31 January, 2013

Today's evening mass

It's really cold here. I need to use the heater at night to make the room warm and keep not my teeth making noise while the jaw shaking. If it's not that cold, I could go out from the morning without worring about catching cold. So far, my aim to be not catching cold is working. I don't overdo anything outside nor going out without concerning warm clothes nor getting healthy meals.

I went to the evening mass today as usual. I was in the church before the rosary praying, but nothing much happened. I stayed back of the church and not so many people attending today. I saw some Koreans showed up but not in the group. So, I guessed that they came together with the badge for the group visitor but they have free time for doing their activities instead of going out all together.

Today, I saw something funny. The Korean visitors sat on the center two benches instead of sitting in front of the Virgin Mary statue. I was in the row back of that area, so I could see what kind of people sat on the front benches. The Koreans spaced some and they did not occupy the bench packed like yesterday. So, they just got some more of them sitting on the back. I saw the center to the right benches were filled with Koreans till the middle area.

Then I saw the man with the yellow Jack Wolfskin jacket sat on the same bench as yesterday with some Korean boys and one of them was wearing a thick black glasses. There were less Koreans showed up today. While the middle two benches are filled quickly, not so many people sat on the rows in front of the Virgin Mary statue. It seemed a bit unnatural, so I thought the Koreans were informed to do some gang stalking works. It would be possible that the remote mind control of the civilians by the secret police would be another reason. If you want to know what it means, check out what happened on the fest mass of St. Korbinian in Freising. I sat on the left side are and there was a huge screen hanged forward. I saw few people came and sat on the chairs to the right front rows but no one came to occupy my front nor other areas. When I saw the view of the area of my seat on the screen, there were many rows of empty chairs behind me to the back. However, more people sat to the back rows and the middle area were empty. Usually, people will go to the front rows near the big screen instead of hanging around on the back far from the screen. I don't know why that happened, but that was how it happened on the fest day. And I am not sure why there are people around me not taking communion but remain on the bench. I guess, the Korean guy who sat next to me might be one of those perps. My assumption is backed up by few facts; when I went to the rosary prayer on the first day, there was an Asian woman sat behind of me and praying in unknown language and the people on her bench did not move for the communion; the Italian woman who sat next to me did not take the communion - Italians are the creatures which first appear in the church events in Europe and they include the priests and very devoted ones, and it was just impossible to see an middle age Italian visiting the mass and not taking the communion, the number of Korean travelers showing up in Zagreb and then here in Medjugorje again to see them so many.

I'm assuming that the yellow Jack Wolfskin guy sat on the same bench to make up the story that the gang stalking team might be there as natural and he can claim that I came and sat on the seat another time. Well, the surveillance team can also make up the story by using today's security video as the one from the day before he sat next to me on the bench. There are possibly only two people in the church wearing Jack Wolfskin jacket - I and him. If it is in Germany, there would be bunch of people with Jack Wolfskin jacket in the church though. There are too many things happened so far in Medjugorje, so I guess I add this for more than coincidence possibility for the gang stalking activity evidence.

So, here is the pic of him. Look at the Jack Wolfskin jacket.

I don't know what kind of the Korean group they are or which Korea they came from. The group has a woman with a boy around 10 to 12 years. His height is 1.2m or something. They did not engaged in the gang stalking activity like hanging around near me like the Croatian speaking people with kids these days. Also, there are some young girls but they are very short like around 140cm or smaller. The group possibly came with a Korean priest with a short black hair who was participating in the mass. 

29 January, 2013

I moved to another bench three times in the church today

I have been gang stalked inside of the church and I made fun of the perps sitting next to me but not standing up for taking communion. Now they seemed to change their strategies and went back to the normal kids bringing strategy. Also, this time, a Korean guy showed up and sat next to me. So far, I got some gang stalking video in the church daily, I'm sure he would be one of the perp who are hired for the small money or some black mailed reason like that.

