23 August, 2011

The white smoke from Fukushima plant might include tritium.

No body really talk about the problem of tritium released from the Fukushima plant. It supposed to return to Japan via rain water during the rainy season. Most food examination does not check all the radioactive contamination in the food or drinks. They mainly check only cesium.
A blogger mentions about the release of tritium through the white smoke. I wonder how much tritium intake is happening to the fishes.

Here is the picture from the related website article. It looks like a scene from an action movie, isn't it? I'm still expecting a game maker creating a computer game like S.T.A.L.K.E.R based on Fukushima incident.

22 August, 2011

Nazis? The new depopulation program via gang stalking

As far as I studied gang stalking around over 10 countries, I learned similarities and some specific characteristics that I haven't mention before.

  • The V2K perps has the ability to create the EH effects while the local perps cannot do that while they are around.
  • The EH might have a problem of setting up the harassment on the individual on the top bed in the bunk bed.
  • The EH symptoms would be less if the area is crowded in a small room. Like the V2K, they cannot increase the volume.
  • The EH symptoms can be easily increased in a concert hall, a cathedral or somewhere that reflects sounds. Also, the hearing problem might happen like the hardness of hearing the echoed speeches.
  • The symptom that turns the victim's mouth to speak up what the V2K perps says can happen after the intake of food or drinks that was not randomly chosen and the effect can start approx. after 3 hours.
  • The sudden sick feeling of vomiting, gas expansion in the intestine, headache can be happen with the ultrasonic device while someone stands right behind of the victim for awhile like in the church. I experienced this while I stood on the back and there was yet someone stood behind the glass wall.
  • Foreign perps often show up together like 2 to 3 people or more large scale.
  • The V2k perps might have the decision making on how
  • The V2K might start in the foreign language of where the victim lives. But it will switch to one's native language later.
  • The V2K teams are the same group of people for many years. Their recruit time would be around May to June in Japanese perps' cases. The number of the V2K perps are the same at their work like 2 to 8 people.
  • When the V2K perps' number increases, they can create more severe EH effects on the target.
  • Some V2K perps are mean, and they can just try to add some EH effects to bully the victim for fun.
  • Local police officers might work with perps. Also, sometimes military officers appear among the perps.
  • Macedonian perps work with Montenegrin perps. They often show up together. They might be the real intelligence team as these countries are relatively small.
  • The local perps know what they are doing, and they just do it together while they have the strong relationship.
  • The V2K perps can send anyone to match their surveillance plan from any people with different nationalities. Sometimes, they can send certain groups who are available at the area.
Where the Nazis went after the members merged into the CIA aka OSS? The ex-Nazis people spread around the world. No one knows what happening to the gang stalking. Most people don't know the word or others say it is the imagination of some delusional people. It's the geopolitics of controlling everything among these ex-Nazis people. They create the strong (extremist-like) connection in the local area. And the targeted people got no ware to go as if they are given the "yellow star badge." Their human rights are ignored and others tried to surround the person and make the one the gone insane from their covert operation or to become aggressive against their never-ending bullying. Once you are on their watch list, you will be harassed till you are locked in the prison or mental hospital where their professional friends can use them for human experiments. Nothing different from Nazis time, isn't it? This time, they are taking down the people based on their favor like easily bullied, politically incorrect, etc. The world got just too much of these ex-Nazis grand children. How about sharing the information of the perps? Their parents or bosses at their work might be working for the Nazis or the secret police.

21 August, 2011

What happened to the used fuel stored on top of the plant? No one tells about how much fuels remained in the plants nor how much disappeared to the air. Congratulation for the people in Fukushima. They can sue the government if they get cancer. 100% cancer fatelities would be possible for the group suing on Fukushima's case, isn't it? TEPCO might ask them to be dead before start the lawsuit to prove the relationship with the fatality study, though. How many people got cancer already? They might look healthy but they might be the late stages of multiple cancers. The doctors might just check the full body counter for the radioactive while they ignore to check the cancer examinations if it's not listed on their procedure.

