monitoring room is built into the concrete wall around the slope to the Spanish fortress in Herceg Novi area, the V2K speakers told me. they now have the route not far from the Bosnian border north of Risan. The location was used for the Chinese to park their trucks for the camping before and now the underground is occupied by the Japanese military friends from Bosnia. Bosnian Army got only Neum for the sea line. So, that was how they cooperated with Soka Gakkai Muslim clubs in Sarajevo area.  The route goes around the hill range to the north and the exit on Montenegro side is not far from Zelenika area. the V2K speakers told me the location not to be Risan as it would be suspicious. So, they made the extra few kilo meters of the tunnel with the machine "caveman 1" that could make a hole for 1km a night. But the volcanic soil made the digging easy and they could go 2 to 4km a night instead in some locations. So, thee people could be around for more kidnapping of the women and people for the Bosnian Army.

What about Shinichiro Azuma? The kids killer? The V2K speakers told me that he had a chance to make a trip to Budapest and were around on the Obuda side where Japanese mafia locates. He was with the Yakuza friends at the train station at Obuda or somewhere. He could be using "Shinichro Tosho" as his new name. Tosho means something like Eastern Business or something in Chinese character. That's a strange name, so it could be easily found at the border customs.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 5th, 2017

The strange hard hat man wondering around in the hallway and entering the rooms. Also, the hotel got 3.30am Saturday night and 5.30am Sunday night clubbing noises from the restaurant area. Admiral, the casino, next to the hotel was closed for an unknown reason. And my bathroom got ants in from the sawyer system even on the 3rd floor.

I'm finishing my book by this week. Already over 70,000words and still not finished the main part. I might find an ISBN listing on this one for the selling. Well, nothing much happened except I'm typing so fast for the full volume SCI-FI novel.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 3-4, 2017

I was sick last Friday and was vomiting and stayed on my bed for the whole day. Some people were mimicking my vomiting noise in another room. Some strange things happened like this way.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 1st-2nd, 2017

From Belgrade. Nothing but Germans around me always.


01 March, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 25-26, 2017

Another film from recent time. I could make few more later. Going out and getting perps around. Now what to do with such situation? I'm nothing hazardous at all. I'm just a writer typing new books at the desk or at the bed.


Organized Stalekrs Around Me - February 27-28, 2017

Here is the video from recent time. Nothing much I do but typing over 7000 words a day. It's incredible to have a thick fiction book material from near future. It covered some joint military stories and the Earth Quake from Vienna to Pula area. I don't know how far is fiction and which part is actually happening in future and covered. But it would be just a fiction book. So, it would be ok. So many twists and complicated character relationships like a bestseller story. But I still got these perpetrators doing the same skits here and there.


22 February, 2017



It is just the illusion or not?
We make mistakes all the time
But the mother nature gives us a love knot
That is never ever tied again

So what's the matter a star said
To the little princess in the sky
What are you going to be afraid
When you ever changing girl, don't be shy

So the Moon slept and slept
And once again it revealed the thought
Maybe I shall conquer the stars
no matter how small or the looks matters

When they fought on the Milkey Way matress
The stars are all died in the crown
That the Moon brought from its own synergy psychosis
Because that is the way how the queen
Is cheered and so to be born

Amsterdam once again
Now is the yacht in the harbor of Yokohama
To river of the Indian Ocean
Yet to see your smile in the Nile River

When to see a thing in the two
That's the love knot really revealed
Whining the Little Pooh with the little popo
And the handsome speaking fassy French using the word "doppo"

O Segnora dov'e la vacanza?
No soy in Ungern ali in Vienna
What kind of language
you speak doesn't matter

We all make mistakes
*Shiny and shiny*
So to speak is the last star
hidden in the Moon not to be conquered
I am here but you missed me
So what does it mean in the pee-kaa-boo game?

Thought of nothing
The moon smiled, and she kissed
Now the Love kills the letter
It is better not to be on the bet(but)later

The V2K speakers told me I will write this poem in future and it will become very popular, so I just share this one as well. I'm just curious how it looks cool.
It's about a small poor boy's story, the V2K speakers said.
Just read it loud and see how it goes smooth. That's what I liked this poem.