Today, I sat on the right side edge of the bench right side from the center aisle. A woman with a baby cart came and sat to the right side bench few rows to front from where I was. Then a couple with a small boy came and sat in front of me. The boy kept looking back and staring at me as if he is under the influence of the remote mind control by the devices used by NSA/US Army. I thought the perps might changed their strategy to using the kids for pedophilie claim which is popular against Catholic priests. So, I moved to the bench left parallel from where I was.

I sat on the middle area a bit to the right on the second bench. There was a woman sat on the left edge. Later, a Korean man with a yellow jacket showed up and he tried to sit next to me. I automatically moved to the right edge. I thought he was a perp as those Koreans from the group are usually sitting on the front area together in the church. Only few sit here and there on the back area in a pair or alone. The Korean guy who sat next to me was shouting probably in Korean during the "Our Father" and the prayers after the mass. It was funny as I shouted loudly in Croatian, he started doing so in Korean. After the mass, I moved to another bench for concentrate on the prayers alone. It was way better only a woman praying in Italian out loud than someone speaking Korean, which is totally unknown language for me.

I don't know why I got some Koreans around since I was in Zagreb. It would be part of gang stalking activities.

28 January, 2013

The two women who sat right side of me and did not move during the communion

It's cold these days, and I attend the mass only at evening. However, almost everyday I found the people who do not move from their seats during the communion sitting on the same bench. The only exception was when I sat next to sisters. If they remained on the bench, I would be glad to film it for that suspicious phenomenon going on in Medjugorje.

Here is the video from today's mass. The two women did not move from the bench as you can see. I don't know why the people who sit next to me don't move. They actually took the holy bread when the friar came around. So, they are Catholic who are not expelled or not allowed to take it. But if they do that, the circumstance looks like an typical American comedy. I can film these people everyday, and in a sum I can make the collection video of those people just like a comedy of perps. Somehow, I feel the location is really good for making such comedy here.

The V2K perps told me that they have no penance rite, so they usually do not take it. Now they are taking the bread, so I guess they supposed to have the penance rite while they are doing some suspicious activities in the church.

Since yesterday, the Korean priest is serving at the communion. He was serving in the middle aisle and giving the breads to the Korean group as well as others. And today, he was serving on the row I stood yesterday. The priests might be doing it randomly but I noticed it today.

After the mass, I went to a big grocery store called Namex toward the Cross Mountain. There was a car with France number plate parked outside and someone went in while the driver was inside of the car. I was thinking to buy a pack of raw čevapici, but there was only one pack in the counter. So I did not buy one. I got a kitchen that I can use in where I stay now. So, I have some ways to save money here. And the mayonnaise pack I often buy got only one pack available. It could be just a coincidence, but seeing strange people in the church, I'm trying to be extra cautious. In the store, I saw an Asian woman who was wearing a black plain cap with a black pony tail. I saw her in the church last week with the French group, so I thought she came with them. There are two Asian women in the church - one is the old woman who sat behind of me and did not move from the bench and that incident I filmed, and another one is this woman who wears a black cap even inside of the church and during the mass. I haven't see her in the mass for some times, so I thought she already left with the French group. She might be a resident here as she bought a box of frozen pizza. The hotels and pansions usually won't let the guest to use the kitchen. But sometimes, the pansions let the guests to use their kitchen upon request. So, I'm not sure if she has a private accommodation or even a house here.

27 January, 2013

The Apparition Hill tour was today

I thought the tour was yesterday, but it was actually today and I had no problem joining the praying group. There were many Croatian speakers going together with a friar. The Korean group I saw yesterday was not there, so I assume they have their own schedule for themselves.

At the statue of the Virgin Mary, I saw a small cross on the edge of the Star of David style brick frame. And there was a pink rosary left at the statue with some letters and such. I saw a tall old man with white hair took that pink rosary and left. I saw it was not complete and saw the broken part still left near the flowers. I guess some people might leave rosary and other things there.