Beyond the diseconomics and the proliferation and terrorism risks of plutonium, there are also severe safety and environmental hazards. Plutonium is fiendishly toxic. A speck of it the size of a pollen grain, if caught in the lungs after inhalation or in bone after ingestion, can cause cancer. A severe reactor accident with plutonium-based MOX fuel in one-third of the core will result in 100% more latent cancer fatalities than if the core was made up entirely of conventional uranium fuel. Such an accident with an all-MOX core would kill 300% more people than with an all-uranium core. (See NCI Scientific Director Edwin Lyman's "Public Health Risks of Substituting Mixed-Oxide Fuel for Uranium Fuel in Pressurized Water Reactors," Science and Global Security, Princeton University, 2000, Volume 9, pp. 1-47.) www.nci.org/pdf/lyman-mox-sgs.pdf

20 August, 2011

German says 8Bq/kg is the limit for food and bevarage intake

German says underage people should not eat or drink something that contains over 4Bq/kg of cesium. For the adults, 8Bq/kg is the limit. Their study is based from the Chernobyl accident. Currently, Japanese rice might contain 52Bq/kg of cesium. Japan's legal limit is 500Bq/kg. Isn't it amazing to see how two digits different from what German thought safe and Japanese thought safe??? I'm sure no one would die from eating steam rice containing 499Bq/kg of cesium. But in a long run... well suicide is about 6.5 times higher than the death by the traffic accident. Probably, these who got sick from cesium would simply kill themselves or made it look like suicide by the Japanese intelligence killing them.

Hey, I have a suggestion. You can sell to Japan the foods that could not sold to Germany because of not passing 8Bq/kg limit. That sounds safer than those blended foods mixing the local ones with from Fukushima in Japan.

未成年者は1kgあたり4ベクレル(Bq)以上、成人は1kgあたり8Bq 以上のセシウム137を含む飲食物を摂取しないことを推奨
ドイツ放射線防護協会が、福島原発事故の発生後の日本において、放射線核種(放射性物質)を含む食物の摂取による被ばくの危険性を最小限に抑えるため、 チェルノブイリ原発事故の経験をもとに考察・算定を行い、以下の提言を行っている。
1‐放射性ヨウ素が現在多く検出されているため、日本国内に居住する者は当面、汚染の可能性のあるサラダ菜、葉物野菜、薬草・山菜類の摂取は断念すること が推奨される。
2‐評価の根拠に不確実性があるため、乳児、子ども、青少年に対しては、1kgあたり4ベクレル(Bq)以上のセシウム137を含む飲食物を与えないよう 推奨されるべきである。成人は、1kgあたり8Bq 以上のセシウム137を含む飲食物を摂取しないことが推奨されるべきである。
3‐日本での飲食物の管理および測定結果の公開のためには、市民団体および基金は、独立した放射線測定所を設けることが有益である。ヨーロッパでは、日本 におけるそのようなイニシアチブをどのように支援できるか、検討すべきであろう。
(http://infosecurity.jp/archives/10141; http://icbuw-hiroshima.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/322838a309529f3382702b3a6c5441a31.pdf)

FBI's relation to Nazis - and how TIs are targeted by them

Deborah Dupre has been sharing excellent articles about targeted individuals and the secret experiments. This time in the part 3 of her articles, she tells about William J. Tayler's story. Tayler handles TI cases and has experiences on detecting the covert devices.

The most interesting part of his story is that how young agents are hired to go to the bars to buy alcohols in order to make the bars closed for the illegal sales. I have seen many young teenager type gang stalkers. They smoke and drinks a lot, mean while others don't care about what they do. They seem to protect them as the whole gang stalking team. Also, they make the claim against the TI that he or she is pedophilie or interested in underage person. Meanwhile, these gang stalkers put very small kids on their laps and shaking their hips in public. How many innocent merchants are targeted by the FBI to shut down? I'm assuming that the purpose would be their members can purchase the store for "Under the New Management" flag to replace the good seeds with the bad ones. Like how Jews taken away from Nazis countries, or how Japanese American properties are seized by the US government during WWII.