My love to Croatia
Firve sentences are enough

Individualism kill(s/ed)
Simply singly mindred.
Only the Yachts are beautiful...
   but the swimmers are killed, poisoned

the V2K speaker told me I will write this in future, so I typed it up and shared earlier :P

21 February, 2017

Kane D and the Ring of the Rings

The V2K stories once again. The V2K speakers told me that the Future Research Institute related with the US is located at  Kane D. (Candy, cane dee, or candee, pronounciation. guess what? canada)
So, this Kane D is an interesting anagram.

The Ring of Rings is the new title about the Lord of the Rings series. I don't know if it exists already or not, but the V2K speakers said that it is another popular book in future. It is written by the grandchild of the author of the Lord of the Rings. And it's about the aged hobit's story of how to protect the ring among them. They decided to create the similar dark colored rings and make the real one faked in the shape as the disguise. Then the members carry the fake rings with the real one among their own. Each member got one ring on their shoulder bin. The main character drops his ring down to the river from the high-altitude cliff path. He tries to commit suicide at that point to be down to the river. The members swore to each other that if they lose their own ring, they will kill themselves at that point for the safety not revealing the true secret of their own ring and the potentiality of others. But he was saved by the magician's magic to believe his ring is the true one as his hands suddenly get golden color and hand spread the shining. The magician tricked him to get the magical voice heard. He had the real ring so he was the true owner and the giver to the other one to the next generation down to the South from the river. It was the wonderful moment that he would be so powerful enough to be deceived by the ring to commit suicide yet the real one was next to him. As once they walked down to the river bed, they found the fake ring crashed down and bent and was in the shallow water with other colorful tools and stones.
The final ending? The hobit gets a child on his shoulder and carry the crossbow on his hand and departing to the dwarves' storytellers for the fighting. The big champion will take the kid.

I could get such information from my V2K speakers and I can type them down. Why am I typing my own book like "München 2012"? This book is already over 10,000 words and just need fore oore details in Nov-Dec time. More photos included and video links come with it. I would finish this book then "Gang stalking common sense" for the potential mega hit in Japan as the V2K perps know this book very much. 

Some perpetraters names

The V2K speakers told me about some perp names. Such as Mr. Oohashi who is an organ player working for the gossipping somewhere.

Takauji - who was the killer in Zagreb ended up switching his name to Takatou who was a poor woman killer in Hercegovina (they called Herceg Novi in Montenegro as so for the anagram) and brought him into the rented ship to catch his identities only and swapped his clothes to look younger than his own.

Something like these name leaked often these days. So, I just take the notes.

Organized Stlkers Around Me - February 21st, 2017

I saw a German car outside of my hotel and it made  a U-turn and moved away. I could add the photo link but I'm so lazy to do it here. Poor Tumblr. I don't have time to open it these days.

And some Asians around in the city.


20 February, 2017

Pot Mouse - the massive bestseller in future

The next big best seller like Harry Potter is "Pot Mouse." It's a story about a mouse phenomenon in a pot. The scientist had the mini mouse called "Nicki" and it died after eating its favorite curry. The mouse phenomenon was in the curry pot and the scientist tried to figure out what the pot mouse doing. The first edition is about the mouse to be found in his garage not yet theory made - and after the big bang theory, the mouse was found monitoring him in the google like tool instead of the scientist looking at him. No more heroes, bye. was the last mouse word and it banished. Then the party was going on in the tube. Then the scientist threw away his gadget for mouse ghost detector then he made it once again in the second book.
The Pot Mouse series has the total of 5 books. 1. discovery. 2. running away with cats. 3. sorry sleepy mouse but tell me your name 4. Is pot mouse ok? (the story of the big debate about mouse existing theory in Russia) 5. serenade. ( the emblem on pot mouse company for inviting children to the ghost ride in the dream space)
Future Technology department researchers as the part of the Future Research Institute division.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 19-20, 2017

This is the recent video from yesterday and today in Skopje. So many German cars around. Also, some Turkish cars. Nothing much happened but I'm working on my "München 2012" book about my life in Munich in 2012 the year before the German car stalking began. It comes with many photos and video links.