During the mass, the Korean group showed up and took the two main benches in the center to the right and left. I wanted to stay away from them, so I sat to the left side bench next to the wall. During the communion, the people to my left and the 2 rows to the back did not move. I saw more people to the back did not move. I don't know if these side are for the guests who are not yet baptized or the tourists. But I don't think that is a normal situation as the middle two benches got so many people taking communion and I could not see anyone remained on the bench. I could film those not moving people, but there was a kid on the bench behind of me. To avoid the pedophilie claim by the perps, I did not film them this time. I could put the narration and film the situation to make fun of those strange people.

The missing rosary part found!!!

I went to the Cross Mountain this afternoon. Just like yesterday, it was sunny and a bit windy. On my way to the mountain, I bought a new rosary with Međugorje logo and the local Virgin Mary picture. I asked the shop clerk if they can fix a rosary. The clerk said the she can fix it but she does not have beads. So, I was thinking to look for the merchants who are crafting the rosary at home. I've seen some shop owners making rosary in the shop and waiting for the customers. It was few years buck, I asked one of those people to fix my Our Lady of Guadalupe medal chain in order to put it on my necklace. I think you can find that post in my blog.

On my way, a woman started talking to me from behind. She asked me if I'm from Japan. I told her that I came from Switzerland. Then she asked me which part of Switzerland and such. She told me that she lives in Međugorje and her name is Marie-Merrie. She can speak English, Italian, and French. Her facial feature is more like French.  

I knew it was between the 5th and 9th station of the way of the cross where I lost the part. So, I walked up to 5th station and started searching for it. You know, there would be few people already went up the mountain, and the possibility of them doing something to do with the fallen part from the rosary was a bit possible. However, I thought it would be still somewhere up there as that is not that valuable and people cannot do anything for only that part. What will you do if you find a cross to few beads from the rosary on the ground? Perhaps you would put it aside from where people would step on. I don't think people will bring it down from the mountain if they want to keep it on the stone or somewhere there for what ever the reason. I thought that was another possibility. But it was unlikely that someone just throw it. I lost it yesterday afternoon and I went back to check it out this afternoon. There should not be people collecting garbages. Indeed, the bathroom near the church seems to have some trashes on the tile left for few days. These days, people seemed not cleaning everywhere like in the summer time.

I went up searching rosary. I tried to climb up taking the left side, so that I can check right side searching on the way down. When I arrived at the 10th station, I filmed for the record. Then I went down. I had no idea how this whole going back to the mountain happened on the next day. I prayed at the cross for thanking my opportunity to visit there again and wished to go back again another time. Saturday is for the day to visit the Aspiration Hill and I felt it as an irony to visit the mountain instead and for the different reason than going up to see the cross. Some people leave the religious items in the mountain or the Aspiration Hill, so I was thinking how the missing part of my rosary would be counted as one of those religious item left at the holy site.

When I was walking down thinking about where to ask for fixing the rosary, I found the missing part. It was kept on the very visible place near the rocks. I don't think people would step around that area and it might be done by someone, or even a perp not a German, who went up early. I filmed where I found it and such before taking it up. It was just below the 9th station. It's quite amazing how I get some interesting experience almost every time I visit Međugorje. What I can say from my experience is: use the rosary with string for the attachment of the beads instead of the rosary with chains for the attachment. I don't know when the part came off, but swinging it on the road might make the chain loose. And my spiritual learning from this incident would be: pay attention to the station from 5th to 9th - like how Jesus got help from others and he fell on the way, buying a new rosary at Međugorje might be good for reviewing and reading the teaching from Međugorje and the participation, a rosary with string with wood beads might be better for the outdoor use, people should not put the groves and pray rosary outside like in the mountain.

There are few people going up bare foot. I saw a Italian speaking elderly woman with a new pair of trekking shoes and a blue cane. She was really fast walking and it was just amazing to see her going down so fast. I bet the mountain is really a sacred place for sure as I saw people going up and down so easily and no harm from trying it. In my film, she was somehow hiding between trees, so don't be surprise.

Here is the miraculous film of how I found the missing rosary part. 