For fifty years, Taylor has been on the front lines of America’s secret under-belly where Nazi human experimentation, torture and energy weapons are applied to American targets to control and kill them through slow-kill or fast-kill means.

For the past thirty years, as a human rights defender, Taylor has had the professional background and technology to prove remotely applied technological cruel and unusual punishment used in the program to silence whistleblowers, other dissenters and others, mainly ordinary citizens but also some very high-profile persons.

“I started working for the Secret Service and FBI when I was 16 in Cape Canaveral,” Taylor said. “My neighbor was an undercover FBI agent, and they needed a young person to go into bars to get served alcohol so they could shut those bars down.

“In those days, so many Nazi scientists worked out of Cape Canaveral,” he said, referring to Operation Paperclip. “People thought of that area as having many rocket scientists but they had no idea how much human experimenting was going on there. That's where plenty of the Nazis settled and worked.”


18 August, 2011

Dr. Purrizzo and Project Superhuman

I read this story recently, and found the situation very similar to what happened to me at San Jose State University. If the doctors or teachers in high position knows psychiatrists, they can send students or anyone in lower position to mental hospital to win in the argument without evidences to prove their side. Dr. English-Lueck knows Dr. Sivertsen. Dr. Sivertsen knows Dr. Kent at El Camino Hospital. Dr. Kent works with Dr. Peter Newsom, Dr. Charles S. Lau, Dr. Burr, and so on. How many doctors can make a covert researches using their own kids and others they pick without giving the informed consent? Setting up to make someone fall for drinking steroid would be easier with gang stalking members, isn't it? I think that is how the perps are hired these days. If an athlete goes to a cafe and order a coffee, the waitress would bring a coffee and a glass of water. He would simply drink both without any suspicion. How about the cafe is owned by the parents of the students who goes to his rival school? Or the students from his rival school working as a waitress? That's how the gang stalking can destroy anyone's career or everything through the ethically wrong actions by the fun-seeking group of mobs.

Ah, by the way, Project Superhuman relates with the kids whose parents work for the US military forces. Similar story happened in the kindergarten in South California and the children made the confession that they were brought to basement or met very famous people. The ruin had the basement tunnel. McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, CA got more children went through mysterious abuses.

This works so well that many of the parents and teachers think that I am now doing steroids. I am not, but the situation snow balls into some kind of "witch hunt" and they make me take a steroid test. What happened was as I am working out one day Father Jack (the local priest who is always hanging around the kids and the football team) comes into the weight room as I am working out. He says to me "Andy, there is a lot of talk about your steroid usage, and if you admit it to me right now every thing will be all right." "Father Jack" I said "I don't use steroids." He says "I'm going to ask you one more time to admit to using steroids." I look him right in the eye and I say "Look Father, I DON'T use steroids." And he got very angry and says to me and I will never forget this "Don't ever speak to me again you f*cking liar, they are going to hang you by your balls and I am going to be there to watch!"

A few days later Jeff Brown (one of the kids on the team) comes in to the weight room and tells me that Father Jack wants to see me at the grammar school as soon as I am done. When I finish my workout I go up to the school and Father Jack is waiting for me impatiently. He grabs my arm and I get brought in front of some kind of panel in the basement of the grade school located down the street. There are four members of the panel and the rest of the room is filled with teachers and parents. Dr. Purrizzo who is the chief orthopedic surgeon at valley hospital in Bergen county New Jersey. Bergen county is the third most affluent area in the country, and the towns of Saddle River and Ramsey are in the top towns in the country in terms of wealth. Dr. Purrizzo is a heavy heavy hitter in the area if you know what I mean. When President Nixon, who resided in Saddle River before he died, hurt his knee playing tennis Dr. Purrizzo was the surgeon who performed the operation, and for a while was on the Presidential list of referral surgeons. I am standing in front of the panel and he starts pressing me to "admit" that I am doing steroids. And I keep answering that "I DIDN'T DO IT!". He keeps pressing me saying that among the panel they hold seven PHD's and he thinks they know what they are talking about so "make it easy on yourself and just admit it". And I keep telling them that "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU SAY AND I DON'T CARE WHO YOUR ARE AND WHAT YOUR CREDENTIALS ARE, I DIDN'T DO IT!"