19 February, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 18, 2017

Just watch the video. I'm too busy now for typing here.


German car showed up in front of the hotel and some people with kids heading to the church when it was not the mass time. Turkish mafia around me also. Wanderlust cafe with coffee powder latte art. Who would make a latte out from the coffee powder on it? I studied latte art at Dublin Barista School and know how to make properly than cafes in Skopje.

14 February, 2017

Book - History 2035, 3005, and Beyond

"The future is created from the past" is the actual note on the future material called "Divided Not To Be" builder book. I made it as "The history is created from the past" instead of the first statement in my book. This book is all about the V2K speakers' speeches and explanations about the Future Research Institute. The last part of the book comes with the actually scanned drawings of the huture history and technology.

The current FRI study is called as History X and pronounced as Histories. That one is not really added here as the 2016 March-May edition.

A book - Scrivener and my writing experience

Here is the approx. 10 hours work about my first book written with the 30 days trial version Scrivener.  Nothing much my notes and expressing about my writing life and with Scrivener.

I would say this is a good choice if the version is Scrivener 2 that is the version sold in Mac already for a long time. Win version is still 1. So, you see why I just wanted to give a try and saw it still just enough. But it was a positive feeling with the destruction free writing tool with the character and space management tools. For the better indentation and front page image adding, Sigil or WPS Write was a better choice for me. WPS got picture compression function that helps to reduce the total volume of the file. Shall I write a tutorial book about Scrivener after solving some problems I had? Maybe, but I would rather just use some normal tools around for awhile.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 13-14, 2017

OSAM from yesterday and today. I published 2 books recently after "Kontro-san ni narou" and I didn't have any feeling to write here. Maybe, I just spend time with more writings. Ah, I just add the link for these books here after uploading this OSAM video.

Today, I saw a group of Asian males at a supermarket. There is not so many Asians. Only I saw before are numbered. I could make the quick jpg or pdf file of all the past Asian stalkers in Skopje by tonight if I want.


05 February, 2017

Kontro-san ni narou (Be a Mr. Control) and other workds told by the Japanese V2K Speakers by Jane Bauer

Kontro-san ni narou (Be a Mr. Control) and other works told by the Japanese V2K speakers
This book contains some works by the Japanese V2K speakers about how to cheat on others for the social control to get rich. Over 14000 words and 3.50 US dollars only.
What is this book about?
Book 1:Kontro-san ni narou (Be a Mr. Control)
Chapter 1: Kontro-san ni narou (Be a Mr. Control)
Chapter 2: Oyome-san ni narou (Be a bride)
Chapter 3: Campers - wild and dangerous
Book 2: Tsuyaku-san ni narou (Be a translator)
Book 3: Sengo 2000nen wa watashitachi dakenanoyo
( we are the ones thriving 2000 years after the war) by Lucky 5000
Chapter 1: Otoko to Onna (man and woman)
Chapter 2: Seifu no okane no kashikata
(how the money loan done by the government)
Chapter 3: Kaikake-kin to Kashikata (accounts payable and credit)
Chapter 4: Churchers? What’s that?
Chapter 5: Konoyo no subete wa okanemochi no tame nano yo (Everything on the Earth is for the rich people)
Book 4: Konoyo no subeteno onnna wa bokuno mono
(all women existing is mine) by Amachazuru
Information TohokuKyukou 2014
Chapter 1: Bousou u (heavey rain)
Chapter 2: Imotski in Croatia
Book 5: Jisatu sono toki (suicide at that time) by Ryokou Oshou
Information - Ryukyu shuppan
Book 6: Buta no innanaki (Pig Oinking)
Chapter 1: Anybody is Muslim
Chapter 2: Mitekudasai bokutachi no shasin
(Please look at our photos)

29 January, 2017

German cars around for today - 3 or more

I'm still in Thessaloniki now. But hopefully, I would be in Skopje and somewhere not expensive to stay for communication with some people and groups for the help. 5th year of Germans stalking is enough for me to get some help, you know.

I'm now in a cafe called Cafe Enu (u is omega sign). I don't see the alpha in the beggining but C but it ends with omega. C like Coffee comes before alpha here in Greece.