There was a Korean group in the evening mass. Few people from them sat on the bench behind me, so I moved to the bench behind a sister to the left. Then few sisters came and sat left side of me. I found a good spot where people on my bench all take communion.

25 January, 2013

My Cross fell between the 5th and the 9th station on the way to the Cross Mountain.

Then I went to the Cross Mountain. I did not see the group who supposed be going at 2pm as I arrived at 2.10pm. Then I went up. It was sunny but windy. At the entrance, I started climbing I saw a couple showed up fromthe right side which is not from the main road. The man asked me if I speak English. I said „Yeah.“ Then he asked me where I came from. I said I came from Switzerland to make fun of the perps. Then he asked me if I speak German. I said „Ja.“ then we talked in German a bit. He said he is from Regensburg in Germany. He said he had a 3-years old daughter but she was lost in Leukemia. He lost job and now he has problem to pay for the rent and electricity here. He had a paper with the finances and I saw one of the part about the rent was 150,000BM. He seemed to be living here instead of a normal visitor. He asked me for help but I said I am also unemployed now. He might be one of the famous Medjugore's beggars who are asking money and such from the tourists. I heard such announces during the peak season in the church before. Then I left. He had a nuke sign like tatoo on his right hand between his thumb and the index finger. The climbing was not that hard and on top I found the group of people who seemed to come as the group and were praying rosary at the Cross. After that they left and also I left there. On my way down, I needed to brow my nose and between the 6th and 5th of the station of the cross, I found my Altötting rosary missing the Cross to the 5 beads toward the medal. It seemed I lost it while I was walking down. I was wearing the gloves and I could not feel the rosary well. So, it is possible that the chain might be stacked with my bag's string or something and got loose. But it was funny to happen as I was holding it quite close in my right hand. It was almost 4.30 and I had to get to the church for the rosary prayer and the mass. The V2K perps were telling me that they wanted to keep me in the mountain to search for the missing part instead of me going to the church, so they can claim me as if I went to Moster for their Muslim claim. In the church, I tried to use my Mexico made rosary with Our Lady of Guadalupe. Somehow, the chain was hooked to the rosary case in a strange way that usually not happen. So, I had hard time making it loose. Then the rosary chain got loose during the prayer. I filmed it for the evidence. In the mass during the communion, the two Croatian speaking women to the right and the Italian woman to the left did not move from the bench. The Croatian speakers stood up and took the communion when the priest came nearby, so they could take it but they tried to sit down till that time. I don't know why the people near me just sit down like that way.

I'd be tired if I type everything, so I just copied down from my diary. You know, I keep all the record of daily incidents like this way. The electronic harassment was like they sometimes tried to shake my thigh muscles on the way down, so it was a bit hard for me to step on another stone. If that happened naturally, my legs should be tired and I can feel it. Also, sudden forced movement of ankle area happened and it made me a bit of pain there. I did not get insured though. Just my Cross part with 5 beads fell somewhere on my way down, so I need to check it out tomorrow or later depends on the weather. I know it was after 9th station as there was a Italian rosary praying sister group passed me and I started another round of rosary after seeing them. So, the Cross part must be there at that time.

And here is the video blog part.

24 January, 2013

Today's perps in the church

I sat in the left side bench at the evening mass tonight. During the rosary, there were two Asian women in 20s came and sat on the bench parallel to mine to the right. Then some more people showed up. There were spaces in front of me and to the left behind areas, when my coughing happened. So far, no other people around got such problem. Then later, when I got coughing, there were not obvious following coughs from others. Only the time occurred was from the left behind area. But it was not that obvious today like yesterday or before. The Electronic Harassment team might be doing it really careful now.

The elderly Asian came yesterday and she sat on the same bench like before for the mass. She was alone. But today there were two Asian women. It's possible that these people would be in the group tour. I saw them taking the communion, so I did not film them.