He tells me to take off my shirt to the show the acne on my back, but there is no acne. This sort of thing goes on for a while and he finally tells me to "take off your shorts or admit to doing steroids". What could I do, so I took off my shorts and I volunteered to give a urine sample. I had to piss in a cup in front of the panel as well as everyone else wearing only my sneakers. He is very pissed at me and does not give me my shorts back for quite a while. This whole time one of the other members of the board is Dr. Purrizzoís friend. He is a Psychologist and between the two of them they now start saying that they are going lock me up in for being mentally insane if I don't admit to taking steroids. And again I say "LOOK, I DIDN'T DO IT!". This goes on and on. I had gone through a whole defense proving that I didn't do it and no matter what I said and no matter what proof I presented I was going to be hanged whether I did it or not. Finally I say "Tell me how you know that I take steroids, what's your proof, do you have a camera in my house or something, how do you know?" Finally after much persuasion from the crowd and from myself reluctantly, he begins to explain that he has a degree in genetics, and that he has been studying my genetic code for years. He then goes on to explain how his son's genetic pattern is superior to mine in terms of dominate DNA markers. He had been doing a private "thesis" study showing how through superior genetic breeding and steroid usage he could create a superior human being. He had a test subject and a control subject.

His son was the test subject and I was the control subject. He had been injecting his own son with steroids for years and since his son's DNA pattern was superior to mine, his son, in theory, should have been more physically developed then me. And since he wasn't, Dr. Purrizzo's only explanation was that I must have been taking steroids as well, and he must prove that I was or else his life's work would have been wasted.

This was all a great theory, however the fatal flaw where he had made his mistake was that he had assumed that I was of Italian background because my last name is "Pero". So he was comparing my DNA patterns against the same ones he had used for his son who is Italian. He never bothered to ask if I was Italian, I am NOT. My background is Hungarian, Romanian, and Czech. This makes all the difference in the world, and I manage to get out of there unscathed.

When the test comes back, it is negative, and I tell all those involved that they can go "stick it where the sun doesn't shine." The whole episode is quite funny as I turned their "witch hunt" into a circus, especially my defensive strategy. For the rest of the school year all the people who were at the trial all gave me the dirtiest looks imaginable. All because I had the utter nerve to stand up for my self and say "I didn't do it!" This was Ramsey New Jersey, and the feeling in the air was that they didn't care if I was falsely accused they would not stand for a child talking to them in that manner.

It was all videotaped, and at one time there were several copies floating around. Anyway, as a result of this, I stop using this technique for the present time. But that was far from the end of Dr. Purrizzo. I am 18 years old and in the second half of my senior year of high school. This experience was very scary for the reason that I saw the "adult" world for what it really was. As a child you grow up believing that all adults are "all knowing" and are on top of things. But as I stood there and Dr. Purrizzo is telling me that if I did't admit to taking steroids that he was going to have me committed to a mental institution and have a lobotomy performed on me. As I looked around ALL the other adults just stood around like scared sheep. Not one of them said a word in my defense. This was the strangest feeling, seeing the adult world as a child for what it really was for the first time. I realized then that adults are exactly the same as the children, only they are bigger. There is one bully that runs the show, and everyone else just stands around scared to say anything. Just as they do as children.

Now and for the past several months college football recruiters have been in contact with me both by mail and personal visits as the selection process narrows. I should have been already "signed" by a major University. But since Hyman made me disappear from the college scouts for two years by not playing me. I had fallen out of the "Blue chip athlete loop" and I am now scrambling to find a school. I am talking to two or three smaller division two and division three schools as well as Penn State. Penn State had been where I wanted to go all along but Hyman was trying to cover for what he had been doing to me by lying to the Penn State coaching staff, sending them the wrong films, telling them different statistics things like that, because he didn't want to have to explain why I didn't play at all as a sophomore and hardly as a Junior. Finally he gets exposed, and Penn State offers me a scholarship for my first year and then a "full ride" after that. I was going to get free room and board, all I had to pay for was books and classes (an out of state student was going to be about $3000).