There is a German car outside the cafe is D:MA GU 112. There was a German car near the Thessaloniki church D:GL PS 3399. And one more was starting from D and I recorded the number n my video

I'm just dong few password changes to avoid any fishy DOT.TK registered at Amsterdam showing off Alexandria Hotel logo whenever I tried to check Chip.de and other sites. So, I would be safely in Skopje area for a little easier WIFI for adding my books and such.

I have a book to be done by next week called "Kontro-san ni narou" which could be published by the Kotor visiting Japanese people who did all the killing of Russians and such and even the book sales of 300yen from Asahi Shuppan was banned - the V2K told such and telling me the contents.
So, this book would be done. 

26 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 25-26, 2017

I'm in Creek area now. The V2K speakers told me that the US Army says Greek poor as Creek. There is the middle area down in the land and that is the Creek meaning.

OSAM from January 26 and 27th. A suspicious Asian man took the buses from Budapest to Thessaloniki. Only two passengers are Asians in the buses. So, I assume him as a stalker and he could be related with the home invasions and Muslim claims on their targets. I saw a nose bandaged man on my way to the metro station in Budapest and also I saw another nose bandaged man in a cafe in Thessaloniki. How often such a strange encounter happen with nose bandages? I had the sudden nose breeding on Dec 5th and it took a ambulance next day in Belgrade. And I visited the hospital in Budapest for the examination. At night I went to a restaurant and saw juice and pasta with bugs. Is this bug contamination normal in Greece? I don't know their food standard. There was a guy with the same Swiss logo cap man walking on the street. I filmed him just in case he is a perpetrator to claim his cap went missing or something and encourages others to steal or damage my cap for their fake crime story set up.

Ah, the V2K speakers also told me about the perpetrators plan of claiming mosque/Moskow supporting Greek Orthodox priests in the form of fest making for 60 of them and killing with the poisoned wine. The V2K speakers said that was funded by the US Army's Muslims especially the Turkish special agents with Skandivenia (Skandinavia and Herzogvina Islamic power in the Balkans for the war domination in the area).  


23 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 21-22, 2017

OSAM from January 21-22, 2017. Not much to share. I could add some photos but I'm too lazy to work with Tumblr. for photo share now. I need to finish the German car list by tonight. Only 2 hours till the midnight. I stay one more night in Budapest - hopefully another room. And I could do some posting of the mafia stories here and there if I have time.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 23, 2017

Well, I wrote about the missing rosary x 2. One of them was found in the netbook bag on the next day. It was strange as it went missing the night before and I searched everywhere as well as another one from Rue de Bac. The God Father's mother's rosary was found in the netbook pocket. But such small things makes me sick with the harassment like mind zapping to make me forget something I was planning to do but to do something else first and forget the another one on my plan. The V2K speakers told me that the Japanese medical students in Zagreb are now in Budapest for the practicing of such monitoring techniques. 731 unit medical students are still around in Croatia area for damaging Christians to loose rosaries.

Well, this is the second time I lost Christian item in Budapest. The first time was at Zsofy's house or something west from Nyugati train station. There was Scandinavian Asian woman was chatting with others. So, my Christian bracelet could be misused for something.

Today, I saw a German car near my hostel and a car with Arabic wheel cover. There were 2 Asian Muslims walking near my hostel when I came back. Later, I saw a group of Asian Muslims in the tram that I was about to take. Not so many Muslims in the city at all or you see them on my OSAM video. Also, no Asian Muslims till today. How come so many came near Kalvin Ter? Statistics would tell they are stalking me.


21 January, 2017

Dominik Panzio in Budapest - Fusion Center for slicing people?

The V2K speakers told me that Dominik Panzio in Budapest would be a location for the Fusion Center and they could start exercising chopping people down for the war game practice.

I stayed at Dominik Panzio once and I saw a woman with a Japanese kimono image bag showed up at the mass. Then there was a head covering Chinese and some Chinese group showed up to the mass as if for the community watch social pressure. The V2K speakers told me that the Dominican guest house has the basement for the Fusion kidnapping system. So, I decided not to stay there this time.

