29 January, 2013

I moved to another bench three times in the church today

I have been gang stalked inside of the church and I made fun of the perps sitting next to me but not standing up for taking communion. Now they seemed to change their strategies and went back to the normal kids bringing strategy. Also, this time, a Korean guy showed up and sat next to me. So far, I got some gang stalking video in the church daily, I'm sure he would be one of the perp who are hired for the small money or some black mailed reason like that.

Today, I sat on the right side edge of the bench right side from the center aisle. A woman with a baby cart came and sat to the right side bench few rows to front from where I was. Then a couple with a small boy came and sat in front of me. The boy kept looking back and staring at me as if he is under the influence of the remote mind control by the devices used by NSA/US Army. I thought the perps might changed their strategy to using the kids for pedophilie claim which is popular against Catholic priests. So, I moved to the bench left parallel from where I was.

I sat on the middle area a bit to the right on the second bench. There was a woman sat on the left edge. Later, a Korean man with a yellow jacket showed up and he tried to sit next to me. I automatically moved to the right edge. I thought he was a perp as those Koreans from the group are usually sitting on the front area together in the church. Only few sit here and there on the back area in a pair or alone. The Korean guy who sat next to me was shouting probably in Korean during the "Our Father" and the prayers after the mass. It was funny as I shouted loudly in Croatian, he started doing so in Korean. After the mass, I moved to another bench for concentrate on the prayers alone. It was way better only a woman praying in Italian out loud than someone speaking Korean, which is totally unknown language for me.

I don't know why I got some Koreans around since I was in Zagreb. It would be part of gang stalking activities.