It is the track season, at the county track meet (the championship meet). I win the discus and set the county and state record with a throw of 167 feet and 11 inches. I finish second in the shot put with a throw of 57 feet and 3 inches. AT THIS MEET I VIVIDLY REMEMBER SEEING THE TWO MEN IN MILITARY UNIFORMS WATCHING ME. They were right there, for both events and watched me set the record.

Ever since I had gotten my drivers license I used to like to unwind a little before going home. So I would ride around the area and play music in my car. A few days after the trial while riding around a bronco type vehicle is flashing their headlights at me from behind, so I pull over. This happened on West Saddle River Road, and I pulled into a small parking lot right next to the red building where my step mother used to sell real-estate. It is Mrs. Purrizzo driving the bronco, she is an incredibly beautiful woman (late thirties with a lot of plastic surgery). She was at the trial and during it lets just say that I had made her blush when I was standing in only my sneakers. There is another woman with her. A woman I had never seen before. She had long black hair and dark eyes she was even more beautiful that Mrs. Purizzo. They tell me to get in the back of the bronco (when you are 18 years old and two of the most beautiful women you have ever seen tell you to get in the back of their car it is difficult to resist) so I play along and I do.

Mrs. Purrizzo hands me a small plastic shot glass (like something you would see in a hospital) it has some kind of clear liquid in it and she tells me that it's water and I must be thirsty and that I should drink it. I'm thinking to my self "she has got to be kidding if she thinks I'm going to fall for that." I take the glass and pretend to drink it behind the high back head rest of the drivers seat but in reality place it still full on the floor mat behind the drivers seat. The women then start to giggle and make small talk by telling me how handsome I am, and how big and strong I am. I know exactly what's going on and I play along. I return the complements by telling them that they are the most beautiful women that I have ever seen, and when I look in their eyes I become lost floating on a sea of dreams. I made both of them blush with that one. Then they ask me if I am ready to go with them. "Go where" I ask. "To the hotel room of course" Mrs. Purrizzo answers. "You can go to the hotel room if you want to but I am going home" I say. She asks me "are you sure you don't want to come with us?" she asks. "Positive" I answer and I start to get out of the bronco. "Oh yea" I say "Here is your water back" and I hand them the small plastic shot glass. They look at each other and cannot hold back their smile and look away and to the floor. I get out and say "see you later". I get in my car and drive home.

The next evening at about the same time, but in the exact same spot, and in the exact same car the two women pull me over again. And again I pull onto the same small parking lot on West Saddle River Road. I get out but this time I go only to the window. Mrs. Purrizzo has the drivers window rolled down and says to me "Andy, can you kill this for me" and hands me a coke can with just a little bit left of something left in the bottom. Again I am thinking to my self "who the f*ck does she think she is kidding with this." I say "SURE" and I take the can of coke from her and walk over to the dumpster and toss it in. I walk back to the car and I can tell from the look in her face that she is pissed off. I say "anything else" and I turn my back to her and walk away. I get in my car and drive away.

