21 December, 2017

"The Korean Movie School in China" book on sale!

The Korean Movie School in China

This book has 26 episodes and two extra stories about the pervert theater stories. There was a movie school in Guangzhou region of China to encourage the young kids to learn how to aim for the Hollywood jobs. The school taught more about how to be ready to expose their nakedness as a part of their way of choosing the professional careers from no fame level. These students were asked to make a show on their own and one student to be naked in each show as the part of the passing test on their own to be ready for anything as a professional actor/actress. It has over 65,000 words in over 100 pages length. The story information was obtained through the Voice to Skull speakers and it was written within a week around the middle of December 2017.
You can watch 25% of the book on the above link for free. And it is a book you make the price on for the purchase.