There were three French speaking mid-age women sat in front of me. They sat there but did not take the communion. Because no body moved from that area, so there were some spaces on the aisle for waiting to get the communion. While we were waiting for the priest to provide the holy bread, I quickly filmed the situation and those three French women remained on the bench. There were only extremely few people who remained in the bench today. I wonder if the last film with the Asian woman with so many people not taking the communion and remained on the benches for few rows behind of hers would be really rare film in Medjugorje or not.

One incident with these 3 French speaking women was that my umbrella went missing. Today was rainy and I put my umbrella pointing toward under the bench in front of me and kept the grip on the kneeling plate. After the communion, I noticed that my umbrella was missing. I couldn't see the grip on the plate anymore. Then I checked under the bench in front of me. I found the woman sat in front of me stepped on my umbrella and I had some power to pull it from under her feet. I don't know why such thing happened and how I did not notice when the grip part went missing from the kneeling plate. Well, anything suspicious should be recorded as the fact.

And there are often the people who pray rosary in the foreign language but they can speak Croatian well. I don't know why these people often sit behind of me. It could be another trend here.

23 January, 2013

The strange coughing chain reaction

I experienced strange coughing chain reaction. It happens like when there are some people around and I start coughing, another person around is highly likely to cough as well. The coughing symptom has two types. One is that I got some runny nose going down the throat and I need to cough it up in order to prevent it get to the lungs. It's like the slimy liquid and it's hard to cough it up. Another type is the itchy sensation on the left side of the Adam's apple. Because of the itchiness I need to cough.

In the church, I found that there are some people coughing after I started to cough hardly. Today, I found a person sitting far right back. The person was coughing hard like me. It happened after I started coughing right away. Later there was a person to the far left front started coughing lightly. So, it was just like the lined spots from the right behind to the left front someone was coughing.

It was not only the case today. There was a woman sat right side of me. Although I had no problem of coughing, she started to cough hardly and took a candy out and had it. Then she left the seat and moved to somewhere. Usually, people don't leave the church during the mass if it is only the coughing problem and can be ceased within minutes.

This afternoon, I was out. When I started coughing, there was a woman nearby also started coughing hardly. I don't know what made few people coughing together like this way. I might voice record the coughing incidents for the further research of electronic harassment.

Some people would say V2K does not exist. They'd say the sub-vocal cord or vocal cord jacking won't happen with the current technology despite of what the NSA can do with the RNM and the BMI. If the people get enough information about these strange issues, they would get aware of it like the FFCHS' popular billboard about the "Big Brothers are watching you"

Brave New World under the New World Order

Here are some example of what is going on under the social reform under the New World Order

- People's brain activities are monitored and sometimes manipulated by the Remote Neural Monitoring. The device is called as "聴神器" in Japanese and it means the device to bug the nerves. The same device is used all over the world and the NSA / Pentagon has the control of the people in the US and Europe.

- The insiders stick together and get the privilege as the friends of xxx. They know who is not an insider by how who is not showing up to their regular meeting. They also have the network of certain interest groups such as a religious organization (cults), sports clubs, PTA, community watch, etc.

- When someone brag about something, the people monitoring via RNM might make fun of the person by crashing his or her pride about it. For example, by accident, or failing for that. Their purpose is keep everyone oppressed and not to be proud of something. They like humble people as the monitors have no skills or stuff that the one is proud of. In some occasion, they might make the person to feel really positive about it. The one would feel it as really good and gives some positive points about it.

- The insiders have relationship with police and intelligence. They might have the retired police officers and secret services. They would patrol in the local area to take out the certain individual on the black list. This is exactly what the FBI agents and informants do, though. Also they might go abroad and help the insiders there just like the normal spies do.

- They hate people hating something. They accept some group of people to hate a certain thing. But if it is a target on their black list, they would bring some people who like it and these people will complain about the target for hating it. Think about the politicians and who would be a threat for the state.

- The target who has something to like would be criticized by the people who also like it. They would bully the target by questioning his knowledge, skills, etc. The insiders are the ones who remain the main stream of checking how to like it or how good enough about it.

- When someone is a trouble to an insider, the insider would put the one on the black list and let him or her to be harassed and get artificial misfortunes till possibly the end of him or her life. This is the same way like how the FBI candidates are taken out after they complained to the lecturers, the wrong people to be enemies.