The next night the same thing happens, in the same spot at the same time. I pull over and get out of my car angry. As I walk over to her bronco I say "Look this stupid game has gone on long enough". She interrupts me and says "Andy, PLEASE just get in because we have to talk." I say "NO", and she begs "Andy, PLEASE!" As she almost has tears in her eyes. Like an idiot I reluctantly get in. This time they have a bottle of Vodka with three small plastic shot glasses. The woman with the black hair pours the three small glasses full and hands me one. I had had enough and I say In a rude tone "DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT I AM SO STUPID TO BELIEVE THAT THAT'S REALLY VODKA IN THAT GLASS!" She says to me "were sorry for fooling with you and want to make peace, will you have a drink with us?" I knew from the get go that what ever she was giving me had to be drugged with something, but at the same time I felt somehow that there was going to be no getting out of this. I was not afraid of Dr. Purrizzo because I really never did steroids and I had nothing to hide, I just wanted it all to be over. So I thought about what to do and finally I said to her ""MRS. PURRIZZO I WILL DRINK THAT GLASS OF WHAT EVER IT IS ON ONE CONDITION AND ONE CONDITION ONLY! IF YOU SWEAR, IF YOU PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT LET THEM HURT ME. DO YOU SWEAR YOU WON'T LET THEM HURT ME!" And of course she swears that she won't let them hurt me, and of course like an idiot I drink the glass of "Vodka". I am out with in seconds.

When I wake up I am in a hotel room. I am sitting in a chair and it is very difficult to keep my eyes open, but I can make out several dark figures in various spots around the room. I couldn't keep my eyes open but I could hear. They had given me sodium pentathol and were now going to get the "truth" out of me. I can barley see him but I know it's Dr. Purrizzo. He starts asking me questions. "Andy what kind of steroids do you take?" "I don't use steroids" I answer. I can hear him cursing as he asks me again, "Andy, you wouldn't lie to me would you, I'm going to ask you again, What kind of steroids do you take." And again I answer "I already told you I DON'T USE STEROIDS!" and I hear him ranting and raving. His friend the psychologist then comes over and asks to take a try. The line of questioning changes from direct to indirect questions. He asks "Andy, tell me, where do you buy your steroids?" I answer "I have never bought steroids." He asks "How long have you been taking the steroids?" and again I answer "I've never taken steroids".


And, don't forget this: Dr. Peter Newsom, Dr. Kent, Dr. Charles Lou, Dr. Burr, and other psychiatrists at El Camino Hospital can create a false records of the patients who visited the hospital. It happened to me and thy tried to lock me up for whatever they made up. Also, don't trust Dr. Wigsysivertesn at San Jose State University, or she could claim you as suicidal or dangerous and send you directory to a mental institution using university police officer like Sgt. Laws. CIA operation? You guess...

16 August, 2011

Same tampering damage appeared on my long sleeve shirt.

On July 12th, I posted the information of how my T-shirts got holes with the same shape. It happened to the belly area to the left. I found the same shape holes on the wrist areas of my long sleeve shirt. I don't wear them during the summer but I use it when I got laundry problem and got nothing else to wear. I wear it with my sleeves tacked up to look like half sleeve one.

And this is the visual explanation of the typical damage. These cuts got pig foot like cut on the both sides of the rounded hole. I don't now what kind of tool or cause can create such a strange shape hole. If you are a TI, do you have something similar damage to your clothes?

14 August, 2011

Japanese perp list - test version

I made the test version of Japanese perpetrator facial information PDF. If you are interested, you can download it from here. It's nothing much but the old information. It would be easier to create the region level perp information PDF, thus the TIs in the area can be aware of who can trick them or make the false witnesses.


The future view of Japnese products

The Japanese government wants to spread the highly radioactive contaminated materials around the country so that all regions get the damage equally. It helps to reduce the polarized damages near Fukushima and TEPCO's crime won't be claimed through the actual data.

Is this good for Japan? The answer is no.

Basically, the result helps to increase the health risk around the Japan relatively even. However, that means the foreigners trying to visit Japan must take the health risk of eating or drinking or even purchasing the radioactive contaminated products. There is no clear policy for health risk of the travelers. Say, if someone travel across Chernobyl, that person would get certain warnings as the area is not for tresspassing. Japanese government did not do such even for the hotspots around Tokyo. It's already Chernobyl Level 3 amount of contamination.