As far as I know, there was nothing stolen there. Just the gang stalkers stayed in the rooms near mine. Since my stuffs went missing missing when I stay at Downtown Hostel, I just thought about the option. If I stay at the Dominik Panzio, will it be better for me to stay there and have time praying rosary in the church? Well, the stalkers could claim me of stealing their stuffs and such.

So far, my rosaries went missing but not yet someone chopped me up. Anyway, Budapest is not really  a good place to stay for Christians. Bad people always hate foreigners and harass them.

My rosary stolen - another one

I have several rosaries with me. I bought some here and there. I have been using the one I bought at Rue de Bac for about a year. And it went missing since yesterday. I saw it till I visited Dune Medical Center on 19th. I checked my Samsonite poach and it was there while I searched my passport.

And while I was trying to sleep tonight - it's 6am already now - the V2K speakers reminded me of my plastic rounded small can with a small rosary which was given by my God Father's mother. It was in my netbook bag pocket. I had some micro SD card with the rosary in the same case. I kept it in the same spot in the netbook bag for a long time and it was in my porter bag. Well, I don't have to check all the stuffs everyday as they should be there. I think I saw it last time was probably at Hostel Midnight Grooves. My memory is quite blur but it was the time I thought of checking the contents of the micro SD card in the rosary. I forgot what was inside when I was uploading the photos from the micro SD card from my camera.

Rosaries are hated by the Japanese SDF or Navy stationed in Bosnia and Pula area, the V2K speakers say. Also, Bosnian Army targets rosary as Medugorje teachings says it as a weapon. So, these Muslim police and Muslim police students want to crash the rosaries for the harassment. Islamic religion is only destroying others religions and freedom. I don't understand why this kind of facism is done for the victim who is claimed to be Muslim or dangerous. And others just laughing of such thefts.

I'm just experiencing the communist time harassment on myself. Was it like this during the religion banned era? And only the police is accepted in the church mass and church activities while Muslims checking someone to look like Islam and trying to strip off their rights for the eventual all property stealing?

I didn't know someone entered my room and steal something such tiny and only valuable for Christians. How can I prevent someone invading my room? I stayed more time at home, so nothing could be missing or damaged when I stayed at Guesthouse Marija in Zadar where a German speaking man stayed next to my room quite a long time everyday.

Morgan Stanley employee taking a mug out from bakery

Here is the funny theft I saw yesterday at Milnar in Budapest. An Indian guy took a mug out from the cafe on his way to his office. Indians often steal information for their jobs but some are actually taking small things from cafes and restaurants. Funny, huh? Now, perpetrators should take these thieves out from Budapest instead of someone who got theft reports to the local police stations here and there.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 18-20, 2017

Here is the video about past few days. I saw some German cars and others like Turkish and Bulgarian ones in Budapest.

I think the V2K speakers are now engaged in the company program and they make profits together from telling lies together. Also, they make the stock system and dividing the wealth of their target as if to get the profits from stock trading. They could take something from the target for fun and driving the victim crazy. Well, my rosary I bought at Rue de Bac went missing. I always kept it in my Samsonite poach for a long time. It's a wooden rosary with a miraculous medal. On 19th, I saw it came off from my Samsonite poach on the floor next to my bed in morning. So, it was there when I put it back in my poach that day. Then I went to the hospital in afternoon. I only took out my passport and phone from the poach for that day and kept them back. Today, I went out and had the chance to check the contents of my poach at Starbucks and it was not there. And I checked the bags when I came back and I didn't find it. Now, the place is crowded with guests despite of the off season. At least, I saw my rosary at the reception in the hospital when I took out some stuffs from the poach. And my poach was tightly closed and was on the desk at the doctor's office when I tried to open it and to show the photo copy of the information. And then, I don't know where it went. It was a strange way of losing a rosary. Well, Divino Amore key ring was once again found in the souvenior bag - only few items in it and how it went missing??? So, I don't know how the rosary would be popped up once again or gone forever. It's sick to feel something like this by the gang stalking.

Well, just enjoy Morgan Stanley Indian guy stealing a mag from Milnar bakery in the video. I just feel fun fro making the theft known everywhere to piss the idiot off for a laugh. Bad guys should be shared like this way. And I can make him a scapegoat of rosary loss.