21 January, 2013

The concept of Chinese diplomacy

I found an interesting article explaining about the Chinese diplomacy. Maybe people can learn from what they do. It's like hearing the same news report whole the time till you agree that you understand it. And the news might say only 35 people got killed even about a catastrophe. Too bad, it's in Japanese, so you might need the translation program for reading it if you don't know Japanese.

 同じワシントンでも、一般のシンクタンクや議会スタッフたちになると、東シナ海ってどこだったっけ、という連中がいたって驚いちゃいけない、いや、ほん とに。そのくらいの理解度です。ところがそんな人たちにも、中国は実にマメに、しっかり話をしているらしいということが今回わかった。
 最近「ウチにも中国外交官が来た」という、あるシンクタンクのアジア研究部長によると、中国はその何十とあるシンクタンクをひとつひとつ、細大漏らさず 回って、「例のフィリピンとの問題ですね、あれは、フィリピンが仕掛けてきたものなんです。ウチ(中国)は受身の被害者なんです」といった話を「しつこい くらい」、飽きずに説いては帰り、また現れては繰り返すのだと、それに比べれば「日本の外交は淡泊だね」と言うんです。
 事実はというと、フィリピンが出したフネは「軍艦」、中国が出したフネは「巡視艇」。だからフィリピンが挑発したんだと中国人は言うのですが(わたしと 怒鳴り合いみたいになったアルジャジーラ・イングリッシュの討論番組に出た北京の学者が、そういう主張をしていた)、大きさや艦齢がそもそも全然違う。 フィリピンのフネは「ボート」、中国のは新鋭「ウォーシップ」と呼んでよかったくらいのものだったことが知られています。
 しかし、そこらの事情に通じていない人なら、だまされるかもしれない。中国の外交官たちは、40人にあって10人でも考えを動かせればいいという、一種の歩留まり思想で情報工作をしているのかもしれませんね。 (http://www.asyura2.com/12/warb10/msg/182.html)
But I think the fact that Japan might want to have a war is true. The Japanese V2K perps said that they want to think about the future and China is a bit dangerous enemy. The depopulation from the nuclear issues can trigger Japan to gain massive Chinese migrants. Japanese Communist Party, Social Democratic Party and other lefties lost positions in the Japanese congress these days. That is part of their plan to get along with S. Korea. SDP got some politicians friendly with N. Korea and the JCP is the worshiper of China, which got the most successful Communism policy in the world. However, the gang stalkers got some Korean perps who are related with Russia. Thus, it seems Russia would be just to remain as a neutral in such war with Korea or Japan if they want it. The funny thing is that there seems no Japanese perps who are related with Russia. The Russians might have Chinese population related with Kyrgyzstan for their card. Why they want war? It can save the US dollar in the emergency scenario.

The funny incidents at a hostel in Zagreb

Here is the funny incident video from a hostel in Zagreb. What happened was that a man entered to my dorm room and slept in the bed awhile and left. It happened twice by different individual. That was the place where many Asians suddenly showed up and the ratio of the guest was about half Asians. There were two middle age German speaking men there and one of them was the one entered to my room and was sleeping in my dorm room. That happened when I forgot to lock the door. But that German speaking guy seemed to be the one who smoked in the bathroom while the room was non-smoking. I don't know why he made such a mess in the room he was not staying.

The Asian woman sat behind of me during the evening mass

Ok, when I was in Zagreb, I encountered so many Asians like from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, etc. I don't think it's a time of vacation. It just happened to see many people like that. Now, I'm in Medjugorje and trying to get some peaceful time for finishing my book here. It's just rare to see Asian here. Sometimes, there are some Italian groups.