Moreover, the Japanese products are produced based on the functionality yet the safety measure went behind. If you purchase a Japanese pen, it might have cesium contamination in the material. You could use the one from China or Mexico with less radioactive contamination. What if it is a camera or a computer? If you buy more Japanese products and surrounded with them, you are making the environment with radioactive contaminated goods. In a long run, you never know what will happen to your kids or your family members. It's like eating Sushi with Japanese rice for a long time. It got contamination and eating increase the internal exposure to the radioactive material. There are only few options to reduce the exposure once it's taken into one's body.

Anything with Fukushima as the place of product got bad images. The future would be anything that comes with Made in Japan tag will get certain bad images. Who is responsible? Of course, the Japanese government.

10 August, 2011

The Virgin Mary logo anchoring

I haven't see the Virgin Mary logo anchoring for awhile. But I got one yesterday. I took a long bus trip and a man sat in front of me had a wallet full of US dollar notes. And the man sat on the left side seat across the alley had a bag with German VM logo. The two men sat on the row behind of my seats looked like veterans. And the women sat near the rear end can speak multiple languages like Spanish and French. It was a typical gang stalking perps. Here is the logo of the VM. Why German? I think the German perps don't like me studying German bible. The damage? I found a padlock missing from my suitcase.

Perhaps, I will add an information of the characteristic of gang stalking for talking a bus trip. It might be similar for any TI as the perps use the same technique everywhere.

06 August, 2011

Weather in Japan - from Switzerland

The German forecasting service was forced to stop the prediction of Japanese nuclear weather forecasting. However, Swiss forecasting got their own. Enjoy the prediction. How about creating extra section and getting a huge bribe from Japanese government to shut it down? Any other countries? It's a sweet job.


02 August, 2011

Something I saw today

I haven't write my blog for awhile. I was too busy for studying and learning about new things. If you read my twitter postings, you know I was fine. I learned some new aspects of gang stalkers in different countries with different religions. The gang stalkers seemed to love using the religious items for the harassment. I saw Greek Orthodox type sisters and priests frequently with the gang stalkers. I don't know how that happened though. They should be rare for sighting, but I saw one when I took a bus or happened to go to stores. If you get a priest or a sister in a bus when you take a ride every time, you would feel a bit different, right? That happened to me. Just in the buses and at stores. Also, the perps sitting near me on the bus often talk with the bus attendants as if they know each other well. And these people played with Greek Orthodox rosary thingly in one's hand when they were near me. Not so many people hold a rosary while they are walking on the street or in the bus, but that happened to me very frequently and these people seemed as if the gang stalkers in the area as their actions seemed like that.

Few days ago, I took a train. I saw an Asian woman stood behind of me and holding a bible in the local language. I visited churches in the local area and knew which one is the bible. But I don't understand the local language. Somehow, I can communicate with some simple words I learned like the name of the location, how to say bus, etc. At my turn, I communicated with the clerk that I want to buy a ticket to XXXX and one person. He asked me if it is for "return." I said "no." He then told me something which I could not understand. The woman behind of me helped the translation. She said the fare in English. She seemed to have Korean or Chinese accent in her English, so I recognized her as non-native person. Then she bought her own ticket after me. I don't know why but she had the same color wallet like me and somehow she had a bible in her hand. There were two men stood on the sides of the counter as if for the surveillance. These men stood there after finishing their turn at the counter. I rode the train. Few minutes later, I saw the Asian woman and few men - middle aged one and two young ones following her and they walked through the alley to moved to another vehicle. They had large bags, so I assume they were on trip. It was funny as the woman appeared alone with her bible in her hand at the train station and later few people showed up. I took the picture of the woman, so I can tell who she is. I assume she might be the church worker as she had a bible with her. It was funny that these people did not make it to the location which contains a famous pilgrim site. I thought they were heading there though. There would be less Korean or Chinese speaking the local langauge fruently with totally Asian family members. Maybe, I will share the information in public to ask who she is. I have seen some perps claimed as working for the church yet they do not attend a church mass. I saw some of these types and claiming themselves as CIA in Roma. It would be fun if I can find the reason why she had a bible and stood behind of me at a strange moment like that.

Oh, here is something I can share as an interesting picture. I don't know what happened but that was funny. Can you guess where I am now?