When I was attending the rosary prayer, there was a group of people came and settled on the bench behind me. The woman sat right behind of me was an Asian and she was speaking the prayer in unknown language. Since I encountered so many Koreans, I thought they might be related with the gang stalkers. Just like the regular perps, these group behind of me did not take the communion. I added the rosary praying part a bit on the vid, so you can hear her speaking from the behind. Well, my prayer might be quite loud though. I speak A1.2 level Croatian and knows the Croatian prayer quite well :D

Well, I heard the V2K perps saying that those perps won't take the communion during their mobbing/surveillance job, they have some problem with their relationship with Jesus. I don't know what is the problem of those people, but I saw so many people not taking communion today. It was not like that during the morning mass though.

I hope I don't get perps harassing me. It was nice after sharing the perps just sat next me and baring the bench during the communion time while they did not move. You know, no TI want to be harassed inside of a church. Pace e bene, ok?

The crucial difference of Chernobyl and Fukushima

The crucial difference happened between Chernobyl and Fukushima is: while the Ukrainian government did not promote agricultural products from Chernobyl after the nuclear catastrophe, Japanese government made a huge campaign to make citizens to buy products from Fukushima. I would say that is the big cultural difference of the power of socialist state ignoring the individuals' health concerns.

The V2K perps said that the children in Fukushima might live till 7 years. I wonder if that might be true or not.

19 January, 2013

I recovered from the strange coughing problem

Last couple of days, I was a bit busy. I moved to a new place which is a rural area and more of the Christian population with less foreigners. It's amazing to see some famous pilgrimage in the middle of winter as there is only few tourists and they seemed to be coming from nearby. No Asians I have seen. Thank goodness, no more strange group of Korean speaking people who might have some Japanese knowledge.

Let me talk about what happened with those bunch of Koreans. There was a suspicious man looking like a large head with a bit mainland China cheek to chin feature. He was wearing a camo vest with lots of pockets as if of the military store selling one. Under it, he wore a plain T-shirt. He wore a boxer-like thin blue short pants. The funny thing is that he wore a leather edgy brown shoe with such outfit. Well, everyone can tell that he has a bad fashion sense. He had a boxer head gear despite of his little fat and short body figure. Who needs to travel with boxing head gear and such thin shiny blue pants? I don't think he is a professional boxer. If he wants to be one, he supposes to have a flat belly first. And he looks to have very short arm length which is important to be a boxer. Perhaps, he might be a gym assistant or some security worker with a bit of boxing experience on his regime.
There were some snowy days, but he did not own a pair of boots but that old leather edgy brown shoe and a pair of sandals. Who would just wear such clothes in winter and hanging around on the street? Well, my first impression was homeless when I saw his shoes. When I was alone using the Internet and he showed up, he was always speaking alone like "ah." "um.." and talking something foreign language I don't know. I know a bit of Chinese due to my friendship with the Taiwanese and Chinese classmates at SAL in SJSU, so I understand a bit if it's Chinese. Also, I do recognize a bit of the difference of Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Peking dialect from my past experience. That creepy guy was speaking something else. He was making very short speach like "xxxx xxxx" or "xxx xxxx xxx" and I had no idea if he is shouting a specific noun or something like complaint. If it comes with popular subject or prepositions, I can recognize it as Chinese or not. You know, I was sick and I just ignored him. I had no energy to record his strange activities at that time. I was that sick. I only filmed with other Korean speaking perps and some Asians from Malaysia or something. And at the time I saw him siting on the bench outside of my room and in front of a bathroom. The lightning was good at that time and I could take the best film for recording his face. One time he was throwing away the contents from his plastic bag and he was speaking alone in front of me. He seemed to say "なんじゃこりゃ?" (what's this?) and thought he might be one of those Japanese born Korean who lives in the area with dialect. It could be Chinese if he was just shouting a noun, but I could not get the specific 5 phonics pronunciation change in his speech, so I assume it was not Chinese.

I could share those Asians in a group, but I wanna just update the Korean perp list as I forgot to add the 4U Hostel strange Korean group who showed up with and asking where is McDonalds. McDonalds would got Wifi, but the hostel also had one.

I have time here, so I finish my book.

UPDATE on Jan 20th, 2013. Here is his picture. He might have some sweatshirts and trouser.


11 January, 2013

US Embassy in London to cerebrate 11th Anniversary of Guantanamo Bay

The event would be held on January 11th at 6pm. I don't know how many people gonna attend, but the FB event notice says at least 178 people visiting. I don't know about the entry fee nor other details. Just ask the embassy if you are interested.

Oh, I'm sick and not going.

08 January, 2013

I went to hospital today

Nothing is better than going to a hospital to talk with a doctor when there is no other way to get rid of coughing. I met female doctors who speak English and the communication was excellent. I told the symptoms and asked if they need to take blood test, X-ray, and so on. They gave me the normal anti-biotic and some cold medicine prescriptions.

Well, at least, I have to stay like this for few more days. The good point is that I have a real excuse to remain in my bed for next few days.

So far, I saw some Japanese travelers and some more Asians here. But those 2 Japanese men seem to speak Korean or something else and one of their face is much like of Indonesian. I wonder if they are part of the gang stalkers on surveillance. They often call their friends for adding numbers to the area. I don't know some people just hanging around here. In my case, I'm too weak now. Well, now I got advantage of checking what they are doing here.

07 January, 2013

I'm still sick but not that much like before

I got some people around me with cold or TB or whatever. You know, it was New Years time and everywhere was crowded. I got sick as if a normal cold with a fever. Then now it is coughing, watery mouth with coughing at night, diarrhea, fever around throat at night, lack of appetite.
When I was checking the symptoms on the Internet, I found one possibility is Anthrax. Well, nothing can be left while it is a possibility... Say, I found the worst scenario and that is highly unlikely and felt better from such reasoning. Now we should bring the strength of Positive Psychology.

I cannot believe I haven't eat for few days. Last time was after the New Years Day and I ate soup and breads. Then I tried to eat hamburger and somewhat I threw up. I just need a bit of rest for now. Perhaps, I just stay one more week in such idling situation.

Well, now I can check Internet and even write blog entries like this. My health condition is not that bad. I'm talking multi vitamin drink instead of water, and protein mixed soy/rice milk for the protein taking purpose. That should be quite good nutrition for someone on the bed. Ah, I go to the church on Sundays, and that was not missed.

03 January, 2013

Happy New Year! I got pains from the first day!

Since the end of the last December, I often got cold. Well, it is not that really strange to get cold or sick in the winter. Meanwhile, I got some perps around who are usually wearing something identical for their perp personality.

From the night before the Silvester, I got fever. The fever was from my head. And on the next day, I got fever around my throat. And coughing started only during the night. Well, then I found out my coughing is artificial as it does not continue all the day but only happens to disturb me like my sleep to keep me awake sometimes or to make me weak before trying to go out. And always, the coughing is like "cough, cough" just in two times. Natural coughing would have more variations.

People suggest me to see a doctor and some how there was a doctor when they had a party for the new year and someone suggested me to see him. Well, what to do with such artificial health problem? Also, I got some sudden spasm of the muscle on my right or left side of my neck. Also, it happens to the muscle left side of my abdomen.

Also, there is  funky V2K sometimes happening. They speak up "I'm Muslim" in Arabic. That's probably trying to make up the conspiracy using the sub vocal code reading and actually what they are trying to make me speak up is recorded. It's NASA's technology, right? Also, I got problem with my stomach, I cannot eat now. If perps want to make up stories for the claim of I don't drink alcohol nor cannot eat pork dishes, it's because of my stomach problem.

Well, one of the story I heared from those V2K perps: In Germany, the perps gets the points shared. So, everyone needs to make a same lie in order to claim someone criminal or whatever. If more people participate in that, they can get a very large achievement as a group. It's just like when someone got a food poisoning in a restaurant, it is not a big problem. But if there are hundred people get a food poisoning in the restaurant, that is a big story to tell and the restaurant must pay the compensation.

I might go to a spa resort for few nights if I really think of going to see a doctor. That's safer way to avoid the misleading suggestions like go back to Japan or such.